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The first documents of the newborn citizen

the Child was born... And now are necessary for the kid not only parental care, pleasure and affection of people around, a cozy bed and other children`s things - he needs to become the lawful citizen of the country as grandiloquently it sounds. Also not acts and acts - they ahead, in process of a growing are for this purpose necessary, and only documents which will define the rights of the child and will give it opportunities to use the certain privileges provided by the state.

So what documents are necessary for the child and what operations procedure of parents on their receiving has to be?

Stage first: documents from maternity hospital

happy parents have to take

From maternity hospital two documents:

  1. the Rest of the prenatal record - it 2 - y and 3 - y sheets. 2 - y the sheet - “Data of maternity hospital, delivery room of hospital on the woman in childbirth“ - is filled in with the doctor of maternity hospital delivering and contains information on a condition of the woman after the delivery, possible complications in labor and the carried-out therapy; he is sent to a maternity welfare unit. 3 - y the sheet - “Data of maternity hospital, delivery room of hospital on the newborn“ - is filled in in maternity hospital with the pediatrician or neonatology and contains the information about the newborn: features of course of childbirth and their consequences for the child, physiological parameters (growth, weight) in their dynamics given about a way of feeding vaccination done in maternity hospital, - i.e. that necessary set of information which analyzes and are considered by the local pediatrician at patronage of the newborn. This part of the prenatal record is transferred to children`s policlinic where the child will be observed; it is hemmed to the children`s card. Without these data the picture of development and health of your child will be incomplete.
  2. the Reference from maternity hospital written by the midwife delivering, and certified by her signature and the press of maternity hospital. Time and date of birth of the child, his floor who delivered is specified in it - with this reference parents receive the birth certificate in a registry office and a lump sum in social security.

If the woman gave birth houses, then the document of the established form of the birth is given by that medical organization which doctor provided medical care at childbirth or to which mother after the delivery addressed. These are the first documents of your child on the basis of which parents will be able to receive the subsequent.

Stage second: registration in bodies a registry office

the Purpose of registration of the newborn in a registry office - to document the fact of the birth of the child and to record his name, a surname and a middle name, and also to define parents - the father and mother. The document which is issued in a registry office and contains the information about the child and his parents, - the birth certificate. Forms of such certificates are carried out in the typographical way on a stamped paper; everyone has a series, the number and is the document of the strict reporting, it is filled with the worker of a registry office and certified by the press. Besides, in the book of acts of civil status the corresponding birth record is made.

How soon parents have to go to a registry office? The term of the statement for the birth of the child is established legislatively - no later than in a month from the date of its birth.

In what registry office should address? It can be a registry office and in the birthplace of the child, and at the place of residence of one of parents - what it is more convenient. If the child was born outside the Russian Federation, registration of the birth is made by consular establishments of the Russian Federation. By the way, if in a registry office any of parents for any of several reasons cannot address, it can make the person authorized by parents who has to have at itself the document confirming its powers - the power of attorney certified notarially.

At the address to a registry office at itself needs to be had:

parents have to decide by

By the time of filing of application on a name and a surname of the child which can be written down both on the father, and on mother. In the absence of the agreement between parents concerning a name of the child and (or) his surname (at different surnames of parents) the corresponding record according to the indication of body of guardianship and guardianship to which parents had to address in advance is included in the assembly book.

If mother is not married to the father of the child and the paternity concerning the child is not established, the name of the child registers at the request of mother, a middle name - by the name of persons, specified in a birth statement as the child`s father, a surname of the child - by the name of mothers. Also in this situation, at the request of mother, data on the father of the child can not be entered in a birth statement.

Visit of parents to a registry office has one more purpose: to take there the certificate of the child`s birth - a form No. 25. This reference will be required when receiving a birth grant.

Besides, in a registry office will enter data on children in passports of parents.

Stage third: receiving a lump sum

After obtaining the first documents should receive a lump sum on the child.

According to the Federal law from 29. 01. 2005 No. 206 - Federal Law “About modification of article 12 of the Federal law “About welfare payments to the citizens having children“ since January 1, 2005 the sum of a lump sum at the birth of the child makes 6000 rubles; regional payments can be added to this sum. Their size can be specified in regional Management of social security of citizens (the former social security).

one of parents in the place of work, service or study Receives such benefit and if parents do not work, do not serve or do not study, in social security authorities of the population at the place of residence. In case of the birth or adoption of two (or more) children the lump sum is granted and paid on each child.

For receiving a grant needs to prepare the following documents:

some more aspects to which it is worth paying attention to the lonely parents or parents who are divorced Are.

If marriage between parents of the child is not registered by

, and data on the father in the birth certificate of the child are entered according to mother (it is fixed in the certificate of the birth which is given by bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE), then the grant of mother is given in the place of work or in case it does not work (does not study, does not serve), - in social security authorities, without submission of the reference of the father of the child that he did not receive a lump sum at the birth of the child.

If at the time of the request for a grant parents are divorced with

, then mother of the child has to submit the copy of the certificate on divorce together with other documents. In this case the reference of the father of the child can not be submitted.

to the Parents planning to receive this benefit should remembering

that the allowance is granted if the request for it followed no later than 6 months since the birth of the child.

