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Smeshichki! (part 2)

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OF OF OF D E T C K I Y L E P E T # 3

Hello, mothers and fathers! I hurry to please you: despite numerous circumstances (somehow: the lack of time, a trip to business trip, a sowing season at the dacha), the third number of “Baby talk“ everything is was published! With what you and myself too, I congratulate...
By the way, I changed the description of mailing on the server a little. Now there is the following text: Whether
“Are known by you that the general between: Clinton and Putin, Pugacheva and Zemfira, Bill Gates and leader of mailing:)? And the fact that all of them aged from 2 - x to 5 - ti - WELL TALKED years SUCH NONSENSE! However, at some of this period dragged on a little... About what nonsense they talk now, it is possible to learn from newspapers or having just turned on the TV. And here about what is told future Eynshteyna, Lukashenki and Billa - Geytsa - now... only from our mailing!“
about it I address to readers with the earnest request - surely enter a surname and a name of the main character in your stories! And that as we through couple of decades, having turned on the TV, learn that this here the uncle with early high temples - THAT BOY?!
If to whom was not pleasant the new description, then you do not hesitate - send, more suitable, we will surely replace. I who? Only conducting mailings, well, maybe, also “founder“... And here authors... Here to authors I, actually, now also ask
A to speak!


About little Dimka

generally, he for a long time not small, but at that time only began to speak.
Situation: between the father and mother there is a playful skirmish and the father declares to mother (sorry, from a song of words you will not throw out) that it is an ass on wheels. Dimka in a romper suit and an arena with a smile on all person:
- Mother - the priest - bi - bi!!!

the Same Dimka in the same arena learned to ride on the apartment. And as he on a horoscope the Twin, it is able to be as if at once everywhere. Best-known number: in one second comes to kitchen, approaches a plate, opens all rings with gas, removes handles, mixes with toys in an arena and loudly and cheerfully speaks: “All!“
Task to parents: to find handles and to block gas at least half as quickly as it was made by Dimka.

A this trick was played by me at the age of years of three - four. With mother we go by the crowded trolleybus, it stops on the traffic light. And it is silent - it became silent so. And here I ask mother (loudly):
- There now, mothers, children appear at mother from a tummy... And how they ochutyatsya there?
Mother shocked is silent, and I continue:
- What, you do not know? Or I should grow up still?
Mother very quietly answers:
- It is necessary to grow up still...
A the people in the trolleybus dies of laughter.

of Yaroslav
(do not forget to specify, please, a surname of the Hero)

About Egorka

... now he is 2 years 6 months old, and last year in 1,5 years (*) he began to learn English with the nurse. By then he already not bad spoke, and somehow we discussed with him that cats and dogs not just mew or bark, and communicate. And once on walk the kitten approaches a synula and begins to mew. Egor looked at him, looked and speaks:
- In English talks!


(*) On this place the father Seryozha does to

(mother did not specify a surname) the bigger eyes.

Father Frost and the Gay person

Business was on New Year`s Eve! To my brother then was slightly less than 2 - x years. I and the dad changed clothes in the Gnome and Father Frost. Mother showing on the father:
is who?
- Mayos! Showing
on me:
- And it who?
- the Gay person!
All attendees peeped from delight and a month more stuck to the child:
- Tell “gnome“!

(a surname of the brother did not specify)

Yushchuk Ania and an umbrella

I do not know

of Spiffous how many years there was Anechke at that time. Coming from a rain home, I put the big black umbrella in a room corner for drying. Ania very much liked to climb under it and to sit there, having drawn in legs to a chin, as in a lodge. And it was located under it entirely. Once, sitting under an umbrella, it issues such phrase:
- the Uncle, look - I same difficult (it is harmonious - on ukr.) as this umbrella.

the father Vitaly (Exactly, Ukraine)

Bogdan Moroz is the real guy!

When to the son Bogdan was five years old, we went somehow to stomatologic policlinic to treat teeth. As you know, this procedure not from pleasant and when the aunt the doctor began to drill tooth a drill, Bogdan, with an open mouth, began to low and howl. - Suffer
, the doll, - tenderly told the doctor and continued the work.
After 5 7 minutes when the doctor finished the work and at Bogdan was released a mouth, it, having knitted eyebrows, indignantly told:
- I am not a doll, I am steam - ren!
the Answer was general burst of laughter of all attendees.

the father Seryozha - 2

“Use cunning!“

Niece Stasya Moroz, 6 years.
Somehow outdoors we had a rest all company. Near adults, a back to me, Stasya with mother sat. I decided to play a trick on it and, having slightly pulled a braid, at once turned away, and pretended that I am busy with conversation with others. The nephew turned back, but without having found the guilty person, indignantly turned away back.
So repeated several times. When she solved responsible for the tranquility then she gave a word from a children`s lexicon:
- And - and, the uncle Seryozha, you me use cunning!

the father Seryozha - 2

of All good to you and your children,
the father Seryozha

(C) 2000 Vorobyov Sergey
(C) 2000 Readers whose material is published

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