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Gena of

Always considered that genes swarty, temnenky, black-eyed, dark-haired win against or as we were taught at school - dominate. My brief personal experience confirmed it. My father the swarty brown-eyed brunette, mother it is white, a seroglaza and a rusovolosa. In our family two daughters who prove truthfulness of the aforesaid. Both are brown-eyed, dark-haired, smuglenky. Oh, I was worn out with these brown eyes! There were to me years 3 - 4. And nearly an every morning my father after washing said:“ And what so badly eyes washed, the daughter? Look what they at you black“. I looked in a mirror, compared the eyes to mother`s and rushed to wash the “dirty“ eyes. Rubbed them to exhaustion, again looked in a mirror, again rubbed. Reached tears. And the father only pokhokhatyvat. Well, there was not enough mind in its eyes to glance. Time passed, I grew up and married. But it was always sure that what “color“ would not appear my husband, children have to be temnenky in me. Time sorted things out and result, as they say, on the person, to be exact on a face and on the head too. Generally, I the brown-eyed dark-complexioned girl gave birth to two sons - green-eyed blondes, same as their father. Much to my astonishment, after the birth of my firstborn continuation of story about “dirty“ eyes began. Now my son (and to him there were years 3) demanded that I was washed:“ Mother, you have black such volosik, dirty. You wash them. Look at me at what white!“. I tried to justify myself: “The sonny, but I was washed, look at volosik at me wet, just washed“. “Yes? - the son was not appeased, - then you take my shampoo, yours, probably, badly washes“.

Time went, my son grew up and ceased to stick to me with “dirty“ volosika. Probably reconciled to “dirty creature“ mother. But here the destiny presented me a new gift in the form of the second “clean“ sonny. After a while after the son`s birth I “feathered“, i.e. made to myself highlighting, having decoloured hair locks. But not here - that was: It was executed younger two years and it, sticking with a finger to me into an eyebrow, asked: “Tyo it? And, mothers?“. Without feeling a dirty trick in a question, I, trying to fill up a lexicon of the son, answered: “Eyebrows“.“ Not - e - e, it is Kaka“. And it rushed to stick with a finger into eyebrows of the father and brother with the words “Not Kaka“, and into mine - “Kako“. Now here I think: can them too? Or to suffer?