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Very quickly Europe it is possible to look at

In two weeks. But for a moment. At once I will make a reservation: about a full-fledged dream, and regular food it is better to forget shoes on heels. To Europe go for the sake of another.

We long and carefully chose a tour. Wanted that the program was saturated any interesnost to the maximum. At last, hurrah, a choice is made! We will visit Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Loire castles and Normandy.

to Brest went By the train together with teenagers. Holy Christ! In the third hour of sleepless night, under shouts of tipsy school students I find out that my sister uses foul language. Professionally. Convincingly. In the morning in turn in a toilet I ask the guy: “And what number you go back?“.“ Same, as well as you“ - that impudently grinned. We are upset.

we Go across Poland . Along the road on columns huge nests, in them storks. Sometimes in the field it is possible to see chamoises. It is healthy! And still: shop on - Polish. Too it is healthy!

Warsaw . Old city very cozy. The narrow small streets, multi-colored lodges which nestled to each other. On many houses hours: arrows are fixed directly into a wall. The royal palace and the square in front of it look not so not kingly: simply and modestly. Around tourists and clowns walk. To brightly - to the blue sky the high column lasts. To Peter I it once very much attracted. Asked to present, did not present. Well it is also not necessary. At us now the is on Palace Square: much more thickly and above! The cafe asked me: “What will the Lady eat?“ Cool! Everything, there was time. It is time to go further. Good-bye, Warsaw!

Berlin . General impression: not my city, is not pleasant. There are bright memoirs. The fluffy blossoming cherries. Ubiquitous toy bears, symbols of Berlin. Some fair: loud music, beer, fried sausages. Nonsense that in Germany is very pure. I specially considered lawns: wow! empty plastic glass! And in the evening - a zoo. Public with children already at home, around empty paths. Large squirrels run. Are afraid of nobody! It seems that we at all not in the middle of the big city, and in the silent wood. Who there round the corner shouts: penguins! And here panda, so close. We not to prison, where fences, cages and wire. We on a visit at animals. Here they. It is worth giving a hand and, apparently, you can stroke. So far, Berlin! At the end of acquaintance, you surprised! It was pleasant!

Amsterdam . Five mornings, sky still dark. But not black, but densely blue. While we go deep into the city, gradually dawns. We go to the red light district. Quietly, sometimes strange persons by slip. We dive into the narrow alley between houses. On each side the show-windows lit red, in them cost high chairs. Now empty. Shift change. In depth small rooms: bed, wash basin. At heart it is strange and opposite. The eye is tried to catch by the sharp movement on the right. For a second I see the dark person. The girl in a show-window draws a blind: there is nothing to stare to tourists. It already at work. We stand at church where Rembrandt`s wife is buried. The black man stands nearby, hammers a jamb. I sleep? All of us sleep?

Already light-. Hours seven mornings. Empty streets and around garbage. Yesterday there was a birthday of the queen, the city nicely took a walk. Gradually around there are more and more people and bicycles. Bicycles are old, sometimes rusty. Some are painted in cheerful colors. I want wons that, gold! By, twisting pedals, the woman in a skirt and high-heeled rushed.

Of course, channels. Coast have barges, in them there live people. From the boat their situation is visible. It is inconvenient to spy, but it is interesting! Some barges all in flowers: it is a lot of geranium. Never loved it, but here it looks just remarkably. And almost closely to water, only fenced off by the narrow road, there are houses. Stand closely, amicably. They are such very narrow! We were told that they are extended in length! Funny! And under a roof at them the beam on which hang up any freights sticks out. They are brought up up and brought through a window. We saw how we lifted some case!

Eh, again it is time to go. To a meeting, Amsterdam. I will precisely return. I was not in COFESHOPe yet!

Late at night we in Paris . Around it is dark, nothing is visible, but it is Paris. I will sleep in Paris! In the morning I saw from far away familiar outlines of a tower. Yes, it is Paris. I remember a rain which we waited in church Seong - Germaine. Inside was almost not to the people, and stridently the body monotonously sounded. I remember bells Notr - the Lady, in day of Ascension. I remember cozy cafe in Latin quarter, onions soup and a cheese fondue. And still these long crackling baguettes: as I could eat one all this, I do not understand! Again a rain, but already on a cemetery Per - Lashez. A wet gray stone of gravestones, the shining stained-glass windows in the real crypts. And the Luxembourg garden which is filled in with the sun. Now it is clear what it was so loved by Hemingway for. It is should fall in love with such beauty. And, at last, strong wind, there, highly, on last “floor“ of the Eiffel Tower. It was difficult for me to breathe whether from it, whether from the fact that below under legs the city which presented to me was stretched there are so much fine memoirs.

it Grieves p to leave, Paris, but in two days we will return. In line Loire castles and Maun`s abbey - San - Michel. Chateau de Chambord: big, uncomfortable, cold. Halls on which at night, I am sure go ghosts. Spiral staircases which can get where - it is necessary. The weaved ancient cloths on stone walls. One suddenly it kolykhnutsya easily. Draft? Or someone`s breath? Quicker from here! And the second lock - Shenonso! Such graceful, beautiful. The gallery penetrated by light, the big centers in kitchen, small bedrooms with beds under a canopy. The lock is directly above the river, and the gardens around blossoming. The lock was presented by the king of the beloved. As I would like to come to be on its place! And finally - Klo`s lock - Luce. Here Leonardo da Vinci lived and died. After Dan Brown, it is very interesting to all here. Perhaps it will be possible to solve some secret? Around the lock the park full of Leonardo`s inventions. Here a tank prototype, it is necessary to get into it surely. And here a gun which has many barrels. From it it is possible to do some shooting! And what there? In total it was not succeeded to look, to go further again!

Next day Maun`s visit - Seong - Michel. On an ocean coast at top of the mountain there is an unapproachable abbey. When we arrived, there was an outflow. The ocean receded and bared kilometers of the sandy bottom stretching to the horizon. Only salty wind said that we on the coast. Having risen upward, we stood and breathed this wind, peering at a distance. For some reason at once occurred to a story about the seafarers and travelers who are bravely moving off in searches of adventures.

A our travel inevitably moved by the end. We returned to Paris, and spent the last day to Disneylende. It was healthy too!

Much about what did not tell

yet: about the museum of cider, about the Dutch farm, about Versailles, about tremendous French shops. As - nibud I will tell, I promise!