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Robbery in Russian: 24 most known ways of deception

of Swindlers call “elite of the criminal world“. And not for nothing. They manage to commit the crimes by means of mind, cunnings, savoir vivre and psychology of people. Unfortunately, it is practically possible to face swindlers everywhere. And recently their crimes became still izoshchrenny. We tell you, what should be avoided.

of Fraud with mobile communication

  1. your mobile phone was taken and not returned. Usually in the market or in large shop somebody approaches the person (is more often to the woman) and asks the mobile phone to call. And asking looks so unfortunate that nobody will begin to doubt: at the poor creature the grief befell and only the call can rescue it. Having taken your phone, it is quickly lost sight, and it is already possible to forget about phone, it in hands of swindlers!
  2. the Relative in trouble - bring money.“ Your son now unconscious! It had an accident. Money for operation is urgently necessary“ - you hear these words in the receiver. “Sorry, but I have a daughter...“ - “It means your nephew...“ - “Yes, the nephew at me is!“. “It had your phone number. You have to bring money (so much and there - that)“, - the person knows your name, a surname (these data it is easy to recognize by a phone number). You so are nervous that you urgently carry money, give and only then begin to check the facts.
  3. phone Prize - buy
  4. a card and activate it through the “radio host“ who called you. You are told that you are a happy owner of the new mobile device. “Buy a card on 20 (50, 100 etc.) dollars, we activate it then you will take away a prize!“ All of you carry out, but money for your account does not act and does not call back to you any more. Swindlers, having learned 10 - 20 codes of telephone cards of same “won“, put them on the number, close it in the same day and withdraw all your money.
  1. the Valuable prize at the ridiculous price - pay with

    only its transfer For the Internet. To you the message on a prize or a gift within an advertizing campaign - quality goods at the ridiculous price comes to e-mail. The letter is signed by some large company or very known search website, there is a reference with all habitual symbolics of this company (actually it is the coded mailbox). There really is a message that such - mister won - - everything is so plausible that you communicate on the mail or phone specified in the letter. Such words as “representation“, “sales department“, “reception“, act as so-called “anchors“ - they convincingly influence modern people, and therefore are actively used by swindlers. You are told that the gift will be delivered with the courier or you can take away it (in time, inconvenient for you). You pay transfer usually for a credit card. And as soon as you agreed to it, the contract is signed. High-class swindlers send you your “prize“, for example a usual ball pen (for only 20 dollars!) and to prove that promised you other, you will not be able. All papers are made out it is flowed very round.

  2. the Prize in a lottery - small surcharge is necessary for
  3. . On the Internet report to you about a prize very valuable (but often unnecessary) a prize, for example madly expensive French table service of the last century. Also suggest alternative - to take this prize money. You enter into a correspondence to a certain well-known major international firm. To you envelopes with company symbolics, questionnaires, official forms for paperwork by mail come. Everything inspires trust. When you already issued papers, it turns out what to take money it will not turn out, and the gift is ready to transfer. But he from - for borders is brought, and therefore transfer to 200 - 500 dollars needs to be paid. You can even call the Moscow representative office of firm and be convinced that on your name the order is really issued. Everything is correct - the order is, and your last doubts vanish, only that in this order and from where actually it will come, the firm can not have ideas. As a result, having paid transfer, you or do not receive anything, or instead of ancient French you get usual service from the next supermarket.
  4. Romantic acquaintances - are not present money for phone call. Men usually come across similar. They enter into a correspondence on a dating site to a certain pleasant girl, often not model appearance, and the ordinary stranger from real life. Communication seems perspective, the girl sends the candid photos and here - here will invite you to a coffee cup. But suddenly it turns out that it has no money for the Internet or the mobile phone at all. Newly made “playboy“, of course, is ready to go to the ridiculous victims for the sake of love, and 20 - 100 dollars appear on its account. The objectives are achieved - soon both the girl disappears, and phone becomes inaccessible.

