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OF OF OF D E T C K I Y L E P E T # 4


Dasha and “Bears“
(rasskazik in three parts)

Part one
about the most courageous girl in the world

Was at us a familiar doggie. Small - dokhlenky and harmless, but - gavkuchy. And till certain time Dasha her “horror“ as was afraid. I always had to banish this “syabaka“. A leg, for example, to knock, “kysh“ to tell or just to threaten than... Well and the daughter, naturally, helped me. Will hide behind father`s legs, waves the handle on a dog:
- Dee! And that the father to you on a bottom and - on - on! You are not hayesy!
A the father with the friend was chattered once. Dasha away departed... and here this doggie bad came running and began to yelp...
Father that? Costs to itself, shoots the breeze, the child in a sandbox, a roar it is not heard, and dog bark... well and that that dog bark? And there was a wish to sleep then very much... you understand that presence of two children and the state salary force to turn...
all - reached After a while me that my child as if a little bit is offended. I moved was it to protect, but then stopped. The roar - that both was not, and is not present!
generally, is cost by me, at any time ready to break and beat this small dog (only you do not say that you never had a similar desire), and observe the following picture:
this Dog rushes around Dasha, growls, barks... And my daughter, with the turned white person, diligent stamps a leg, waves a hand, and di shouts “from here!“ .
the Dog was already going to seize a leg, but was hit “Tepic“ on a nose and...
Having put the tail between the legs, escaped!
is Costed by the father, there is scared Dasha. Their views are crossed and they watch some time at each other... Dasha`s face gradually gains healthy red color and begins “to be bent“. Everything is clear - we will roar now.
- Dasha well done! - I say. - Dasha courageous girl. Dasha a doggie was not frightened. Dasha and - on - on a doggie made! Dasha is afraid of nobody! Good fellow, Dasha! Dashino`s
a face slowly, but “is smoothed“. It seems decided not to roar. Turns aside where the doggie escaped.
- Dee! - Stamps a leg.
I looks at the father again. I smile to it. She smiles in reply.
- Go to me, darling, - I say.
She runs up, we embrace.
- I haye:syaya? - asks.
- Good. You are the best girl on light, - I answer and we go to hang on a crossbeam... that legs were long - long, harmonous - harmonous, beautiful - beautiful :)))...

Part second
about a bear

- Dasha, you are afraid of dogs?
- Not!
- And big dogs?
- Not, I and - on - on on a bottom everything do to them and they to mother run away to be cried!
- And very big? Very much - very big!?
- Not, I to them on a bottom and and - on - on...
It really ceased to be afraid of dogs. Moreover, if what dog approaches us, then Dasha right there shouts loudly and terribly “di“ and stamps a leg. I do not know why, but dogs right there, having put the tail between the legs, run away. Probably, painfully it is more frightening at this moment looks. It is necessary to tell that all these mongrels - creatures “manual“ and harmless, though walk over them... therefore to Dasha it also escaped punishment so easily...
generally, was pasted to Dasha the nickname “thunder-storm of dogs“. And spoke:“ Dasha - a thunder-storm of dogs“. And she is also glad to try... Slightly will see what dog - right there with squeal “in fight“...
went outside we Once, we see - a dog with the owner. Big - big such, shaggy - shaggy. To a lion it is similar. My Dasha - “in attack“ is torn, to confirm the image... but I do not let. The opponent is serious. Even to the father can gnaw through a neck with ease.
Approached we a dog. The owner right there pulled a lead out of harm`s way. I too slightly pulled “lead“ (hood).
I “fight“ was started.
Dasha squeals, stamps legs, on a bottom to threaten to give, to stand in the corner, to tell a baba-yaga, to start up a dyudka in a window...
the Dog growls and shows canines, begins to be angry. We with the owner of a dog increase distance between our pets.
- Dee!!! - Dasha shouts.
I is distributed deafening bark here.
Dasha with astonishment becomes silent.
- Dasha, - I say. - This dog can eat us. Embrace me.
Watchfully embraces and we leave. We Cost
at an entrance and we look after a dog.
- Well, was frightened? Nearly this dog, huh? ate you
Looks at me with some absolutely new look (like “the fool you, the father, understood nothing“).
I speaks:
- And it is not a dog, the BEAR was!!!
:))) Also continues:
- And to a syabak I and - on - on on a bottom and will stand in the corner. I will let Dyudka in a window, I will tell a baba-yaga also geese - swans will carry away if badly porridge is will be...

