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The trust - to teachers, recognition - to children of

together with first graders at school appeared Once several not indifferent parents. Having quickly united in parental committee, they came to me with a question:

- Why our children with huge enthusiasm hang out on walls of apartments posters and posters with images of actors and singers, allocate them with the highest ranks of “megastars“, “are fan“ of them, and to teachers treat or cautiously or with neglect?

the Answer arose with

by itself:
- to Actors create an attractive image, and posters with their images permanently bright and colourful, persons them always joyfully smile. It attracts children and attracts.

- What prevents us to create the same attractive image of the teacher?

Ya for a minute reflected, and it was forced to answer:
- stirs Nothing.

- So let`s do. Let our children “be fan“ of teachers, and listen to each their word, having widely opened the surprised eyes.

I was made. They talked over with each teacher separately, invited the photographer...

as a result, in the assembly hall of school the gallery of teacher`s portraits appeared. Teachers left the “instructive masks“: smiled, laughed and radiated goodwill. Each portrait was followed by the small text reporting about their abilities and hobbies. Someone wrote verses, someone did tasty cutlets, and someone was able to play the fool with all the heart!

the Result did not keep itself waiting for

long. Shortly each teacher among pupils had followers and enthusiastic admirers. Fans of cutlets arranged tastings, verses bore that who could appreciate them, the theater was organized by those who were able and wanted to have fun well. There were circles, debating clubs, club the Internet - travelers, art and model studios... Reasons for recognition and approval of children it appeared more than enough at once.

At school normal human life began to boil. By the way, many hobbies arose directly during educational process - the general close attention to this important area of school life affected. If you glance to the teacher of literature, then she by all means will tell you the following story:

- Everything began with reading the story of Bradbury about the girl who never saw the Sun. The story made such strong impression on children that all wanted that “sun“ around them became as much as possible. Then also this remarkable idea appeared: to take the picture of bright “solar“ landscapes and to hang up them on class walls. Now all school is decorated by them. And you know, how in cloudy weather or when simply bad mood, our eyes reach for these bright pictures? Not to transfer!

What pupils think of all this? Let`s listen?

- At us it was p much in common with teachers. It creates the atmosphere of trust and safety, almost like at home.

- I very at a distant day would get acquainted with the teacher of geography. It works in the senior classes. And it so likes my verses. It allows me to read the too. It is pleasant when you know that you are not one such!

- I already in a graduation class, and am the closest to me there was a teacher from elementary school, with it we play jokes on a scene about school life. When I hear how the auditorium laughs loudly, I nearly fall from laughter. Such ten-minute representations give me a huge charge of energy, after them I am ready “to pull up trees“.

Something similar almost each pupil can tell

. The main idea of their statements - they could find each other, find the most important - a circle of the communication. But there is a lawful question: whether all this is burdensome for teachers who are so overloaded - there is no place further. It is necessary to pledge the word and it:

- No, not burdensome. We do that, as it is pleasant. Nobody forces, any plans, reports and any coercion. You know how speak: for a titbit - there will always be a corner or minute. In essence, we together draw “scribble“ moreover at the same time and we extol each other.

- And I like to laugh at jokes, so to me from all school come to tell something brand new. Likely, it is pleasant to them how I laugh also to me and by most it is pleasant to do it. We have fun what here burdensome?

- is present No “heavy burden“, we only “paint our life with colored pencils“. It is necessary to recognize, earlier it was well is very black - white.

to me had to be observed more than once how teachers, considering the portraits which for the first time are hung out in such quantity and in such quality spoke: “And so we are what!“ . It seems that they were surprised not less the wards. In psychology there is a phenomenon known for all: people try to correspond more to those obligations which by them it is declared to the greatest number of people. Expressions of teacher`s persons on portraits were that obligation. They also actually became kinder, more cheerful and more cheerful, even without noticing these changes for themselves. And children noticed and responded the same relation.

such test Is: cards with the different types of activity designated on them are offered children. For example: to go to the cinema, fish, to help parents, to descend on a visit, to read the book etc. Such cards - only 20. Among them there is that for the sake of which all also is started, on it is written “to study at school“. Tested it is offered to number them everything, having arranged in decreasing order of appeal of this or that occupation.


On what number is assigned by the child to “school“, easily calculate expressiveness degree at it a school phobia. Than it is higher, that stronger the stress is got by the pupil at each its visit. Of course, I held such testing among pupils. For half a year appeal of school to children moved about 16 - 18 places on 3 - 5!

General opinion of teachers: it became much easier to work at a lesson. And that is why. Someone from pupils should be delivered or rustle not in time - it is stopped right there by the schoolmates: “You that, she is able to do such cutlets!“ . It appears, it is quite enough. Authority!

the Parental committee (group of not indifferent parents) was delighted with the achieved results. The thought that it is possible to make something else haunted them. By the beginning of the next academic year they already had new offers.

The longer I work with

at school, the more I am convinced: the main problem of our education is covered in the unique reason - the parents sending the children to school do not know, actually, what can be wanted from it. It would be desirable to believe that experience of usual Krasnodar school will help many parents to meet this lack, will carry away and will rouse them to active actions.

G. Krasnodar