In shops

  1. Psevdocredit - the registration commission cash. In large shop solid people suggest you to issue the credit for purchase. (Finding of these people in the shop can speak the fact that initially swindlers powdered minds to the management, having presented by solid bank, or entered into a collision to protection.) Any buyer, without suspecting anything, makes out the credit, pays commission charges. Having received money, swindlers disappear at once (or if swindle larger, acquire the right for purchase). But in the latter case the shop which instead of money has only data of the buyer and coordinate of nonexistent bank appears the victim also.
  2. of the Banknote with strong indications of a fake. The fake of money is pursued under the law, however, if on a banknote watermarks are not forged, and instead of Roosevelt`s portrait the portrait of the popular singer flaunts, the piece of paper in general is not considered dollar - neither real, nor forged. Swindlers can put off such money at an exchange or exchange to inattentive people or people with a poor eyesight.
Currency exchange
  1. to you money from hands at more favorable rate suggests to exchange

    . The classic method is “withdrawal pains“ of money when the pack except for the top note is bent (“breaks“) in half and money is counted at you in the eyes on tips of banknotes. As a result you receive twice less money, than expected. “Lomshchika“ of money, as well as pickpockets, - highly professional swindlers, their craft is based only on knowledge of psychology and sleight of hand.

  2. Help to “police officers“. Let`s say you flatly refused to change money at the person from hands. And here, having exchanged the money, you see how two men (similar to police officers in plain clothes) “knit“ the person offering you an exchange from hands. “The girl, - men address you, - you at it changed nothing now?“ “Is not present, but he offered...“ - you answer. There is a person in a militia uniform and asks you to act as the witness on detention of this type. Still he wants to be convinced that money at you not marked and that you changed nothing at the criminal. You, of course, give it money for check. At this moment the criminal escapes, men start catching up with it, you distract, and “officer“ with your money disappears. Certainly, all persons in the played sketch were false.

In crowded places

  1. Regluing of labels on products, certainly, happens intentionally - with expensive on cheaper. As a result instead of the French can ham you will buy domestic stewed meat, instead of black caviar - pike. And will not come to your mind that you were inflated, you just decide that you bought goods not of the best quality.
  2. of the Lottery on the street, thimbles in which it is just impossible to win. Now they were succeeded by gaming machines. Actually operates automatic machine from the panel at distance “the“ person and a situation will never turn back in your advantage. Around automatic machines the crowd consisting of false people always gathers. They skillfully warm up passion until you are not lost at all.
  3. Valuable find. You hurry on the affairs, suddenly find a bag (a parcel, a purse, a man purse). Nearby the going passerby suggests you to look at contents to find the owner. In a bag except a hairbrush, a scarf and a large sum of money nothing appears.“ The passerby“ suggests you to divide money and to disperse. You agree. Then your “accomplice“ disappears in crowd, and before you the owner of a bag with “friends - athletes“ suddenly appears. You are frightened, from them it is necessary to pay off, return not only the sum taken by you, but also that half of money which was taken away by “the casual acquaintance“.
  4. of the Gipsy, the fortuneteller, sellers of goods from hands approach you on the street with the offer to tell fortunes, remove damage or to sell something. Their purpose get to talking you, to incline to get money. And you are farther and you will not notice how all money and values will remove to their hands.
  5. “Professional“ beggars and beggars - the swindlers counting on mercy of people around. In the main mass of the beggar - people, for which such way of life - trade. In Russia “asking give a postulate“ promotes its prosperity.

Through rumors

  1. “Cheap“ expensive things. Can sell someone who can influence further involvement of people really expensive thing at half price. And here your talkative acquaintance brags of the new diamond necklace bought for ridiculous money. You and other her girlfriends come according to its recommendation to sellers of this cheap luxury and receive already high quality fake. According to the same scheme also sale of expensive cars, furniture and other can take place.
  2. Cheap apartments - legally insolvent contracts. You are informed besides on it by the person deserving your trust. But he also can not know that that apartment which he advised to remove is handed already repeatedly over.

situations Happen more dangerously. When you buy the apartment from a certain firm which allegedly sells apartments in a new building at low prices. The firm - the seller has lawyers, everything is made out quite officially. As a result, when the transaction is already made and money is paid, it turns out that you signed documents of nonexistent firm.

Even to file a lawsuit there is nobody.

