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The “correct“ blinds of

in the Summer the sun - almost everywhere. At first after cold days it pleases, but then begins to be wanted a shadow, the curtained-off windows. Unlike curtains, blinds do not burn out on the sun, are not rumpled, much less soiled and the most refined design curtains and curtains can become not less interesting detail of an interior, than.

What blinds happen?

can be

of Blinds vertical, horizontal, rolled (roller curtains) and protective (rolling shutters).

the Basic element of all blinds (except for rolled) - lamels, that is material strips (fabrics, plastic, metal, a tree). On vertical blinds they are located vertically, on horizontal, respectively, horizontally. Lamels protective are connected by a rolling shutter in the continuous cloth which is reeled up on a shaft. Rolled blinds are made by the same principle, only of an integral piece of fabric or small wooden lamels.

the Most popular for apartments and dachas - vertical blinds. They consist of following main “details“: eaves, runners, small weights, connecting chain, chain of management and rope of management.

Eaves - the bearing part to which lamels fix. Runners - devices which on the one hand cling to eaves and move on it, and with another on them suspend lamels. Trouble-free operation of the mechanism of vertical blinds first of all depends on quality of runners. Small weights - insert into the lower part of lamels that they did not shake from wind and hung exactly. The connecting chain - as appears from the name, connects lamels below. As a rule, fabric lamels connect a plastic chain through which the scaffold is passed through. The chain of management hangs down sideways eaves and turns lamels by 180 degrees. These chains too generally plastic. There is still a rope of management - it shift and move apart lamels.

But can be operated blinds and automatically. For this purpose on eaves of blinds fix the mechanism with a motor which reacts to the signal going from the panel which is in hands at the owner.


How to understand, the good mechanism to you was delivered or not? It is necessary to check how blinds when to you they are established “behave“. If details qualitative, runners at turns do not creak, do not jam, lamels open and closed smoothly. If something does not suit you, surely tell about it to the master. He is obliged or to eliminate defect on the place if it is possible, or to change your order. The warranty period of service can be of half a year till 18 months.

Material of lamels

of the Lamel of vertical blinds happen two sizes:“ European“ - 127 mm wide - and “American“ - 89 mm.

For big windows and as interroom partitions it is better for p to use blinds with wide lamels, for small apertures - with narrow.

Usually lamels of vertical blinds do

of fabric or plastic, is more rare - from a tree or aluminum.

Fabric blinds : fabric of lamels happens different in density, color, the invoice, but most often they are done of polyester - strong material which practically does not burn out on the sun and is easily cleaned. Adherents of all natural can recommend lamels from cotton fabrics. Only consider that after several cleanings impregnation will gradually get down from them and fabric can sit down.

Nonwoven fabric is cheaper than

woven, but badly transfers moisture and is quicker soiled. It is necessary to consider also that fabric with stuffed drawing is cheaper, but burns out on the sun quicker. Where increased requirements to fire safety are imposed (for example, in kitchen), it is the best of all to hang up blinds from fiber glass fabric which on fire does not burn, and as if bakes, does not smoke and does not emit harmful substances. Fiber glass fabric does not need to be processed pyleottalkivayushchy impregnations, unlike usual fabrics which at a production stage surely cover with moisture protective and antistatic structures.

Plastic blinds do not bend and well hold a form, unlike fabric. And here shortcomings of plastic blinds directly depend on the price. The cheapest - quite fragile are also not too steady against differences of temperatures: under bright beams of the sun they heat up and begin to turn yellow. Blinds from good, qualitative plastic are deprived of these minuses, but and are more expensive. Usually they are bought in offices, and houses hang up in kitchen or on the glazed loggias. Such blinds are perfectly cleaned and do not accumulate static electricity.

Wooden blinds is quite expensive pleasure. But and advantages at them there is a lot of: material natural, environmentally friendly, durable. As a rule, it is strong easy breeds of wood (the Canadian linden, a pith tree) processed on special technology. The vertical lamel of wooden blinds consists of a set of the thin strips of a tree connected by threads in a cloth. To look after these blinds very easily - it is rather simple to vacuum.

