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Behind health - according to the permit. Future mother goes to sanatorium of

Which - which of our parents still remembers times when the way to resorts to pregnant women was closed. Permits and vouchers ““ to future mothers were not issued for the South and by local committee were not approved. Kind doctors recommended to pregnant women only airing of premises and weekly campaigns in city baths and that reluctantly.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since then in city baths, and less the recommendations of restrictive medicine wishing to adhere unconditionally were. In resorts of the Black Sea coast, and also Turkey, Cyprus, Canary Islands and the Bahamas health-resort visitors with unusually wide waist and a pigmentary stripe below a navel were noticed. Their quantity grows from year to year, and it is fine: it means that the sun, air and water are demanded by broad masses of future mummies and serve their improvement and incubation of healthy children.

of Reality of today are opened by extraordinary ample opportunities for improvement of pregnant women in resorts. And communications once remote resorts became closer to development of automobiles, a way to them - quicker and more comfortably, and stay there - is safer and more convenient.

also the relation of official medicine to this question Changed. If once to travelers recommended not to eat only many unfamiliar fruit and to carry the Panamanian, nowadays there is an order of the Ministry of Health No. 207 of May 16, 2003 which defines indications to sanatorno - to resort treatment, and also the recommendation how to organize rest and treatment of pregnant women in sanatoria and dispensaries.


to Whom needs resort treatment?

According to this document, the indication (that is business not that admissible, and, certainly, to useful) for the direction to the resort is pregnancy on terms of 12 - 35 weeks (including stay time), and in particular:

the Same document determines by

categories of pregnant women to which the trip at the sea is not recommended. Among contraindications:

the Same order formulates also requirements to the place of residence of future mothers who are on vacation. It is necessary to live to pregnant women in city line or a residential suburb at distance no more than 30 kilometers from the nearest maternity hospital where there are good access roads and direct telecommunication, it is preferable to be settled on the first floor of buildings. If it is about the sanatorium or other institution accepting pregnant women on rest and treatment - they have to have sanitary transport, the round-the-clock sisterly post and the obstetrician`s doctor - the gynecologist in the staff.

So that to go to the resort, the pregnant woman it is necessary to visit the attending physician and to be convinced that there are no contraindications to long moving. Having convinced of it, it is necessary to decide by what transport it is better to reach the destination. All means of transport are allocated both with advantages, and certain shortcomings about which it is useful to know, planning travel.

Train? Plane? Car?

Modern airliners have tight salon in which the air which is artificially enriched with oxygen so of pressure differences and a sparseness of air it is possible not to be afraid moves. But it is better to refrain from flight if still the phenomena of early toxicosis disturb (vestibular loadings are capable to strengthen significantly them). You should not strike up also the first acquaintance to air transport during pregnancy. It is also useful to know that the woman with strong indications of pregnancy when landing in an airliner can ask to show the medical document certifying pregnancy term (a good occasion not to leave at home the prenatal record which the pregnant woman has to have always with herself!) and if term more than 36 weeks - that and written consent of the doctor to flight (the requirement of “Aeroflot“).

the Railway transport is almost deprived by

shortcomings - this way of movement is rather comfortable and only not much more concedes in speed to the motor transport. By personal car from the pregnant woman it is “onboard“ better to move on rather small distances which are not exceeding 800 - 1000 km, otherwise stops in way for hot meals and a full-fledged lodging for the night will be required. Each 2 hours need to be done 15 - a minute stop during which the traveler has to go out of the car and make small warm-up, and each 4 hours - an hour stop for meal and long rest. If future mother herself acts as the shift driver, her driver`s “watch“ should not last more than an hour and repeat no more than 2 times during the day (but not nights!) .

we Have a rest correctly

After arrival to the destination during the first day of resort life of the pregnant woman the rest necessary for of acclimatization - accustomings of an organism to new climatic conditions is necessary. Especially it concerns the health-resort visitors moving in the longitudinal direction and crossing borders more than one time zone. it is better for p to resolve by

At malfunctions in the mode of a dream and wakefulness an issue in favor of a dream - to lay down a bit earlier, and to rise later.

