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Lactation without fear and reproach of

I Want to make a reservation at once, my story is intended for future and real mummies with the sober attitude towards reality, itself and children.

So, during pregnancy to prepare a breast for feeding, it is enough to pour over it cold water and with moderate pressing to pound a terry towel of a pacifier after a bathtub.

By the birth of the child lanolin is better to get

and from the beginning of a lactation daily to grease nipples: they will keep softness and will not crack.

the Breast after each feeding to wash

- big nonsense, to smear with brilliant green - especially! I accepted water procedures in the usual mode: nightly, more nothing the breast “sterilized“. Also did not “cook“ a baby`s dummy, the furniture and toys did not wipe with vodka, did not iron a diaper and “did not suffer“ from other nonsense. I want to note still here that, I did not change the diet with approach of pregnancy and childbirth, well unless excluded alcohol and reduced to a coffee minimum. It is not necessary to eat with a great effort, milk from it will not increase!

Somewhere on the third month of life of the little son me it seemed to

that to it nearly - nearly gets milk. Then - that was also necessary to take urgent measures, namely: to drink in reasonable quantities (it is impossible much - there will be a boomerang effect) minutes for 30 before feeding, to do massage of mammary glands by the gentle stroking movements from the periphery to the center at least once 10 during the day. I admit honestly, about so frequent sessions of self-massage I forgot, did “occasionally“. Well tea for a lactation helped. It is necessary to move, to happen more in the fresh air, to sleep - whenever possible, the main thing - not to be nervous also from - for shortages of milk including. And you will not help business and lactations do much harm: Generally, recipes are simple!

I recommend to feed with

of the Baby on demand. It is good in every respect: and needs of the child are satisfied, and a mother`s breast in constant “tone“.

If, God forbid, incidentally swelling of a breast from overflow by milk arises, there is excellent means. It is necessary to take very warm shower! To decant the bulked-up breast extremely difficult, and under the influence of hot water it is softened and gives in to squeezing. I will notice, it is necessary to be decanted accurately, pressing softly, passing around.

over time the mother`s organism adapts to the child completely, and after introduction of a feeding up of problems in general, in my opinion, should not arise.

If suddenly has to leave to

the child per day - two (and at us such situation developed when to a masik there was 1 g and 3 months), then very well along with regular decantation applying of a fresh cabbage leaf to each breast, in particular for the night helps. The cabbage does not allow a breast to bulk up and, as a result, to harden. By the way, I did not learn to be decanted by means of a milk pump, I managed to get rid in separation from the child of surplus of milk exclusively manually. There`s nothing to be done, as advised me supposedly wait, in 10 minutes will begin to flow the river, I, having stayed with a milk pump of 40 minutes, was given and began to work with “handles“, quite successfully, by the way:

When, owing to certain circumstances, breastfeeding was necessary to finish

, I was decanted the first days 2 times a day. Here the main thing (whenever possible, of course) not to make any manipulations with a breast at night, and then - and in morning, removing this procedure is closer to a lunch, and then gradually - and for dinner. So, somewhere in days ten I began to be decanted 1 time a day. And in two weeks need for this procedure disappeared at all. However, an opportunity to restore a lactation remained more than a month since when pressing a breast milk continued to be emitted. Mummies compelled on the second year of a vskarmliv a niya for some time to leave the child, I want to assure that it is much more difficult to lose milk, than to keep. Be afraid of nothing, be regularly decanted and do not worry!

my the deep, one may say, gained belief that the child needs to be nursed at least till 1 year and 8 months, and it is up to 2 better than

- x years if itself dithat does not show willingness to leave with “sisy“ earlier. Though at healthy relationship mother - the child of such refusal should not occur. I will explain the position. Children get acquainted with this world by means of a mouth that is not a secret. And so, while the child drinks a mother`s milk, the stomach perfectly copes with any “baddies“ and as soon as mother deprives of the child of this opportunity, zheludochno - the intestinal path which is at a formation stage hardly “digests“ all alien. Such situation involves a set of problems. I do not speak about psychological dependence of the kid on mother`s “sisa“ any more, bitterly and painfully violently to deprive of the child of such support in life!

generally what I wanted to tell - that the prolonged monologue? And here that: dear mummies, try not to worry on trifles, nurse the children, derive pleasure from process of the closest communication with the child and be happy!