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Everything can learn

“Give only for a minute it is representable that the child sinks in the river. In this case all shout and rush to it to the aid. And when it “sinks“ at school?“ - with such unusual words to me, and then and representatives of parental committee addressed the principal. Difficult question. Parents used, of course, a strong metaphor. But it also put business in motion.

For a start at school were stopped by “games in police officers and violators“. (I admit, it was difficult.) That pupil who, for example, was not prepared now for a lesson can warn about it the teacher in advance and answer on the following.

Not at once, but gradually children ceased to feel like “the breakers of rules who got on a crime scene“. It is very important! The behavior model of any violator includes: obligatory search of ways to avoid punishment, to hide something or to make stealthily. Very unproductive model, but when you present what mass of children passes daily training on such behavior - becomes badly.

A that can be told about the relations of the teacher and pupil if at each mistake as if speak to the child: “And - and, got!“. Whether there will be in these relations an adoration or there will be only a fear and hostility? How it affects assimilation of knowledge?

On all school: both in a teacher`s room, and in corridors, and in offices small announcements - reminders of the following contents already hang:“ Study without mistakes does not happen“. The feeling of the right for a mistake is very important! The mistake has no relation to someone`s guilt, it - only a method of finding of the correct decisions.

Ahead at children huge life, being only mistaken, they will find really correct way. The same who will seek to avoid mistakes will not come anywhere, will mark time and will be afraid to take any step, and suddenly it is wrong!

In a teacher`s room the stand entitled as follows freezes up now: “How to facilitate to children digestion of material?“ . On it teachers hang out messages on the finds in this area. And the prime attention is paid to a correction of mistakes there. But of course, not only it. I will bring only according to one paragraph from different messages.

“After an explanation of new material I do not ask

a question: who did not understand? As those who really did not understand can hesitate to admit it. I ask to raise a hand of those who understood everything, and the picture becomes clear at once. At the end of a lesson we surely consider: what mistakes are possible on this or that subject“.

“Very important point of training - to ask pupils as new material is connected, in their opinion, with earlier studied. Such simple question, and allows to connect in their head all knowledge in a whole: forms between them bridges, footpaths and quite passable roads, providing fast access to any fragment“.

“On each topic of the lesson I suggest the pupils to think up some metaphor or analogy capturing the question essence. For elementary school this commonplace: not simply 2+2, and Natasha has 2 apples and Petya has 2 apples … In the senior classes usually forget about this very effective method, absolutely illegally. Results tremendous“.

“In my class each child has several sketchbooks. In one he largely draws formulas on physics, in another - formulas on mathematics, in the third - in chemistry, in the fourth - keywords from subjects and definitions on social science. Such “drawing“ considerably improves a material memorability. What is drawn largely and unusually (and nearby still some mug with huge ears) - is remembered by children much easier. For this “an unusual tail - drawing“ they with ease “extend“ then also all other material“.

I Want to emphasize

: statement at school of a question of search of the methods facilitating to children digestion of material in a root changes the teacher`s attitude towards pupils and to teaching the subject.

If to take as a basis classification of the main roles played by people - the victim, the persecutor and the savior, - that what part is assigned to children, parents and teachers in usual conditions? Worst of all, if parents, and teachers unite as “persecutor“, then as “savior“, usually, some street company acts. That it was not necessary to rescue the child “sinking“ at school, it is not necessary to pursue him so zealously. - only to help parents! And to teachers - to facilitate and teach! An ultimate goal - knowledge, but not difficulties on the way to their receiving.

of knowledge - the main indicator of work of school. Certainly, their receiving is helped by both goodwill of teachers, and high own motivation of pupils and attention of parents. From my last supervision: the easier and better children cope with the task, the they at the same time have a smaller stress that, in turn, facilitates their work even more. Such “wheel of success“, and health, of course.

A what to do with “difficult“ children? I hear such question very often. Yes, the “difficult“ adult with “difficult“ children very not easy. But we will listen attentively that these such disobedient teenagers usually speak:
- I am expelled from lessons, sent to the director, put the two on behavior, call parents. They “join“ with the methods too. And me all at all. And all know that I am afraid of nobody.

That is:
demand a certain behavior From the teenager. He does not submit to
punish him.
But it is afraid and becomes nobody the leader in the company.

Turns out - through joint efforts we “mold“ it:“ martyr“ and “hero“ at the same time.

On the one hand, this child was constantly compared to other children (initiated a competitive spirit), and with another - quite so its unconscious embodies in real life myths about heroes and their fights with Zmey Gorynych, the Nightingale by the Robber and other evil spirits. And here and we - with the repressive measures.

the Exit from such situation only one: not to abuse and not to punish! There is no punishment - there is no “martyrdom“. There is no Giant with a lash - there is no “heroism“ also. (If you in the childhood read fairy tales too, and you want to bring “fire and a sword“ order now, then it is worth becoming thoughtful: whether to those you are engaged in business?)

Each trick (read - provocation) such “hero“ now we use

for a reminder to it that are sure - in its forces to learn other behavior! He already managed to learn to ride a bicycle, to play soccer, to read and draw. We ask him to continue - what he for the life already managed to learn! It, perhaps, most important. If he began to list, so apprehended: the new behavior can learn.

had to apply

But in the beginning this method to itself. Studied all school collective. It appeared: to react so on “heroism“ of children absolutely simply. We for the life managed to learn already very much too, and, much bigger, than to any our ward. Experience - a great cause!

Had to work as

also with families.“ It is the best of all to sing“ in unison. This work was undertaken by parental committee.

Here so: we study, we teach children, we teach also their parents.

G. Krasnodar