Metal blinds meet on sale quite seldom: they are used generally in production rooms. These blinds are simple in leaving, are not subject to influence of sunshine, are covered with heat resisting enamel.

What should be considered upon purchase?

First of all options of fastening of blinds: outside of a window opening (at the left) or in a window opening (on the right). Before buying blinds in general and vertical in particular, it is necessary to solve, how exactly you will hang up them. Options here a little.

Option first: blinds fasten in a window opening.

In this case the room seems to

more, but the window sill will be busy with lamels and favourite florets should be moved to other place - lamels have to turn freely.

Option second: blinds fasten to a wall over a window (as eaves for usual curtains) or to a ceiling. Then the window opening is closed entirely, and at a window it is possible to leave flowers. Anyway before purchase it is desirable for p to look at

attentively whether flowerpots will prevent opening - closing of blinds and turn of lamels (a window sill, batteries etc.) .

Before shifting lamels, them it is necessary to develop perpendicular to a window. If not to do it, the mechanism will fail much quicker.

Besides, ordering blinds, it is necessary to calculate their sizes correctly. How to make it?

  • If you decided to hang up blinds in a window opening, take away two that lamels did not lay down on a window sill from centimeter aperture height.
  • If you want to attach blinds to a wall over a window, it is better that they were slightly wider and windows of centimeters on fifteen came abroad.
  • the Distance between a floor and blinds has to be not less than 5 cm

I one more important question on which it is necessary to decide before doing the order, - in what party will open - to be closed by blinds? There are four options of the movement of lamels when closing blinds:

  • of a lamel move aside, opposite to a rope of management;
  • of a lamel move towards a rope of management;
  • of a lamel part in both parties from the center;
  • of a lamel gather to the center.
And keep in mind

: the right choice is dictated not only your tastes and addictions, but also “production need“. For example, surely pay attention whether collected lamels will disturb when you want to open a window.

There now, these recommendations, perhaps, the most important correctly to choose vertical blinds. Having decided on the sizes, option of installation and opening, it is possible to make out the order. The term of its performance depends on volume and complexity of works. But on average on it days leave.

of Blinds as an interior detail

How to make so that blinds provided not only comfort, but originality and a non-standard of an interior?

In - the first, figured plastic blinds exist. Their lamels are made in a wave mode, zigzags etc. Sunshine, refracting in these blinds, create fancy combinations of light and shade in the room.

In - the second, multiimpressive blinds. They are done so: on a lamel of one color impose drawing from lamels of other color and the invoice. Thus illusion of the heavy curtains hanging over easy curtains is created.

B - the third, there were vertical blinds decorated by tulle recently; they look quite originally.

Besides, it is possible to show a creative initiative and to decorate blinds independently - to paint blinds with bright paints or to paint levels of curtains in various colors. To gain original textural effects, apply paint with a sponge or a fabric tampon; it is very convenient to use a spray - a spray. Aqueous emulsion ink well is suitable for coloring of blinds, but from above it is better to cover it with a protective layer of a varnish. Algorithm of painting by means of a spray such:

  • Having counted total of levels, define how many laths you want to paint every color and how many it is necessary to leave unpainted.
  • Following instructions of the producer, unfasten cords and remove levels. Spread on a newspaper floor, spread out levels and provide to the room in which you work a possibility of airing.
  • Put on rubber gloves and spray paint on levels. Try to spray it evenly to provide an equal covering. Let`s paint dry, turn levels and paint other party.
  • Dry levels and mount blinds.

Can use color effects of different paints - such blinds look refined and original.


to you will need vinyl paint of two (it is desirable relatives) shades, a brush, a sponge, newspapers, a saucer, alcohol.

Apply to

with a brush primary color on levels, let`s them dry and paint on the other hand.

Lay a plain surface newspapers and exactly spread out on it blinds. Pour a little paint in a saucer, moisten a sponge with paint and slightly apply paint. Dry blinds. It is not necessary to apply paint on a reverse side with a sponge.