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Pass - the encyclopedia of a barbecue, part 1: Science of kind fire

We decided to gather all councils and cunnings about which we were told by skilled masters of a barbecue. The whole science turned out.

That it is necessary to have near at hand

the Big bidentate fork - for a crude product. A steel shovel - to overturn the product which is fried. Nippers - to get a ready-made product from heat. The fork, a shovel and nippers have to have long handles. From overalls long leather gloves, an apron and a cap are necessary (or a baseball cap). A pocket watch or if you want, the timer. It is also desirable to have: chopping boards (separately for crude and for ready-made products); sharp big knife; skewers - metal, wooden or bamboo, depending on what you prepare; a brush for greasing of products marinade and sauce; a spray with water - for fight against flashes of a flame; foil roll, paper towels.

of Gori, burn clearly

On bottles with incendiary liquid is usually specified how it to use. And in general it is necessary to do so. Spread out coals an even layer at the bottom of a brazier and moisten them with liquid (on 2 kg of briquettes 250 g of liquid are required, on coals - it is a little less). Then collect coals in a pyramid, splash on them once more - another, wait minute that surplus of liquid evaporated, and set fire to a pyramid from below. It is better to use for this purpose not matches, but a special lighter with a long beak. In 30 - 45 minutes coals will be ready.

What to choose a tree


In age-old times when spices were worth its weight in gold, the tree which is burning in a fire or the center defined aroma of a dish. Know: the alder is good for a salmon, a turkey, chicken; an apple-tree - for chicken, pork, beef, a game; cherry - for a duck and other bird, mutton, hamburgers; a grapevine - for beefsteaks and other meat, seafood and snails; maple - for chicken, seafood, pork; a birch - for meat and chicken; an oak - for meat, a bird and seafood.

Wood of coniferous trees does not suit

for preparation of coals - in it a lot of pitch. And absolutely silly to use plywood, the pressed tree and a chipboard as fuel.

the Most ancient and certain way to get coals - to make fire and to burn them. And it is possible to buy coal in shop. There at choice will offer you coal briquettes and loose coal (as a rule, birch or oak). Rossypna coal burns down quicker and burns is hotter, but from - for the different size of pieces - unevenly. Coal briquettes give constant heat, but do not give aroma.



What is good coals

How to distinguish rather good coals? For fish average heat, from about 170 to 200 ° is necessary; With, and for a beefsteak with blood - more than 350 ° C. How to determine necessary temperature? And it is very simple - a palm! No, it is not necessary to put a hand in fire - to stretch it over coals, at the height about 15 cm enough. In several seconds you will draw aside a palm. In a second - coals very hot. So, if you drew aside a hand in 1 second, on such coals it is possible to prepare a beefsteak with blood, through 2 seconds - to fry a beefsteak properly, in 3 seconds - chops, chicken and hamburgers, 4 seconds - fish and sausages, 5 seconds - vegetables and fruit in a foil. If your hand sustained heat within 6 seconds and more, such coals are unsuitable for anything, except potato. In ashes.

How to look after a barbecue

That products did not stick to a lattice, it should be oiled previously or fat. There is an easy and elegant way. You take nippers the piece of fat which remained when cutting meat or just a piece of fat and quietly you grease well warmed lattice.

all - to a lattice something yes will burn

I. It is possible to clean off it “something“, having left a lattice over hot coals. Or having rubbed it a metal brush. And it is better to combine both ways - descends from hot metal prigar easier.

was not p>

That you Hold near at hand a bucket with sand, water - the bad assistant when something fat burns. If coals as it seems to you, went out, do not take in head to add incendiary liquid - fire only hid and at once will blaze to you in a face. Do not leave a brazier unguarded, especially if children and dogs nearby play. Be not too lazy to clean a dry grass, branches, the word everything that can easily ignite.

For the same reason should not be beckoned with

to a brazier of blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women with a flowing hair. Red - too. And undersized men with a braid.

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marinade Exposure

Lamb, a pair pork neck and beef sirloin can be not pickled

at all. And as much as possible they are kept in marinade 2 - 3 hours, no more.

Most often, and not always to the place, are used by structures with a sour basis - vinegar, lemon juice or tomatoes. Such marinade destroys muscle fibers. If first the surface of a piece “burned“ with acid holds all juice inside, then several hours later meat loses moisture and becomes rigid. After 10 - 12 hours sour marinade already begins “to cook“ meat, it becomes as if rubber. That to avoid it, it is necessary to add vegetable oil to similar marinades.


Not bad are suitable for sour marinade yogurt, kefir or low-fat milk. Lactic acid really does meat to more gentle, but at the same time does not “cook“ it.

Several words about meat

are correct to cut a ready piece of meat - some kind of art. It is the best of all to cut a big piece vertically, across fibers. From it he will not become more gentle, but it will be much easier to chew it. Only best quality meat, for example cutting, it is possible to cut also along fibers.

Pork chops before preparation should be oiled vegetable. At desire meat can give additional aroma, having added to oil of seasoning and spice - the crushed marjoram, rosemary or the whole leaves of a sage.

That the rib tip for which it is so convenient to hold a chop did not char when frying, it needs to be wrapped up a foil.

Several words about fish

Fish will remain to

juicy if when cutting to try to keep as much as possible skin (without scales, of course). Rub off fish - she has to be as it is possible for the land. Overturn it when frying accurately and it is desirable less often. The preparation time depends rather not on the weight of fish, and on piece thickness. On each centimeter of thickness about 3 minutes will be required. Low-fat fish is fried quicker, than fat.

the Product is ready

when on a surface of pieces of fish white juice acts and if you fry it entirely - when the pulp around ridge will get a pinkish shade. The fish stake is considered ready if the spine bone can be separated easily a knife tip. Flat fish is put on a lattice at first by the light party. Absolutely slightly - slightly about a game and a bird

the Game and a young bird it is the best of all for p to prepare


on a spit. The spit can be replaced with two steel skewers. The first skewer is passed through a wing, skin of a neck and other wing; the second - through hips and a carcass.


For brochettes from a turkey perfectly are suitable not only breasts, but also hips. It is only necessary to exempt them from skin and bones, and then to cut on pieces.