Part trety
the last

Now when we see a dog, Dasha does not strain to be in action any more.
If a dog “terrible“ between us usually occurs such dialogue:
- Dasha, look, a dog! Give it and - on - on on a bottom we will make!
is not a dog, the father. This is a bear. He will eat us!
Or, if dog familiar and harmless:
- Dasha, let`s hide, the bear us is all right!
- be not afraid the father, this is not a bear! This is a dog! Hey a dog, go home to mother! And that on a bottom now and - on - on! And I will start up a dyudka. And you eat porridge. And that you will be legenky, geese swans and will carry away you to a baba-yaga... Yesterday this radish pulled down
at the father of “Playboy“ and, having sewn up in a secluded corner, long thumbed through it. In my opinion, it was pleasant to it...

of “On e:tike“

we Sleep. Wild shout is suddenly distributed.
- MOTHER!!! - The son Sanka cries out.
Mother runs up, takes it on hands and begins to rock to sleep.
As if not so!
- Vava, - shouts, - On e:tike!
Mother was frightened. The child, with a mouth at him something shouts. And to calm down in any does not wish.
- Sasha where you have a vava? On a mouth? There is no
-! On e:tiki! - Makes the way through a roar.
- On a tummy? There is no
-! On e:tiki!
I again in a roar.
- On a loktika?
- On e:tiki!!!
When were touched all parts of a body, Sanka, for a moment having interrupted the roar, asked to turn on the light.
- There! - It showed on the bed. - Nayetiki!
Mother brought him roaring to a bed and cast away a blanket.
Wild joyful cry:
- Naye:tik!
In a bed lies a warm woolen sock which came off his leg at night.
Sanka irons the handle the sock, lays down it under a pillow and almost instantly falls asleep...

of of Missile defense to Ded

ours Came the grandfather to a garden of small ours to take away. Sanka as saw it, to embrace right there ran:
- the Grandfather!
A other any boy did not understand, ran for Sanka and too got to ours “grandfather“ into embraces.
Children probably, thought that the grandfather - it is not Sankin, time and foreign boy embraces, and “vsekhniya“ and... crowd to the grandfather rushed to embrace. The grandfather of whom could, of course, in embraces grabbed...
I here Dasha saw the grandfather, the own grandfather embracing not her with the brother, and some absolutely other people`s children!
- It wash the grandfather! - She speaks by the offended voice and approaches the grandfather. Children, having understood a situation, respectfully part. Between the grandfather and Dasha pass is formed.
- Dai, quicker, and ours “dedyu“ will take away that! - Sanka shouts.
- Well - all go to group fast! - Dasha speaks, - And we with Syasy to mother on the horseman will go! And we will go to shop a candy we will buy! And to bring together bugs we will go! Nobody understood
I, neither the grandfather, nor tutors, nor someone`s mother observing all this scene why three kids from group suddenly ceased to laugh also began to cry...

of the Whimsical stock

we Are late for the bus. And besides that kids of two it is necessary to lead by the hand, also a bag heavy behind shoulders. Donka normally runs, and here Sanka, as usual, tries to be capricious.
Looks so appraisingly at a bag and understands that no “nu of a yucca“ shines it...
From - for turn is shown the bus and we are forced to accelerate. Dasha - so that with pleasure runs, and here Sanka begins to be capricious. But it has no time to be capricious, it is necessary to run. And children at us perfectly understand that it is impossible to be late for the bus, differently to wait for the following very long and cold...
And so runs Sanka, and is capricious and not just is capricious, and actually all stock of the standard whims one by one gives out:
- On yuccas! Does not help
- the Father to kakit!
Zero attention.
- Wa - va!
do not trust.
- Tepic presses!
- Shapa is pricked!
- the Tummy hurts!
- I am afraid of Mukhu!
- is cold!
I so around several times.
A when we already ran up to a stop, thought up already something brand new:
- the Father! Wa - va! The uvula swallowed!
Ya took both of them “on yuccas“ and brought in the bus. Also guess how it was apprehended by Sanka?
Well is natural - the next two weeks Sanka systematically swallowed the uvula.
- the Father! On yuccas!

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of All good to you and your children,
the father Seryozha

(C) 2000 Vorobyov Sergey

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