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Yes, the dairy rivers are precisely about me.

Mother I became in 20 years. Terribly it was simple to imagine all difficulties which I should pass! Me feeding by a breast seemed to one of the most terrible. Frightened of talk of “skilled“ mummies, I thought that my breastfeeding will surely end laktostazy or venerable. But, as they say, “eyes are afraid, and hands do“...


somehow along a corridor in maternity hospital, I heard the unclear noise reaching from the next chamber! Glanced. Girls were decanted: two as I learned subsequently, Avent milk pump, and one, screwing up the face, probably, from pain, to some domestic. I asked that yes as, and on the same day in the evening the husband brought to me my milk pump. To tell the truth, at first it seemed to us that is a little expensive, but after some time I understood that for this gold I would give a bagatelle also in 10 times more of money!

Decantation proceeded always very well, without serious consequences - and it, in my opinion, the most important! It was necessary to be decanted first every 2 hour! At night in 3 hours, and so for 5 months, then it is easier and simpler!

I that else pleasantly surprised me: besides, “skilled“ mummies frightened by the fact that if at least once you feed from a small bottle - everything, the child will not perceive a breast! But again, fortunately, they were not right. The daughter also eats with identical success from a small bottle, and sucks a breast! Still! And one more advantage: what can be more pleasant, than to see how the husband feeds from a small bottle our daughter with my milk!


decanted me while the daughter was not 8 months old, and now daughters year and 1 month, and I am still ready to feed her at will - milk is, fie - fie - fie, only, unfortunately, something it is not sick - that wants - the fastidious person!

that at me milk so long remains, a merit not only washing, but also the wonderful device which I tenderly called “Avochk“! There are no those words to describe to you all my delight and all my gratitude to creators! You have really clever fingers! Thanks!

By the way, I protect the Avochka as an apple of the eye, feeding of the second child, probably, in very fast time will be assigned to his shoulders!