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How we happily continue our GV

the Milk at me appeared in maternity hospital, and then I still did not even suspect as strongly binds the breastfeeding (B) and as I will strongly want to continue it! But having already come with the son home and having supported him about a month GV is exclusive (without dopaivaniye, dokarmlivaniye and any pacifiers), I understood that I will do everything possible to continue to feed as long as possible.

On our way. Before it said to me that I urgently accustomed him to mix in case it will not turn out to feed with the milk, but I told that there will be no real need yet, I cannot. I will not do anything that would prevent it! But advise me to throw still (now to us 1 g 1 month), only now at them arguments poluchilatsya more - after a year it is impossible to feed!, itself should allow to have a rest at night! after a year it badly influences children! etc. But I every day saw only more positive from ours with it GV, without speaking about that proximity which only GV gives, not to replace it with anything!

Also chest vskarlivaniye simplifies laying, facilitates carrying out inoculations, transferring of flu epidemics, fast calms the child in case something upset him, not to mention convenience of feeding on the way! And it is not necessary to jump at night yet to make mix or to give to drink water. Yes and not to list all positive moments, and negative I also do not know. And for mother it is very good too - are quickly restored after the delivery, prevention of cancer, good mood (it is only enough to look at the child at the time of feeding!) the normal dream and is a lot of at night everything!

Once at us was the moment that the son refused to eat... Since morning ate, and during the lunchtime refuses!: - (At me small panic was started anew, then I went, took a small bottle with a pacifier in the form of a breast, poured water there and gave it - he began to drink, and here I almost imperceptibly (oh as I at the same time was nervous) changed a small bottle for a breast, and everything became OK! More such situations, thank God, were not. It would be desirable that it proceeded still at least years one and a half!

of Mummy feed the children with the milk, fight if something is impossible, everything is possible! And even if you go to work!