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Than suntan is harmful and useful? How it is correct to choose sunblock cream? How to cope with consequences of a solar burn? On a symposium “The future of cosmetic dermatology“ in Moscow about the most new views of experts on these problems was told by professor P. Morganti, the secretary general of the International society of cosmetic dermatology and professor Vladimir Mordovtsev, the head of department of hereditary diseases of skin Central scientifically - research kozhno - venereologic institute of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Basking in the sun, we, of course, do not feel how collagen and elastin - our main protection against sunshine are damaged. Only we notice that skin becomes all to the land - and it is the first reason of its presenilation. But, fortunately, there is a cosmetics which is capable to maintain necessary humidity of skin. Getting into the deepest layers of skin, it reliably protects it from the sun, without causing to an organism the slightest harm.

Reliability of the mechanism of protection can be expressed to

in different indicators - at different firms, producers of sun-protection cosmetics, the range of degrees fluctuates from 15 to 30 indexes. It means that after use of cream it is possible to be without harm on the sun by 15 - 30 times longer, than without cream in general. In indexation of creams the skin type, a hair color, existence of freckles, ability to suntan and even speed of display of solar burns are considered. it is useful for p to Use

sun-protection cosmetics and it is pleasant: elasticity and elasticity of skin remains, it does not lose moisture and is most protected from dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays. And suntan will be shown evenly and the most sparing way.

However entirely to rely

on digital indexation even developers of solar cosmetics do not advise - being guided by a scale of indexes, give preference to figures above, and you are on the sun less. Besides the American firms let out creams and emulsions with underestimated, in comparison with Europe, protection factors so former safety rules still did not become outdated.

First of all, never you bring a body to a burn, even before insignificant reddening of skin. Burns are especially dangerous to children: scientists proved that for kids it is twentyfold risk to develop a skin cancer at mature age.

Therefore the first that it is necessary to put in a suitcase, - sunblock cream. Especially it is required in the first days of holiday - for formation of a light omozolelost (a thickening of a horn layer) skin will need several days. It is clear, that, the your hair and skin are lighter, the bigger index of protection will be required.


However, the black sheep on the beach not to look obligatory at all. Cream - self-suntan, according to dermatologists, the most reliable way to strike surrounding with an effective look, without risking health. Of course, he does not rescue from the sun, and uniform distribution on a body requires considerable skill, but game is worth the candle. Council: to avoid unpleasant spottiness, at first achieve the most equal and smooth skin - depilate superfluous, then properly clean a body a srub, especially if skin fat and thick.

Now you in the first days differ in nothing in

from natives on the beach, and skin comfortably gains natural suntan - if you use sun-protection means with the maximum index of protection. Be not fond, especially at the beginning of holiday, oils for suntan is very weak repulse to aggressive beams: dermatologists consider that the protection factor at them does not rise above an index 3. If you were bypassed by widespread hyper reaction - the small, strongly itching pustulous defeats, you were late: it was necessary to accustom skin to the sun still at home. Being going to the beach, refuse decorative cosmetics: in - the first, your favourite foundation will not protect a face from artful beams in any way, and in - the second, some cosmetics can attract the sun to skin. Besides from a heat the make-up will surely blur - let your natural beauty win.

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After the beach srubs - skin only began to increase a sun-protection fur coat, and you undress her, skimming the most reliable. A cool shower yes a light massage with the moisturizing cream - everything that is necessary for the skin which was tired in a day.


But here holiday, and unclear spots, new growths, a peeling remained - do not hurry to get rid of them by means of a peeling or the laser. Strange defects can be strong indications of the latent internal diseases. For example, if the freckles which arose on the sun do not disappear and do not even turn pale in the winter, it is necessary to treat as soon as possible with ointments on the basis of vitamin A. The same with hair - sudden “posedeniye“ of separate locks tells about the beginning of the serious disease leading to damage of internals. By the way, it is often descended, and extent of defeat of an organism is still not studied. However it is not enough to get an effective hat or a hat - hair and skin should be prepared for communication with the sun in advance. How? In a month - another before holiday dermatologists recommend to accept food additives with the increased contents a beta - carotene and vitamin A. The Italian researchers proved: these elements promote increase of level of cystine in an organism - the element strengthening a protective top layer of skin and a hair. But the main thing - food additives stimulate activity of sebaceous glands, and it is the most reliable natural protection. Slightly inclined to fat content, your skin stronger armor, than gentle, sensitive, thin. If business all - reached a burn, do not wipe the reddened places with spirit lotion, cologne, vodka at all. Only kefir, sour cream, yogurt - they as fast as possible will calm the burned skin.

the Solar burn is dangerous here by what - even for night of a cage do not manage to liquidate heatstroke consequences and if for the next day you aggravate situation with a new portion of beams, aggression of free radicals will directly increase - with a geometrical progression. Consequences - risk of oncological diseases in several years.

you Remember

also that dermatologists recommend: the number of solar sessions, including artificial, should not exceed fifty in a year. You remember also another - ultraviolet rays stimulate activity of melanotsit, namely they manage a pigment. The brownish melanin which is formed at the same time gives to skin a desired bronze shade, and at the same time interferes with penetration of harmful beams deeply in skin. Only it is necessary to reach this “bronze“ intelligently. Well, went to the beach?