It is enumerable the main acts regulating an order of appointment and payment of a grant:

the Government of Russia is going to issue to each citizen personal identification number for the rest of life. According to the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of the Russian Federation, each citizen on average during life is forced to receive 10 000 references, the majority of which are necessary for confirmation of his personality, and it is necessary to receive them in different instances that quite often is followed by various problems. During information era it looks an obvious anachronism: now each of us is marked a set of numbers - it is PIT (personal identifier of the taxpayer), number of a card of the Pension fund, the compulsory health insurance card, number of the driver`s license, number of the passport etc. Each department makes independent numbering of citizens, but their databases are incompatible among themselves.

the New system provides introduction for each citizen of the country of personal universal identification number which will unite information on the person and will allow to receive the necessary data quickly. Perhaps, it will look as a stroke - a code and to be distinguished only by car. It is supposed that it will begin with modernization of registration of newborns in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE, and data on other citizens will be entered upon their appeal to public authorities.

Stage fourth: registration of the child at the place of residence

Now when the child has his first in life document - the birth certificate, parents can deal with an issue of its registration. We remind that the institute of a registration is already cancelled; there is a registration - in the place of stay (temporary) or to the residence (constant). Despite peripetias of a housing situation at parents, the rights of the child in any difficult situation are put on the first place.

What documents are necessary for

for registration?

With these documents parents go to REO (the former ZhEK) - at the place of residence of one of parents - and on their basis there is an entering of data into registration cards in a form No. 9 of one of parents and in apartment cards in a form No. 10 or house (apartment) registers in a form No. 11. About it it is told in “Rules of registration and removal of citizens of the Russian Federation from the registration account in the place of stay and at the place of residence within the Russian Federation“, approved as the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of July 17, 1995 No. 713.


To what address the child can be registered? At the place of residence of mother or father. Under a condition if the father of the child is written officially down in the birth certificate, then, in the presence at it such right by the housing legislation, it can register the child even if it is not among owners of the apartment in which it is registered. The same situation extends also to the child`s mother.

registration in the apartment of the child can lead

Depending on the property rights of parents to different family conflicts therefore it is worth discussing this question separately: registration does not influence the property right in any way. It is necessary to know the following: the members of the family of the owner of the apartment (or one of owners) living in the premises belonging to him according to article 292 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, have a right of use of this room.

One more important point: on installation to parents of their children who did not reach majority the consent of other family members is not required, it agrees same “Instructions about application of rules of registration and removal of citizens of the Russian Federation from the registration account in the place of stay and at the place of residence“.

In a situation when parents have a temporary registration in the place of stay, for example in the rental apartment, those rules remain: the children living together with parents in the place of stay have to be registered in the place of stay of parents. Registration in the place of stay does not grant them the right further to apply for the apartment. At the same time the child can be registered at the place of residence of parents by an assignment of actions for registration to a certain person on the basis of the power of attorney, in a case and parents cannot personally make it from - for territorial remoteness.

In case registration of the child is not made by

, the prevention or an administrative penalty at the rate to 1 minimum wage of the minimum wage rate can follow). If registration is not made because of owners of apartment rented by the newborn`s parents the penalty from 1 to 3 minimum wage rate is possible.

Thus if the child is a citizen of the Russian Federation, then refusal to register the child at the place of residence of parents is not reasonable, and can appeal against it in a judicial proceeding with involvement of agencies of guardianship and guardianship.

Stage fifth: obtaining the policy of compulsory health insurance

Now when the newborn has not only documents, and the official residence, to parents is time to think of the policy of the obligatory medical insurance (OMI). The insurance medical policy of compulsory health insurance is issued everyone insured by medical insurance company and provides obligations of medical insurance company (insurer) for the organization and financing of medical care to insured. Types and the volume of medical care, for the organization and which financing the insurer bears responsibility, are defined by the territorial program of obligatory medical insurance. The policy of compulsory health insurance is valid in all territory of the Russian Federation, and also other states with which the Russian Federation has agreements on medical insurance. Parents can insure the child in any business insurance company, but the policy of compulsory health insurance should be received surely too - according to this document the child has the right to receive the vast majority of types of medical care in the public medical institutions free of charge.

Where can receive the policy on the child? The policy of compulsory health insurance is issued for children at a permanent address in points of issue of policies of compulsory health insurance; most often they are located at district clinics.

Why obtaining the policy on the child is possible

only after registration at the place of residence or stay? Because it is given by medical insurance company in the presence of one of types of registration: if the child has a registration to the place of stay, then the policy will be issued temporary, it will automatically last with extension of registration in the place of stay. If the child is registered at the place of residence, then he will receive the constant policy. Are necessary for obtaining the policy:

Should meaning

that the constant policy represents a plastic card therefore its production takes certain time. Parents will be warned about when it is ready, and will report how it can be learned. Before obtaining the plastic policy give temporary - paper.

Now your newborn baby acquired the official status, having acquired the rights and duties which it will use in process of a growing. For now it is helped with it by parents.