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On the dacha - with the baby!

Here also there came the summer time. And your family was replenished with one more little man - the been born kid. But it does not mean that you have to spend the whole summer in the city apartment, periodically coming for walk in the closest forest zone of the dusty city, where do you live. As soon as your kid grows up and safely passes the first 1 - 2 month of adaptation to extra uterine life, it will be possible to try to go with it to the dacha if that is not too far from the city. And if to the kid it is already more than half a year, it is possible to think of a trip to the country and on more long distance. It can be one-day travel on giving or even moving to a country house for several summer weeks if there are conditions, necessary for life of the child.

the Trip to the country will bring to the kid and you the mass of positive emotions. It both fresh air, and the tender sun, and sounds of the surrounding nature (rain noise, a rustle of leaves, bird`s voices) moreover and organic vegetables and fruit directly from a bed. But in order that the trip was not saddened by unexpected circumstances, it is necessary to be prepared for it carefully. So it is necessary to take with itself? And how without serious consequences for the baby to overcome distance before giving?

On the way

In order that your kid felt comfortable on the way, try to reach giving on the car. At the same time the child has to travel only in the car seat corresponding to its age and weight. Even at a small speed of the movement in case of a sharp stop mother holding the kid on hands can drop it that is fraught with serious injuries.

What to say that in case of serious accident the car seat will save to the baby life!

Moving on the car, do not forget to stop and give more often minutes of rest to yourself and the kid. Try to stop a little away from the highway that during rest the kid could breathe fresh not gas-polluted air. If day warm and solar, it is possible to spread for a while on a clearing a warm blanket and to allow the baby to popolzat a little on it: it will improve his mood.

If an opportunity is, avoid a trip to the country in days off and holidays. Thereby you protect yourself and the child from useless several hours of expectation in a traffic jam under the scorching sun. It will be good if someone from assistants goes to the dacha with you, for example the grandmother.

What to be supported with


Going to the country, surely think over a question of food of your child. If the kid is on breastfeeding, then the problem is solved: in a mother`s breast a milk always fresh and warm. Whereas for the baby on artificial feeding it is necessary to stock up with dairy mix in enough (take care also of a stock as a last resort). To the kids receiving feedings up: vegetable puree, porridges, juice, - is desirable to take them with themselves. More conveniently and hygienically will be to use ready baby food in jars and instant porridges. Do not forget that if you decided to enter a new product into the child`s diet, do it gradually, since small portions. You do not hurry to give to the kid everything that grows at your dacha: such berries as wild strawberry, strawberry, can cause an allergy in the child even if before it it was never observed. And here fresh fruit and vegetables directly from a bed are very useful to the feeding mother, but with the same amendments.

I, of course, do not forget to stock up with clear drinking water: it will help you to prevent developing of intestinal infections. Besides, water from open wells and spring water may contain not only excess amount of salts, but also microbes and parasites hazardous to health of the kid. Therefore take with yourself children`s drinking water which well will be suitable not only for preparation of dairy mix and porridges, but also for drink to the child (in the summer in hot weather kids often need additional drink). And in the road not superfluous will be to take with itself a thermos with hot boiled water which can be necessary for you for preparation of dairy mix and on a case if it is required to rinse a pacifier or the child`s small bottle.


If needs medical care...

needs to allocate One of the most important places in your bag to the first-aid kit. It will be good if you ask your pediatrician to recommend you all necessary for the road first-aid kit. Surely take with yourself diarrhea and poisonings medicine. It can be SMEKTA, AKTIVIROVANNYY UGOL, MEZIM - FORTE (a preparation which contains the enzymes improving digestion). At damages and scratches near at hand there have to be brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, and also medical alcohol. It will be useful to take the means possessing anti-inflammatory and wound healing action, for example cream or PANTENOL spray. It will help the kid and in case of solar burns.

Take with yourself febrifugal candles or syrup, antiallergic preparations (SUPRASTIN or TAVEGIL). If the age of yours of the baby approaches half a year, also the means relieving pain at a teething is useful. Do not forget to take with yourself sunblock cream for kids, well and of course, sterile vatu and bandage, a thermometer and a klizmochka.

