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Mother + the child of

till the birth of the daughter knew, I will nurse! And here was born my beloved, childbirth was heavy and brought the daughter only in 6 hours with the words “it is unlikely the breast will take“. And it took! Sucked, sucked, and then fell off and smiled. The hope was given to me, not everything is as bad as doctors speak.

Milk appeared next day. Never thought that I will have such huge breast, from it constantly leaked, the shirt stood as a uniform, from me the smell of sour milk proceeded, it was necessary to decant each hour. The daughter of minutes on forty ate, did not fall off a breast itself, it was necessary to pull out a nipple. Nipples were all izgryzena, each capture of a breast brought an excruciating pain, but I did not give up.

was Discharged from maternity hospital for the 6th days in children`s office, it was not decanted any more, the daughter herself perfectly coped. In children`s I roared every day - a postnatal depression + daily intimidations of doctors. Speak, from nerves milk vanishes, at me here did not get to anywhere. In children`s I was convinced that the child in a tummy has an alarm clock and he will eat in 3 hours in the afternoon, through the 6th at night. If wakes up at night - to give water, in other time to a nipple. I refused a pacifier and water at once, and here on hours tried to feed the whole month. Result - dissatisfied mother (again ahead of time fed) and the crying kid (eliciting to eat).

Wrote out us home, were fed still often and long, I made impression that I constantly feed. The husband helped very much not only that he transferred the child to our bed, I do not represent now how it is possible to nurse and sleep separately, he still constantly said to me as I am beautiful with the child on a breast.

every day it became easier than

, the daughter grew up and only the mother`s breast already ceased to interest her. The number of feedings was reduced, and in 3 months she ate no more than 10 minutes. Here then - that I felt all delights of GV about which write everywhere.

still I feed the Daughter with

(there will be 11 months soon), passed only to night feedings and one day, well she cannot fall asleep in a different way. Now almost any I do not adhere to a diet (though still there is a number of the products causing an allergy). In the first months I very strictly monitored the food, painfully the tummy hurt the child.

Somewhere read

that the children who are on breastfeeding have a special gloss eyes, and so, the daughter has it!

the Beginning mummies want to advise to rely

on the intuition, but not on someone else`s words (still I remember words of the mother-in-law) and not to be fond of control weighing (my daughter weighs 8 kg). Progress to you!

P. S. I plan to feed till 1,5 years, I think, it is quite enough. However, I do not know how I will disaccustom, something is not believed me that the daughter herself will refuse, she painfully loves a breast (even sings from pleasure after sucking).