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Kabo Polonius (Uruguay)

Steppe. Green islands eucalyptuses appear. Fragrant early morning, 7 - 00. The road winds and is blown up by hills - sometimes it seems that you fly up, and then come in the land. There is nobody. At first the district reminds the Volgograd region, only cows and sheep shaggy break this sweet illusion. 8 - 40 - we stop to have breakfast since Dashka (my oldest daughter) woke up and demanded to “meat“. We go out of the car: from a mowed grass smells of milk, and from eucalyptuses a bath and drugs, still cool.

Suddenly on the empty highway the motorcyclist in pants, a t-shirt and sneakers barefoot by rushes, caracoling on a back wheel. From where it undertook, unclear where flew? It went in such situation long. We laughed: in total - Uruguayans absolutely mad people. Ate to “meat“, washed down with kvass and went further. The nature changed - a set of hills, curve palm trees and palmishchshchshch, packs of big green and yellow parrots appeared.

Arrived “to the farm“: several houses, the big parking, the souvenir shop, sand and UAZ remade under jeeps in style of a safari (probably, from some war remained, judging by their “luster“). We under protection left (20r) the Trade wind, took away bags and went on one of jeeps on sandy barkhans to the ocean. There were pines and... cactuses that absolutely for our eye is incompatible. On hillocks (as in Prielbrusye) there were gophers, marsh chickens ran (black), and Dashka, having seized a truck board, with wild delight considered everything. I held it by legs that did not crash down on the next jump, and Sashka, trying to be grouped, photographed something (I do not know that will turn out at such jolting). The hill, descent, the hill, descent - around sand, koryazhka, bushes of prickles. The coast and the grazed cows is in the distance already visible. What they eat on an ocean coast - unclear.

the Settlement of fishermen reminds

the fairy tale “Scarlet sails“: the set of different boats, small boats, dry networks everywhere and anchor buoys roll. Wind is cool, damp, with a smell of crude fish and seaweed. In 100 meters from the coast a set of small lodges, in such lodge the father (growth 183) would touch by a ceiling hand easily, and went in on a bed at night “end-to-end“ - such they tiny (less hall in a five-storey apartment block), but two-storeyed! About! There is no electricity, the sewerage too, behind fresh water it is necessary to go (6 km). Therefore on a roof of each lodge there are barrels plastic for collecting rain water. Windows at lodges small, and from this dwelling of fishermen seem toy. Children play with hens in sand, we meet a native burdock and a wormwood (!) (for pleasure I dug a big bouquet!) palmochka already some others - absolutely small with yellow berries.

We with Dashka, of course, fast to the coast - cats to watch

, and to them, it appeared, on stones - boulders should go far - to clamber. Got, even with pleasure. At first Dashka was afraid since boulders smooth, almost about the two-storeyed country house, and from them it is impossible to jump off - it is necessary to slip (groaning and food, holding everything that is possible). Under boulders big “cockroaches - multilegs“, came across carcasses of dead cats. When you climb on a boulder - the look opens - a krasotishchshcha! Ocean, seagulls, petrels! The sky with water merges. Reached, and cats departured, only two.

of idlers (as fishermen told) was managed to be found (it is necessary to go in December - January). It appears, in the fall in Kabo Polonius killer whales come, and cats from them hide on the far island (in the field-glass it is visible). We made several pictures and went for a walk on the coast.

Unexpectedly the sky tightened

clouds, and we were caught in the rain again. I managed to wrap up Dashka in a towel - she did not get wet, and we died from wind and wet clothes. Went to restaurant to be heated. Ate too much for 700 rubles (fish with a garnish, salad, a julienne from shrimps, tea, a cappuccino, a cake - on everyone!), drank white wine, bought the father a spark jaw and went back. Through 180 km stopped to refuel and again drank to tea with a cake (here and grow thin here...), and a cake - orange, low-fat - a vkusnotaaa!

Here so we went to Rochu (Kabo Polonius) - the well-known observation post for cats and whales in Latin America. There foreigners from around the world come, we saw Americans, Germans, Japanese, British and Russians (they from Argentina for 600 dollars arrived to excursion).