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In holiday at own expense of

Having received long-awaited holiday, there is a wish to get rid all thoughts, to close eyes and to fall to a chaise lounge on the beach of some scary far foreign state. But, unfortunately, even on vacation from money problems not to leave. So meet them fully equipped.

If you plan to take

with yourself the large sum, it is much more convenient to carry it not cash, and on plastic cards. In this case money should not be declared - irrespective of the sum (cash without supporting documents it is possible to take out no more than 1500 dollars).

it is the best of all for p to exchange the small sum of cash in Russia - it is unknown what time of day you will reach the place and whether exchange offices will be open. And the course in the Russian bank is better, than at the airport or hotel. In the majority of foreign exchangers it is accepted to take commission charges therefore try to find exchange office not only with a good course, but also with the inscription No commission. Do not exchange money from hands at all.

use Services of exchange office in hotel only as a last resort - a course there usually the most unprofitable.

If you are going to Europe, change dollars for euro in Russia: dollar rate in the European countries is lower, than at us.

To those countries where neither the dollar, nor euro are official money, it is better for p to go with that currency in which you usually store savings. All the same you should buy local currency.


In unfamiliar notes, especially in the first days, it is very easy to get entangled. Do not hesitate to use the calculator at calculations and be attentive. It is better to spend several excess minutes in exchange office, than to fall a victim of deception. Do not throw out the receipt on an exchange, in some countries to exchange the remained local currency for dollars, it is necessary to confirm that it was acquired lawfully. And to return money if you were deceived, it will be possible only on the basis of this document.

Money and documents needs to be stored so that they did not fall prey of swindlers. In public places strong you hold bags and purses in hand. Going to walk or to the beach, valuable things, leave documents and money in the safe of hotel. The exception is made by the small sums on pocket expenses and a credit card. And if to get a nice waterproof cover on a lace, then with credit cards it is possible even to bathe.


In large shops of the countries of the European Union accepted the Tax Free system. If you in one shop buy goods for a certain sum (usually it is 100 euros), on border will return you the sum of a tax on sales or will transfer it to your bank account. To issue Tax Free, show to the seller the passport and ask to issue the check. At departure from the country show it at customs or in a border check-point. The main thing governed: goods for which return you a tax have to be new (with labels and in packing).

Check the cost of the phone calls. Usually for calls home it is cheaper to use local payphones, than your mobile phone. The cost of mobile calls from the distant countries sometimes exceeds even conversation cost on a hotel tariff. Try to find out with your telephone operator in advance as it is possible to sekonosit on roaming.

If you have a plastic card, try to pay off with it everywhere where it is accepted. As a rule, the course of converting will be more favorable than if to remove cash via the ATM.

If to you needs to withdraw money via the ATM, then it is better to withdraw the large sum at once, for example, hundred euros, but not twenty as the more the sum, the is more favorable a course and the commission of bank is less essential.

U you were stolen by cards? You call in the Russian bank (do not forget to take with yourself a phone number and hold it separately from a purse and credit cards!) your card will be blocked right there that the thief could not use the bank account. But it will be possible to restore the card only in the homeland.

U you were stolen by all money, documents and the return tickets? The situation is critical! You call in the Russian consulate, and to you will help to come back home. Simple councils
Purchase of souvenirs


by p on the sum which you can spend for souvenirs for yourself and gifts to relatives. - Make the list of those to whom you want to bring something.

do not buy souvenirs in hotel and on the central streets - it is always more expensive.

do not shop

in the first days of holiday - look round and ask the price.

If you get something in the market or from hands, do not hesitate to bargain - it is accepted without exception worldwide.

do not leave to

purchase of gifts and souvenirs the last day - in a hurry you have more chances to make the wrong choice.


big sets which are divided into several small things, - one purchase you can pay attention to much at once.