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Whether I will see Brazil till my old age?

Where usually go to holiday abroad? To Turkey, to Egypt, to Spain. Some prefer the countries of the Arab East, someone chooses Scandinavia. But today I suggest you to make a trip to South America mysterious, unfamiliar to most of our fellow citizens.

O than you think when you hear the words “Brazil“ and “Rio - - Zhaneyro“? Most likely, you remember Don Pedro, “there are a lot of wild monkeys“ and people who “all in white trousers“. On mind Christ`s statue comes to a grief, a carnival, coffee, actors from popular series are remembered. You are going to go to Brazil and to check the accuracy of the representations? Then at way!

On the way to the Southern hemisphere


with the choice of a season, optimum for travel. It is known that when we have a winter, in the Southern hemisphere summer in the heat. At this particular time on streets of Rio - - Zhaneyro passes the well-known carnival. But at the same time it must be kept in mind that the Brazilian summer very much and very hot. Not all love a forty-degree heat and not for all it is safe. I advise to go in July - August when in Brazil winter. Temperature fluctuates from +17 to +36, sometimes pours tropical heavy rain (instead of snow), but sunny days will fall to your share much. It is possible to swim in the ocean at all seasons of the year, but Brazilians bathe only in the summer. However, you in that case will not see a carnival, but impressions all the same there will be a sea so you will be satisfied.

To Rio - - Zhaneyro should fly with change where - nibud in Frankfurt am Main or in Munich, and from there to Rio twelve and a half hours, apart from a landing time in San - Paulo. The plane from Europe takes off towards evening so you are waited by night over the ocean in the huge transatlantic Boeing. In San - Paulo leaves most of passengers so then it will be possible to sit down on any place. In general the staff of the Brazilian airline “Varig“ is quite liberal what you will not tell about the strict staff of the Luftghansa company (most likely, to you, it is necessary to use services of these companies).

Beautiful Rio

Here, at last, you reached by

hotel, have a rest after the journey. It is time to go sightseeing. I advise to register in a sightseeing tour on the city with visit of the mountain of Korkovado and survey of a statue of Christ and not less well-known mountain the Sugar Head. Mountains in Rio will strike even the skilled climber and the fan of tourism because represent not habitual “zigzag“, and bizzare shapes of the cone. It is caused by the fact that in Brazil mountains were formed not as a result of the movement of lithospheric plates as, for example, the Caucasian and Ural ridges, and as a result of the most ancient volcanism. In other words, these mountains one of the most ancient on Earth. Perhaps, such abundance of jewels in this country, but about it is explained by it later.

you for certain saw the Sugar Head in photos, she in a form reminds a high, narrow haystack, and costs on the cape. To top you will be brought by the funicular. From the Sugar Head the beautiful view of the city and of the ocean opens. To the South it is possible to make out the passenger airfield serving internal flights and be not frightened if in fifty meters from you, that is almost closely to top of the mountain the plane coming in the land flies by. Surprising show!

So far you will enjoy

a view of the ocean and city from height of bird`s flight, you will be photographed, and will decorate with a picture a ceramic plate. On the way to the funicular you will see the whole stand of the similar plates expecting the owners. This pleasure - 18 reals costs expensive, you have the right to refuse purchase, but such unusual photo will be a fine reminder on a trip.

you will reach by

On top of the mountain of Korkovado by special tram with a cogwheel between usual wheels. Do not forget to look out of the window, differently where still you will be able to see wild-growing coffee and a papaya? I will not begin to describe a view from top, from a foot of a statue of Christ because it is necessary to see it most.


Among numerous modern buildings of Rio you will be most of all surprised, perhaps, by the Catholic church of the architect Oscar Nemeyro on appearance reminding the cooler. But in Rio there is a place not only to skyscrapers, but also ancient buildings of a colonial era among which the opera theater and churches constructed in lozhnogotichesky style are especially remarkable.

