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Waking or sleeping

Sometimes dream us strange things. We wake up and several days we cannot get rid of unpleasant feeling. From where these imaginations undertake? What do they mean? Meanwhile many bad and disturbing dreams can be explained from the point of view of psychology.

Without clothes on the street

to you dreams em that you come to work and you are engaged in the commonplaces. Or, maybe, you go down the street, you sit in cafe... You feel quite comfortably while you suddenly do not understand that you absolutely naked!

It means that some events force you to feel vulnerable and defenseless. Life as though removes from you covers. Perhaps, it seems to you that you too revealed before someone, told about themselves more, than it is necessary. If in a dream you come without clothes to work, you are afraid to be incompetent and are afraid that colleagues and the administration, eventually, will expose you.

you were lost by

dreams you that you desperately try to find a way home. In total around it seems unfamiliar, and none of passersby can help you.

It means that you try to return when to you it was good and quiet. If the place where you aspire, is connected with your youth, you painfully react to what become more senior. If you look for the road to the parental house, you lack care and guardianship. If the place where you got lost, seems dangerous, something does not suit you in real life, and it is possible, even it seems menacing.

you take examination

dreams you that you at school or institute also are going to take examination. And suddenly you understand that last time opened textbooks many years ago and at all you remember nothing. You in confusion also cannot answer one question of the examiner.

It means that in real life you faced check on durability. The situation demands that you showed all the knowledge and abilities, and you are not sure that you pass this vital examination. Such dream can mean also that your vital inquiries are too high, you are extremely exacting to yourself and people around and painfully endure any failure.

you committed murder

dreams you that you killed someone. You were not going to do it at all or, on the contrary, became enraged banged the victim. Now you do not represent how to be with a breathless corpse. Also you are afraid that you will be caught in the act.

It means that the person whom you killed symbolizes for you a certain part of the life, some events or qualities which you want to erase from memory, simply speaking, to kill. Perhaps, in real life you are rather passive and cannot decide on an important act, and this problem is connected with that ôkilledô person. If you ôkilledô someone from relatives, it can say that your relations with this person are not cloudless at all, but you do not decide to admit to yourself it yet.

you sink

dreams you that you stood on the coast or swam in the sea and carried away you a huge dark wave. You leave under water, you have nothing to breathe, you choke, and there are no forces to come up on a surface. Zeto means that in real life some events leave from - under control. Perhaps, you were overflowed feeling and you understand that you are not able to behave. Or you charged yourself with such quantity of duties that you cannot cope with them. Or financial problems fell upon you. In a word, you subconsciously feel that in real life the wave of circumstances carries away you to the high sea, and do not know yet how to be.

you have

sex with own father

dreams you that you make love to someone from the immediate family. You understand that it is wrong and disgusting, and do not know how you got into such awful situation.

It means that your relative has some lines which seem to you very attractive and, perhaps, cause envy. Or your partner in real life something reminds the relative from a dream.

At you have teeth

you dreams that teeth at you in a mouth begin to shake and drop out.

It means that the important issue which demands from you serious efforts is necessary to you. It is considered that teeth symbolize a vital grasp. And if in a dream they drop out, you worry about what impression you make on people around.

you are late aboard the plane

dreams you that you come to the airport and there it becomes clear that you lost the ticket, the passport or mixed departure time. Similar dream: you on a trip and suddenly understand that you need to leave right now and you will not manage to pack things.

It means that in reality you, most likely, are very accurate and built. At you everything is planned for many days ahead, and above all you are afraid to miss something. It seems to you that all under control, but your feelings protest. It is impossible to be in tension 24 hours a day!

the Husband changes

to you

dreams you that the husband has another. You see them together, or find its photo at it in a pocket, or read the love letter which he wrote it.

It means that the relations with the husband seem to you insufficiently stable. Such dream absolutely not necessarily means that the husband really changes you, and, most likely, reflects your uncertainty in tomorrow.

you forgot

about the child

dreams you that you absolutely forgot that you have a child. You davny - did not feed him long ago and did not swaddle or maybe forgot to take away from kindergarten.

It means that before you prospects open (them is that and the child symbolizes), but you do not pay to the new project due attention. Besides, it is very typical dream for pregnant women and young mothers who worry about whether they will be able well to care for the kid.

someone close Died

dreams you that someone from friends died or relatives, you sob and cannot stop.

It means that you are afraid to be rejected. You love this person, but test to him and negative feelings - fault, envy, irritation. Your relations reached a deadlock, and it is time to leave.

Doctors - somnologists recommend

C of the medical point of view a dream - no other than visual manifestation of work of your nervous system. If the nervous system works normally, dreams dream quiet. If you have to make constantly serious decisions, to endure emotional splashes and to come up against stressful situations, you will dream by all means nightmares. In principle, there is nothing terrible: it is normal reaction of an organism. But if disturbing dreams regularly repeat within a month, there is a sense to consult with the doctor.

be attentive

I to the organism. For the night drink the calming collecting, refuse for some time viewing of the TV, include caraway seeds, ginger, a sage, green onions in the diet. Whenever possible take day off. Perhaps, you just were tired.