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Suit or How to grow thin the feeding mother - 2

can read Part I here.

Week the sixth

my results (weight and volumes) did not change. This week our kid was unwell. Refused food, sucked only a breast. It was necessary to depart a little from the concept of food, there is more oil, to drink tea with milk each two hours. And not before sports occupations on hands with the crying child. Managed to do only massage twice a day and to twist a hoop for 15 minutes. Fortunately, the kid was on the mend, and next week I hope to return to 10 - minute gymnastics after massage, to exercises on a ball and to dances embracing the sonny.

Week the seventh

my results: one more kilogram of weight thawed, the waist became 2 cm thinner, hips - on 1. This week there was a jump. So often happens: it seems, you put a lot of effort, and there is no result, but there passes some time, and suddenly you begin to grow thin. They say that worst of all to get rid of the last 4 - x kilograms. The organism holds death grip the last fatty stocks. In principle, maybe, from the biological point of view, these kilograms not so superfluous, but very necessary. Only the fashion dictates the: the fitting jeans, tops, narrow syurtuchka.

Having given in to styles, I also bought the cartridge “Belly dance for beginners. Dancing fitness - the program“. The cartridge turned out super. Grace of movements just bewitches. The husband, joking, gave me three weeks on that I was trained in this fine dance. The main thing that at the seeming ease of movements there is quite good load of muscles.

- ti minutes of massage (in a month it is necessary to take a break for two months) in the mornings I began to do

Instead of 10 15 - minute warm-up together with the instructor of TV - the Charging for the Country programs.

Week the eighth

my results: weight is 61 kg, a waist without changes, in hips minus centimeter. Bought jeans 44 sizes. I get into them so far hardly. However, the seller claimed that and has to be as jeans - streych in process socks stretch. At last changed the transformer for a five-kilogram carriage - a cane. With surprise noted as far as I became strong: with the child on one hand, with a carriage on another dashingly rose by the fifth floor. There are women in the Russian settlements, however … By the way, the husband, by his own words, saw in me the woman again. At restaurant where we in which - that eyelids went. I put on things which I carried before pregnancy, I already get into a good few from them. Nevertheless there is a wish to accelerate weight loss process a little. I have supper now quite easily. Generally fruit salad (apple, banana and a pear are cut and refuel yogurt, it is very tasty with cottage cheese “Aktiviya“) or vegetable sandwiches.

Week the ninth

my results: weight and volumes former. Already draw in terms, but again in process there was a pause. During a week there was my birthday, with all that it implies gastronomic consequences. Besides, presented me the whole bag of expensive candies. Though I and more - am less indifferent to sweets, it is impossible to resist such temptation. To minimize harmful effects of chocolate on again found figure, I decided to eat candies only in the mornings. Somewhere read and it is checked by practical consideration that if to eat the most high-calorific products to 11 o`clock in the morning, then chances it will be necessary to recover a little. My organism absolutely agrees with this statement: I begin to recover then when I do not manage to have breakfast, and I manage to have supper only, and is dense. To it there is an explanation: in - the first when we since morning set work to a stomach, the metabolism wakes up at once and functions during the day at full capacity. In - the second, eating products rich with carbohydrates for breakfast, sugar level does not manage to fall in blood pulls on sweet less. If during the lunchtime you still properly refuel proteins, then, most likely, will prefer a dinner easy and uglevodisty which in 4 hours prior to a dream will manage to be digested. And at night simply you will grow thin and without serious consequences.

Week the tenth

my results: weight is 60 kg, a waist without changes, in hips minus 1 cm. In principle, my weight almost suits me. Do not arrange some forms. I will not grow thin any more, I will support weight. But sports should play regularly: not so simply in 2 months to pump up a press and to tighten buttocks. I think of a course of professional anti-cellulite massage. If does not help, then will definitely not damage. Strange, but none of my acquaintances noticed that I grew thin, and 5,5 kilograms - not so are not enough. But I began to hear phrases of type often:“ Larisa after the delivery did not recover at all “, “ on you and is imperceptible that you gave rise a year ago“. Of course, it is very pleasant to hear it too.

generally, I almost returned to a doberemenny form. Almost is because I any more will never become such as was: hips narrow once gained womanly rotundity, the breast increased, lines of a figure became smoother. The girlfriend says that to me it madly goes. Well, I will not argue with it also for hours to try to discover shortcomings. With age, really, you understand that it is senseless to spend life for fight against itself, seeking to resemble some Klava Schiffer, the youthful maximalism with the obsession to the children`s size was gone to grow thin. I love each fold, and even to extensions on a stomach I treat with great respect, in me the kid, my most important treasure grew. I am negative to hungry diets and the exhausting exercises very much. Himself it is necessary to love and scoff at himself unnaturally. The organism will surely revenge for the bad relation to it. By the way, to shower a stomach with chips and to fill in the cook - Coca is that still mockery. As well as to eat too much for the night. As well as to deprive the muscles of pleasure of movements. It is necessary to grow thin too with pleasure and in harmony with himself.