If, surely go on excursion to the island in the delta of the river Rio - - Zhaneyro. You are waited by an unforgettable trip on the boat under sounds of the incendiary Brazilian music executed alive by musicians directly on the deck, swimming in the river (be not afraid, monsters do not float there) and a lunch (buffet) outdoors. And also compulsory photography embracing a fine braziliyka, the real South American Indian and a beautiful Brazilian parrot Ara.

Surely you descend in the botanical garden well-known for the whole world for the only avenue of royal palm trees in the peace which height achieves 45 meters. Really royal show! Besides, only there it is possible to see little monkeys and beautiful white herons in their native habitat. These herons, unlike our gray, do not avoid people, but nevertheless you should not try to feed them with grain crumbs: not accustomed to it, they depart.


Gifts from Brazil


In guides, in addition, pays attention and to purchases which will remind you of pleasant travel. One of travelers answered the question “what to carry from Brazil?“ laconically:“ Stones“.

About beauty and quality of the Brazilian stones are told by all - both fans, and professional jewelers. And it is valid, such stones as in Brazil, is not present anywhere in the world. Amethyst there of a reddish shade, a tsitrina has saturated honey color, aquamarines which you will seldom meet on show-windows of our jewelry stores, is really similar on color to the salty ocean under sun beams. Brazil also mines diamonds and emeralds. Separately it is necessary to tell about topazes. Only in Brazil topazes of the most rare brightly - orange, almost red, colors meet. And blue topazes are more dark, than what it is possible to see at us.


But the strongest impression tanzanit, jewel darkly - violet color which is got in Tanzania. At the price tanzanit it is equal to an emerald. The competing jeweler firms “Amsterdam Sauer“ and “H. Stern“ trade in this stone. It is interesting that these firms send the employees to venues of various international congresses (and the congresses in Brazil are carried out often, as in any other country of the world, even in customs declarations in the section “Arrival Purpose“ there is point “congress“). Employees approach foreign delegates and suggest to bring them to a taxi at the expense of firm anywhere, but with one condition: on the road they have to stop by at jewelry store. It does not oblige the guest something to buy. You will be served with surprising courtesy, seat at the separate table and will offer any drink on your taste. After that it is just impossible to leave without purchase.

B one of shops “Amsterdam Sauer“ located the museum of the raw stones, and “H. Stern“ will organize free excursions to the factory where it is possible to see all production from a marking of the raw stones before fixing them in a frame. To get on such excursion, it is necessary to tell only about it to the administrator of the hotel, and you will be brought to factory by a taxi.

On Avenid Atlantik, going along the well-known beach Copacabana, on days off figures from rather inexpensive ornamental stone are on sale. I would advise to carry from Brazil not of a figure of dolphins who, as we know, are found in many places, and figures of typically Brazilian animals - a battleship, a jaguar, a parrot. Birds, perhaps, the most popular object for the image local stone-cutters. They are done of several pieces of different breeds of a stone and put on the raw brushes of crystals, as a rule, of amethyst and pink quartz. Such birds are the most different sizes - from ten to forty centimeters in length.

In Rio can get hold of good summer white trousers (remembered Ostap Bender?) and bathing suits which will serve longer, than the majority from acquired in our shops. You will hardly meet a similar style in Russia so such bathing suit it is possible to carry several seasons, fixing delighted looks and not being afraid to seem dressed in something, got out of fashion. Brazil is also famous for products from hair of a lama, only woolen suits you will not find there.

It is possible, you will want to bring the real machete from the tropical country. Yes, in Rio machetes are on sale in all shops of cutleries, but it must be kept in mind that, in - the first, knives here very much and are very expensive, and in - the second, there can be problems with the Russian customs. Many sellers warn buyers - foreigners about possible difficulties with export and import of the goods acquired by them.

Separately should tell

about the well-known Brazilian coffee. In many cafes and restaurants near an exit there is a thermos and a set of disposable plastic glasses: coffee can be drunk free of charge after you paid for a lunch. I advise you to bring from a trip as a pack souvenir four ground coffees. Even at unlimited consumption will last for a family of three people of this stock for about three months.