Surely have at yourself the medical insurance policy of your child and phone by which you could contact the nearest medical institution in case of trouble in health of the baby. Going to the dacha for long term, beforehand show the kid to the children`s doctor. Discuss with it features of food of the child and do not forget to inquire about terms of the next preventive inoculations.

do not forget to take

with yourself means against mosquitoes. Will be useful to you also a gauze cape on a carriage, and a grid on a window in the house, and the electrofumigant injector. And here with liquid means from mosquitoes it is necessary to be accurate: it is not necessary to apply them on skin of hands of the kid as from hands they can easily appear in a mouth or in eyes. Every day attentively examine a body and hairy part of the head of yours of the baby regarding pincers, stings of insects.

Hundred clothes...

Certainly, going with the baby to the dacha, it is necessary to stock up with diapers and disposable diapers (depending on what you prefer to use; and it is better - both that and another). If on the street cool weather, more comfortably also it is convenient to the kid in disposable diapers whereas in hot weather it is better to allow the baby to lie down or popolzat stark naked or in one shorts. On the way and on vacation children`s wet towel wipes - both oil, and impregnated with lotion will be useful to you, - by means of which it is possible to wipe handles and a face of the kid, to clear skin of buttocks.

Carefully think over clothes of yours of the baby. Besides summer suits, baud, undershirts it will be useful to pick up also clothes taking into account a possible cold snap. If your kid already creeps or began to take the first steps, then it is necessary to count that, playing in the fresh air, he will be soiled quite often. Therefore near at hand always there have to be replaceable clothes. And, of course, in clothes of the kid it is necessary to have the Panamanian, a cap, a kerchief. Whenever possible take “house“ bedding of the child that the difference with the house was less notable as children very much love constancy. Both the big terry towel, and several diapers will be useful to you.

For games and rest

do not forget to take favourite toys of the kid. It will be good if it is possible to wash them often and easily. Also couple of favourite books of your child will be useful to you.

each mother wants

with the advent of clear sunny days that her child as long as possible was in the fresh air. At the dacha kids can not only be awake, sleep, but also is in the fresh air. However it is necessary to remember that stay under direct sunshine is contraindicated to children of the first year of life as kids are very sensitive to influence of ultraviolet rays. It is better if the child is under scattered sunshine, in a so-called “lacy shadow“ of trees where also a little infrared there are quite enough ultraviolet rays, capable to cause overheating and burns. If on your site there are no trees, not superfluous will be to get a big beach umbrella which can easily be strengthened in the earth over a carriage or an arena, thereby having protected the baby from direct sunshine.

Going to the country to longer period, it is preferable to get an easy folding arena which you can take out in a garden for the period of wakefulness of the kid, and in the evening without effort to bring back to the house. If yours the baby already learned to creep, then in an arena to it there will be few space - now it needs a freedom of movement. And for this purpose not superfluous will be to take with itself a tourist laying, a rug or several old blankets which can be spread directly on a grass and to allow the kid to move freely on them.

it will be useful for p to buy the kid the pool. Lapping in the water warmed under the sun, the baby will receive not only the mass of positive emotions, but also the tempering procedures. However it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to leave the baby in the pool unguarded of adults for a minute even if your kid already surely sits. It is better to get the pool with boards from inflatable rings as it is steadier and the child can safely lean against a side, without being afraid that water will pour out outside. If you decided to refuse purchase of the pool, then for water entertainments of yours of the baby it is possible to use a trough or a children`s bathtub.

If your kid already grew up and surely sits without support, it is good to get to it a children`s folding swing or to try to build a swing. This very pleasant occupation for kids. However it is undesirable to the children who transferred perinatal defeats of nervous system to shake on a swing (damages of nervous system to the pre-natal period or at the time of delivery) in the form of a so-called gidrotsefalny syndrome (the damage which are followed by an excess congestion of liquid in a brain). It is desirable for p to take

with itself on the dacha a carriage which will execute a set of useful functions: beds, “transport“, a cradle for carrying of the baby.

If at the dacha where you go, do not have equal paths where it would be possible to roll the kid in a carriage, for his carrying it is possible to use a backpack of “kangaroo“. However it is possible to use it only when the child grows up and will be able independently to fit well.

Going to the country, you remember that for the child important that his daily routine remained the same, despite the mass of the appeared new entertainments. And in conclusion you want to wish clear sunny days and good mood.