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Whether nails with a small hump of

It is possible to avoid problems with nails after building? How it is correct to pass from artificial nails to natural?


questions of readers are answered by the leading expert of the Moscow school - RED NAILS studio Irina Ulkina.

- how building will be reflected in a condition of your marigold, depends on experience of the master and quality of the used materials. It is important to find out all nuances of procedure at once. You need to know how correction often is required as it is correct to pass from an artificial nail to natural what at the same time there can be problems. And having only weighed all pros and cons, start building. If to follow professional advice and certain rules of carrying and removal of nails, then many problems can be avoided.

Should be learned about quality of materials also in advance. It is necessary to tell that today in good salons materials with the low content of acrylic acids are used. They also bear potential health hazard of nails. And recently there were also materials which are not containing acryle at all. They do not do harm to a natural marigold.

At last, it is worth knowing and about one nuance. It is clear, that there are events - weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations when there is a wish to have smart manicure. But the return transition from artificial nails to natural is rather labor-consuming. It can take about a month. Therefore to do nail extension “on once“ it is not really practical.

- the Case, of course, not single, but it is not necessary to refuse artificial nails. If you have by nature problem nails, the usual manicure will hardly yield good esthetic result. Artificial nails in this case will be a good exit.

your problems can be connected by

with the fact that the nail was injured when building. During preparation for procedure some masters smooth out a natural nail too rough file. Thus the nail is done to the thinnest that the result looked more natural.

If you felt by

on yourself such rough influence, it makes sense to rise and refuse after processing of the first nail procedure. Otherwise to you will too strongly thin a nail plate, and nails will become fragile.

Happens also that at the request of the client or to the master`s discretion the nail is modelled by too thick, it is frequent - with a small hump. Such form is considered very fashionable today. But, unfortunately, for many these nails are too heavy. And natural grow from - for it thinner.

of the Problem can also arise and at the end of procedure. There is a system of building when the nail is created by means of special forms. On them then impose acryle layers, giving to a nail the form. Sometimes the master after the end of modeling tries to squeeze slightly a nail to give the beautiful form of an arch. But capillaries are so squeezed, and the nail does not receive enough food. From - for it the outer edge of a natural nail begins to exfoliate from a nail bed.

needs Very attentively to belong also to process of removal of nails. Very often from - for it there are problems, and clients sin on procedure in general.

- cannot Tear off artificial nails at all. They are rather densely attached to natural. Having sharply pulled, you can injure the nails.

quickly to get rid of the increased nails, in salons special machines exist. They just clean off an artificial nail to natural. Naturally, the nails after carrying dense, strong artificial will seem thin and fragile.

Can remove a nail in the chemical way, that is to simply dissolve it. But even if to protect skin around a nail by means of a thick layer of cream, solvents all the same will make on it aggressive impact.

Therefore should not hurry and get rid of building for one procedure. By the way, many feel discomfort from - for the fact that nails at fast disposal of an artificial layer become too sensitive. Therefore it is the best of all to choose gradual transition. At first clean length of an artificial nail. Then transition between natural and artificial nails is done imperceptible by means of polishing. And after that there is an updating of a natural nail plate.

- the Most painless way is the otrashchivaniye of a natural nail. When the nail grows, together with it artificial descends. To accelerate this process, it is necessary to do oil trays and massage. It is absolutely simple: you add several drops of lemon juice and vitamin E to olive oil and you lower finger-tips for 10 - 15 minutes. It will give additional food to a nail plate.

Can also use

ready oils for acceleration of growth of nails. They need to be rubbed to the area of a cuticle the massage movements. Try to make massage of finger-tips also. For this purpose take a pencil with “edges“ and turn it small pillows of fingers. And still it is useful to use various bases with the strengthening, moistening, nutritious effect or increasing elasticity.

When the nail will grow

, the artificial layer will appear “on the edge“. And sooner or later it will break off. Then it will be possible to make closing procedure. The essence is that the nail is covered with cream. Then it is polished with special nozzles of the device or files. Then apply an oil layer on a nail. Getting into microcracks, cream and oil fill, seal them. Thus, the nail ceases to be stratified and becomes smooth and equal. And oil leaves a thin film which protects a nail from loss of moisture and degreasing on a nail surface. So you will be able to treat a tip of a nail and without problems to wait until it completely grows. On all this about three weeks will be required.

- can actually not Cure the injured nail. Such as before building, it will be, only when it will completely be updated. But appearance of a nail can be put in order quickly.

Only should refuse its length - it will be possible to leave only 2 - 3 mm. It is necessary to shorten a nail by means of the most gentle glass files.

needs Also to alternate oil trays and massage. Well paraffin compresses will help. In winter time this procedure will be useful not only to care of the weakened nails, but also of skin of hands. It is possible to carry out closing procedure cream and oils. Or to use special gel bases for a thickening of a nail plate.

This basis has special structure which rather densely lays down. It will smooth all roughnesses which arose after nail extension, and will a little condense a nail. So externally it will look smooth and equal. Minus of this basis is that it keeps absolutely not for long. And it is necessary to put it every other day. It, of course, will give some inconvenience. If there is no time for it, then it is possible to increase a nail again.

Cosmetics for nails

  1. Solar Oil Creative Nail Design Oil. Gives to natural and artificial nails necessary flexibility. Is fine means for polishing and pasting of scales of a nail among themselves that serves its strengthening.
  2. nail Balm from Trind. Gives elasticity to a nail plate, restores its water balance. Interferes with fragility and stratification of a nail. Stimulates its growth.
  3. Thalassotherapy for nails from Sally Hansen. Vitamins and minerals of seaweed will actively restore and will moisten nails, stimulating their healthy growth.
  4. Clever enamel from Frenchi. A sheeting with vitamins A and E.
  5. the Diamond strengthening means from Lady Rose. Parts of diamond strengthen nails, forming a protective film and adding gloss. Protects from fragility and stratification.