Juice and fruit

For certain you would like to learn

about exotic Brazilian food. The first that occurs to me - a papaya. For certain you ate a dried papaya, and in Rio there will be an opportunity to try and skin. It is fruit of a pear-shaped form with a green skin, orange pulp and round black sunflower seeds. Alas, not any papaya can be pleasant, I do not even know in what here business - in a grade or degree of a maturity. But precisely the papaya is good in jelly. Still there is a fruit, personally to me reminding the grenade F - 1, to be exact its scales - cubes. In a form this fruit, unlike the grenade, not barrel-shaped, and something between a cone and a bunch. Its name is literally translated as “count fruit“. Unfortunately, I somehow did not decide to try it what I am sorry now about. Other fruit are familiar to us - water-melons, melons, apples.

I can call

From natural drinks habitual to Brazilians juice (or milk) a coconut. Once the guarana tries - the national Brazilian lemonade prepared from the nuts growing in a selva of Amazon. Guaran, by the way, can ask aboard the Varig companies.

Walking on the beach Copacabana, surely order coconut milk in bars on the embankment. It is given in a nut with a green smooth skin which is opened at your presence. This pleasure - only 1 real costs little.

Any medal has

of the Rule of a survival not only a front, but also reverse side, and any country in which you stay, besides joyful impressions has the mass of risk factors. As much as possible to protect itself from possible troubles, it is necessary to follow several enough simple rules strictly.

of Rio - - Zhaneyro is considered not only the most beautiful capital of the world, but has the highest crime rate. Try not to walk the desert streets at any time. To areas of favelas - so in Latin America slums are called - you do not go at all even if you will be burned with curiosity. Because, as they say, strangers do not go here, and foreigners with cameras and currency in a pocket - especially. It is easy to learn favelas: these are quarters, as a rule, the cities located on slopes of low mountains far from the business center. Houses are built of concrete panels, different in the size, and represent the depressing show.

be careful

After nightfall on the beach: it is possible to walk on the embankment, but on sand it is better not to descend from the sidewalk because bandits, despite the number of passersby nearby right there will approach. In general steal everything here, can covet even old shorts while you bathe. Surely one of your satellites has to look after things on the beach. Be careful with the dealers in scarfs and undershirts going on the beach: they often work in the company with thieves, distracting attention. Alas, it is better to carry a purse on a neck under clothes.

call nobody blue By no means and do not show a middle finger: for it it is possible to pay with life. In general abroad it is always necessary to be careful with gestures because in other countries many of them mean absolutely not that at us.

you Cross the street only on green light and it is strict on “zebra“, otherwise it is necessary to pay a penalty.

In general in Brazil treat Russians kindly, and here all will be glad to you. I remember how almost all passers in August, 2000. discussed the tragedy which happened to the Kursk submarine and, learning that we from Russia, employees of currency exchanges and sellers in shops hurried to express condolences to us. If you notice on yourself sidelong glances of locals (the foreigner it is always visible from far away), do not hesitate to speak slightly louder with the interlocutor if that is available, in Russian. Brazilians do not love Americans and, having heard obviously not English, right there will begin to look at you more benevolently.

Still: here it is considered not really polite long and to stare at someone, and therefore be not surprised if the Brazilian who was attentively considering you greets you. Also do not forget to greet if inadvertently on somebody zaglyadetsya. In general this international rule, but at us, unfortunately, it is not observed at all.

One it is bad: in Brazil the vast majority of inhabitants do not know either English, or French so it is necessary to speak on - Portuguese or in Spanish (these languages are very similar and if you know Spanish, Brazilians without effort will understand you). As a last resort, learn the most necessary words from a phrasebook, it will be enough to speak. Do not hesitate to ask if you do not find the necessary goods in shop. Even if he in principle there is not, to you will willingly and in detail describe a way to other shop where you will be able to find all necessary.

About Rio - - Zhaneyro can be talked endlessly, but it is the best of all to see it own eyes. So do not miss an opportunity “to see Brazil till the old age“ if such opportunity is presented to you. You will not regret the spent time and receive the mass of pleasant impressions. Have a good trip!