On the road

  1. of the Setup. A classical situation - easy road accident with the seeming extensive damage, often the false staff of GAI takes part in it (or real, but paid by swindlers). You can not suspect that you will pay in advance beaten car. Similar frauds began to happen to input of obligatory “autocitizen“ less often. But nevertheless it is necessary to be more attentive and at road accident personally to call the staff of GAI on the scene from the mobile phone.
  2. the Bribe to the staff of GAI for perfect small violation. During giving money there are other employees, some people, journalists who say that they recorded the fact of bribery to the police officer. You are threatened with an institution of criminal case and hint at a “new“ bribe to rumple all this. Usually swindlers work together with real GAI officers. Therefore do not give to GAI officers money in hands.
  3. of Service of the intermediary. A certain casual acquaintance suggests you to promote for a certain sum in obtaining numbers, driving license, passing long turn in car showroom or GAI. As soon as you give it money, it completely disappears.

to Bribe “through the intermediary“ to you can offer in court, policlinic, institute. For example, a solid type of people can turn about institute where your son arrives. The man meets you and says that he is allegedly very influential person, the dean`s friend (or the rector) also can promote in receipt. And if your child does not arrive, then promises to return money. Actually he plays a roulette - raises money from parents and that whose children will not arrive, can really return them, and from arrived - to take away to itself.

Swindlers feel confident, nobody will go to militia with the statement: “I wanted to bribe that is that...“

On vacation

  1. the Card play, checkers, chess during a trip to a taxi, the train, the plane, on the beach, in hotel can become not so harmless occupation. You consider yourself as the skilled player, agree, but lose as cards marked or over your place it is suspended pass - a chamber, and in the next compartment the accomplice sits and dictates to your rival how to work, being verified with the computer. Even if you buy cards in a stall in the resort, there is no guarantee that they are not marked criminals. Swindlers - professionals buy up hundreds of new packs, unpack, mark, pack and report to accomplices to the next booth.
  2. the Advertising agent on the beach offers
  3. excursions on vicinities for 1 hour, in the afternoon, day - before you the bright advertizing catalog, around people who already were and advise to go. You agree - farther 2 scenarios. Or from you take an advance payment and disappear, or the trip nevertheless will take place, but excursion will be worse than times in 10 promised. Instead of the mountain river will show you a stream, instead of smart sea fishing - primitive sitting with a rod at the gulf. Therefore it is better to order excursions in the hotel, from travel agency, but not from casual people. By the way, in many developing countries fraud is not considered a crime. You were deceived - you are guilty.

In mass media

  1. Quickly and cheap: weight loss, education, treatment, help, etc. Many readers do not understand that if article appeared in the printing edition respected by them, then it does not guarantee quality of goods at all. Article goes as advertizing. As a result you send 500 - 1000 rubles and either do not receive anything, or receive a fake.
  2. the Appeal to mercy and charity. In mass media (besides for money) letters from disabled people, seriously ill patients are printed, the victims of accidents etc. - with a request to transfer money for treatment into settlement accounts. Swindlers also are behind them, as a rule.

the Legal reference

Fraud by legal definition “is plunder of someone else`s property or buying someone else`s property by deception or breach of confidence“. One of obligatory signs of this crime is presence at the criminal of “fault in the form of direct intention and the mercenary purpose“. Fraud is pursued by the article No. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

What to do?

the Best way of fight against swindlers - suppression even of the slightest contact at an initial stage. Do not allow strangers to take root into your space, into the habitual course of things: you went somewhere, went, went about the own business - and continue by it to be engaged. Swindlers try to bring initially some confusion or doubt in your reason therefore be not distracted better by foreign intervention if it is doubtful and ambiguous.

At a stage when swindlers involved you in process, call the close relative, the friend, later address the lawyer, the psychologist. At a final stage (after loss of things or money) - in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with duplication of the statement in prosecutor`s office of this area. Even if losses to you seem small. You cannot be sure that fraud already ended.

we Thank for the help in material preparation lawyer bureau “Shakhov and partners“ and personally Konstantin Shakhov, ph. (095) 961 - 0004.