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You choose health - to you in the external studies! Parents of seniors know

: it is insufferably difficult to study in 9 - 11 - x classes. But whether better, in - the first to keep health to the child and, in - the second, to give it the chance to be prepared better in higher education institution (having precisely been engaged in objects which will really be useful in the future)? Such chance provides the external studies.

according to the leading physiologists of Russia, the external studies really keep health of the pupil. If at elementary school to the third group of health (children with chronic diseases) 10% of pupils, then belong to the senior classes them there are already 22%. To teenage age at school students the sharp growth of chronic pathology is observed. At the external studies load of the child much less is also distributed it more evenly. This opinion of doctors. And from the point of view of common sense it is just impossible to master (to be exact - to learn by heart) all that information on various fields of knowledge which is dumped on the heads of pupils by our school. Talk on need of unloading, that it is necessary not to multiply the facts and to teach children to think, became already habitual, and the question “till what time it will proceed?“ - rhetorical. Concern that the external studies - do not give full education, groundlessly.

The external studies exist not one decade. But earlier in their Moscow was only two or three on the district. Allowed to be trained in children in them which lived with parents abroad, to the disabled people or “geniuses“ capable to be engaged independently, without supervision and urgings on. A few years ago in Moscow to all average educational institutions allowed to open at themselves the external studies. And the people tumbled down there. Every year the number of ex-sloes increases. By estimates of the Ministry of Education, only 15 - 20% of ex-sloes are those children to whom such form of education is recommended on medical or social indicators. The others decided to preserve forces and nerves for entering a higher education institution. According to the ministry, over the last ten years the number of the children mastering the school program through the external studies increased ten times.

a law Letter

According to the order of Department of Education of Moscow the external studies has to be free. In Methodical recommendations about the organization of receiving the general education in the form of the external studies in educational institutions of the Russian Federation (of January 23, 2002) a cauldron: “The educational institution does not bear responsibility for training of an ex-sloe and does not give with it in an initiative order systematic classes. However to an ex-sloe cannot have it is refused a right of use of library, visits of laboratory and practical works, consultations before examination, participations in the Olympic Games, competitions and other events held in educational institution. Studies for an ex-sloe can be given only in his desire as additional paid educational service on the basis of Rules of rendering paid educational services in the sphere of the preschool and general education“.

Before each examination to an ex-sloe two consultations are put. However if you sent the child to the free external studies, he has to take all examinations in the summer, in the same days, as his “internal“ schoolmates.

Therefore there is more convenient, accelerated external studies form - so-called intensiv. A shortcoming at it one: it is paid. The intensive course of training exists where there is a license for the right to render additional educational services. In such external studies pupils have to (as a rule) from three to five times a week come to occupations, prepare homeworks.

Intensiv happens different, for example, in a year tenth-graders can pass all program 10 - 11 - go classes (it is especially popular among parents of boys who save year for entering a higher education institution). There is also such option of an intensiv: eleventh-graders it is accelerated, for half a year, take all course, take examinations, except obligatory (mathematics and compositions) which write along with resident students. Upon termination of the external studies issue to graduates usual certificates. The cost of an intensiv fluctuates from 500 to 1000 c.u.

Tell ex-sloes

On Ania M. response (at school it went on a medal, but understood that if continues the internal education, it will not be able normally to be prepared in MSU), intensiv - the most convenient form of education in the senior classes. It arrived in 91 - y the external studies (intensiv) and actually (except two state examinations) ended 11 - y a class for half a year. In December it could prepare for entering a higher education institution already. The second language which she learned at former school to it was reckoned in the certificate too (the law it allows). On a question: whom were her schoolmates on the external studies? - Ania answered: “It or those who very well studied at school and are accurately aimed now at receipt, or those who just wanted to receive the good certificate (in the external studies it is simpler to make it)“.

Whether it was easy to study? Ania says that in her external studies eases were not: it was necessary to go to lessons three times a week, sitting out for six hours (as at school). On a question of how teachers managed to truncate the school program so that it could pass for half a year, it all material in accurate schemes. Special books of problems on physics and chemistry were used. In everything there was a strict structure. And examination generally took place in a test form. For those who were not self-assured and wanted to refresh those objects which should be handed over together with ordinary school students in June in memory it was possible, having paid about 4 thousand rubles, to work in addition on Russian, literature and mathematics.

To get to some (especially popular) external studies, it is necessary to take examinations or to have interview.

Detail, pleasant for graduates: school-leaving certificates can be received at the former school - and in the same place to carry out a graduation party.

of Changes will not be (the official`s look)

the Chief specialist of Department of Education of Moscow Nadezhda Kruglyakova:

No changes are expected. Small reduction of number of ex-sloes in comparison with last years happens from - for introductions of Unified State Exam. It is about those who go to the Moscow universities which accept by results of USE.

- What will happen to the external studies if the unified state examination is entered without fail?

- I Think, then ex-sloes will become much less. Independently it is much more difficult to be prepared for USE. It seems to me, it more concerns the free external studies at schools (there it is necessary to study completely independently). In an intensiva preparation for USE will hardly differ from school...

- And what it is necessary to make to pass into the external studies?

- At day schools parents write the application for the transfer of the minor children to this form. They can pass to the external studies completely or - partially, having left two - three subjects for internal visit.