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Breast cancer: serious problem

a breast cancer Problem, unfortunately, can concern any woman. Many live with this illness, even without suspecting about it. The probability of treatment is higher at an early stage of a disease. Therefore experts recommend to women to pass regular inspections of a breast.

Many know nothing about this illness, about that, from - for what it can arise as develops. Galina Korzhenkova - the consulting physician of the All-Russian hot line “Together for the sake of Life“ operating within the “Together against Breast Cancer“ program will help to understand some questions to you.

If found mikrokaltsinata...


(or just kaltsinata) are rather often found deposits of calcium in fabrics. Usually find them at mammography inspection. Independently it is almost impossible to find mikrokaltsinata - their size is usually very small.

The congestion of mikrokaltsinat in a breast can be the only indirect symptom of a breast cancer. Only the expert can define need of further inspection and supervision.

Not always existence of calcifications in tissue of a mammary gland demonstrates malignant process. Numerous researches of scientists showed that in the presence of mikrokaltsinat cancer is found only in 30% of cases, and in other 70% benign diseases are found (fibrozno - cystous mastopathy, skleroziruyushchiya adenoz, a fibroadenoma and so forth) .

Anyway, at detection in a mammary gland of mikrokaltsinat survey of the mammologist or oncologist, if necessary other methods of research (biopsy) surely are required completely to exclude probability of malignancies. In itself they disturbed nobody yet: these educations, similar to grains of sand, do not hurt. Unfortunately, no “house“ or “national“ means allow to get rid of already formed mikrokaltsinat. And prevention very simple - a healthy lifestyle, regular supervision at experts.

Mastopathy by inheritance?

the mastopathy Reason - violations of a hormonal background of the woman. Dysfunction of ovaries, problems with thyroid and a pancreas, a hypophysis, adrenal glands, constant stresses - all these problems are inevitably reflected in a hormonal background and lead to mastopathy.

To minimize possible problems with a breast, perhaps, it is necessary to reconsider the lifestyle.

In - the first, it is necessary to avoid stresses. Any stress is the certain chemical reaction in an organism which is happening to participation of hormones and inevitably leading to their imbalance. Do not forget also about private life. Constantly refusing sex, you promote development of a psychoemotional pressure and provoke functional frustration of nervous system.

In - the second, eat properly. Excess of cholesterol and a lack of fruit and vegetables in a diet threatens not only excess centimeters in a waist and on hips, but also problems with a breast. In the same way also low-calorie diets are harmful. Never to learn what is mastopathy, do not forget about rules of healthy food and vitamins.

And, in - the third, pick up convenient underwear. Of course, the bra cannot be accused that it badly influences a hormonal background. However the hard linen on metal stones (though very seductive) pulls together a breast and leads to microinjuries that, undoubtedly, cannot be useful. So choose bras on plastic stones or on stones from baleen.

Feeding by a breast and implants

Plastic surgery on change of a form and the size of a breast is very popular

among modern women. But do not forget that any operation v business difficult. Before deciding on surgical intervention, you have to be examined by the expert carefully. Inspection includes x-ray mammography and ultrasonic research of mammary glands. All this will allow to find possible consolidations and new growths in a breast and, in case of their absence, “to authorize“ operation. However even if your doctor will allow operation, you have to realize that operation will change a form and volume of a breast not on for the rest of the life, and for 5 - 7 years. After this term the implant should be changed as around it the capsule is formed and it can change a form considerably.

Doctors strongly recommend not to plan pregnancy for the first half a year after operation. If this condition is satisfied and there are no complications after operation, then the subsequent feeding by a breast not contraindicated. However it is necessary to look after very carefully nipples and a breast in general - laktostaz and mastitis with implants is much more dangerous to the woman, than to the others. The matter is that developed laktostaz or mastitis can demand removal of implants.

Besides, there are still some restrictions: for the period of the recovery period after operation you should refuse sport. Then it will be necessary to limit physical activities on muscles of a humeral belt. It means that to play tennis, volleyball and it will be necessary to do swimming under the leadership of the trainer, and surely having consulted to the doctor.

Besides the first two - three months after operation it is impossible to go to a sauna, and after this term it is necessary to watch that temperature in a bath did not exceed 100 degrees.

As changes a breast at pregnancy?

during pregnancy under the influence of hormones in a breast essential changes which begin almost right after fertilization happen. Under the influence of hormone of progesterone which is produced by a placenta ferruterous tissue of mammary glands increases in volume. Strictly speaking, it does not expand and does not bulk up, and, doctors as usual speak, “blossoms“. The mammary gland consists of segments, in each of which there are channels and trailer bubbles which produce milk. Progesterone stimulates development of ferruterous elements of tissue of mammary gland: under its influence trailer bubbles increase in volume, become more and more largely. At this time the woman feels a nagrubaniye and easy morbidity of a breast.

In 2 - 3 days after the delivery work is entered by hypophysis hormone Prolactinum which is responsible for production of milk. whether

Influences the breast size a lactation?

is not present

of Direct dependence between the size of a breast and amount of milk. Much more important hormonal background of the woman. The amount of ferruterous fabric is put in us by nature and does not change during life. During pregnancy and a lactation the amount of ferruterous fabric also does not increase, it just becomes more in volume (it is similar to how identical amount of ice and water occupy various volume).

Another matter if the woman has an excess weight which is caused by hormonal violations. In that case in a breast really there is a lot of fatty tissue, but if there are problems with a lactation, then not fatty tissue, but the general hormonal failure is guilty.

the Small breast is safer?

Many consider that the small breast is less often subject to mammology diseases. It is the myth! The probability of emergence of problems is not connected directly with the volume of your breast. Diseases of a mammary gland arise in channels or segments of a mammary gland. However, it is noticed that more stout women are ill more often. But it is connected more likely with a metabolic disorder which surely affects mammary glands.

Besides, health of a breast is connected with work of endocrine glands (that is ovaries, a thyroid gland, adrenal glands, a pancreas etc.) pregnancy, childbirth and gynecologic health.

So if you care about health of the breast, be engaged in prevention: consult with the endocrinologist, begin a healthy lifestyle, lose excess weight (if it is). Include in the diet the products saturated with vitamins A, E and C - carrots, spinach, apricots, a citrus. The child-bearing and natural feeding also well influence health of a breast. And the main thing - do not forget to visit regularly the mammologist and do not hesitate to ask it the questions concerning you about health of mammary glands.

If you had questions about health of a breast, you can always get advice of mammologists, oncologists and psychologists by phone of the free All-Russian hot line “Together for the sake of Life“ operating within the “Together against Breast Cancer“ program 8 - 800 - 200 - 70 - 07.