But here road efforts behind, and time to think of how efficiently to carry out the 14 - 24 (namely such duration of rest and improvement is recommended at pregnancy) resort day.

First of all in the resort needs to have a rest. Change of a situation, new impressions, travel and excursions, the tropical nature - all this has enormous therapeutic value for health of mother and the kid. According to the famous Russian physiologist I. P. Pavlov, “it is necessary... to pull out the person from his situation, to exempt from constant cares, to interrupt a current of constant thoughts and for the known term to make for it the purpose exclusive attention to health and food“. Though it is necessary to tell that in a pursuit of new impressions it is better for pregnant women to refrain from extreme entertainments, such as rafting, diving, jeeping, a paraglayding, etc. Planning the excursion program, it is necessary to remember that at pregnancy it is impossible to rise by height more than 1000 m above sea level from - for opportunities of sharp change of intrauterine pressure that it is fraught with pregnancy interruption threat emergence. For this reason, and also from - for inevitable vibration should postpone for later helicopter excursions and occupations by riding.

Medical procedures for future mothers

we will talk about what, actually, does the resort by the resort Now - about physical means of improvement. They are natural (natural) and preformirovanny (equipment rooms). Application of these factors for the purpose of improvement call physical therapy and physioprevention .

the Main natural richness of the majority of resort districts - the sea. Sea bathings - thalassotherapy - have the essential all-strengthening and toning effect. Ions of potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and also a squirrel and phytoncides of seaweed in microquantities get through skin into body tissues, having diverse effect on an organism. Sea waves make a careful hydromassage which reflex influences all functional systems of an organism. Recently the great value is attached vodno - an immersion compression - to the phenomenon at which the water pressure upon a body of the person promotes transition of liquid from hypodermic cellulose to the blood course, thus counteracting formation of hypostases that is important at pregnancy. This biological phenomenon already found the place in complex therapy and prevention of a gestoz.

As for swimming - does not need to trouble excessively itself sports heats. Moderate physical activity is very useful, but it is important that loadings were habitual, but not excessive (same treats also foot walks). It is better to refuse a diving, especially “legs“ - under certain circumstances water is capable to put hydroblow directly to a uterus neck.

Sea air is rich with ions with a negative charge. Such air favorably influences on okislitelno - recovery processes, arterial pressure, volume of the circulating blood. Stay in the open air without clothes in the medical purposes is called of light - an air bathroom .

of Gelioterapiya - medical impact on an organism of direct sunshine. The sunlight causes an intensification of a fabric exchange, increases the resilience of a female organism to factors of external environment; increasing production of vitamin D, it is a powerful factor of prenatal prevention of rickets. Heliotherapy to mothers with the pregnancy which is followed a Rhesus factor - the conflict and other immunological problems, and also to residents of northern areas and other categories of pregnant women lacking for a sunlight is especially important.

Of course, at communication with the summer sun care is necessary for

. Danger consists in a possibility of both solar burns, and the general overheating (heatstroke). Skin at pregnancy is rather sensitive to the sun, but suntan can turn out uneven, especially on a face where formation of long-term pigmentary spots is possible. Therefore the notorious Panamanian, and together with her - and dark glasses will not prevent. For acceptance of solar bathtubs it is better to choose morning and hours before evening - till 11 o`clock and after 17, and in lunch time when the sun is the most active, it is more reasonable to remain in the shadow.

also the set of other curative factors which wait for pregnant women in resorts Exists. It both mineral waters, and salt caves, and just new impressions and good mood. Unfortunately, despite high efficiency of physical therapy and physioprevention at pregnancy, the after-effect period (time during which the received treatment continues the favorable impact on an organism) at pregnant women a little well, than at not pregnant and fluctuates within 3 - 4 months. Though it is quite enough to bring big benefit to future child.