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We correct eyebrows of

“I have very wide and dense eyebrows. I never corrected them, and now wanted to give them other form. How it is correct to make it? Whether it is possible to carry out an epilation?“

is Answered by the cosmetologist sankt - the St. Petersburg Institute of beauty Natalya Mikhaelovna Karepina.

Now the set of ways of fight against undesirable vegetation exists, however not each of them is suitable for correction of eyebrows. Skin in the field very thin and gentle, any rough manipulations can lead to very unpleasant complications. Especially often they arise after an electroepilation when the hair collapses by means of current.


In this case into a hair follicle at first enters the thinnest needle, and the electric discharge moves then. Naturally, for skin around eyes this too strong test. It inflames, reddens, strongly itches and scratches. Besides, there is rather severe hypostasis which does not fall down within several hours, and even several days. But there is more to come: in the place of introduction of a needle there are small crusts which disappear only in 7 - 10 days. And before the woman should go with such here specks.

But even it not the most terrible. Sometimes after an electroepilation along the line of eyebrows there are tiny red points. They do not disappear. Also remain forever - it no other than the smallest hems. Considering all this, the electroepilation of eyebrows cannot be carried out. Despite it, unfair experts often offer the clients such service. You should not agree to such offer.

Cream to eyebrows not the assistant

Many women try to correct eyebrows by means of hair removal creams. It cannot be done too. The chemical composition of these means is not calculated on skin around eyes. It will react to such depilation very violently: there will be a severe itch, reddening and hypostasis. Allergic reaction which consequences will be noticeable within several days can even develop.

But worst of all if cream gets into eyes. In this case development of allergic conjunctivitis is very probable. And he should be treated not less than a week. Remember that today any of the depilators sold in our country does not pass ophthalmologic control.

“Laser“ eyebrows

can Modify eyebrows for a long time by means of a laser epilation. It does not leave behind hems, scars and pigmentary spots. Besides, after procedure hair cease to grow for half a year, and even for a year. However there is one “but“.

The matter is that laser radiation eliminates only visible hair which are in an active phase. Such about 70%. And there are also so-called dozing hairs - they are shipped in thickness of skin. Sooner or later they sprout, and then on already proepilirovanny area the new young growth appears. That is for one procedure of an eyebrow it is impossible to modify, 4 - 5 sessions which are held with an interval in one and a half months are required. During this time manage to grow the “dozing“ brovinka.

Should tell

that right after an epilation skin smooth will not become as the effect of false germination of hair will appear - it the burned-down roots will begin to be pushed out outside. They need to be deleted with tweezers, only after that the line of eyebrows will become equal and accurate. There is one more nuance - the laser epilation is inefficient concerning a fair and red hair.

It is connected by

with the fact that radiation kills a follicle only in the presence of melanin - a pigment which paints hair and skin in dark color. If it is not enough, then the epilation successful will not be. The same can be told also concerning the sunbathed people.

In this case that skin pigmentation will “eat“ laser radiation, for his hair will not remain to

. Much more impulses, than for light skin will be required. And it means that already considerable cost of procedure will increase. On average it fluctuates from 30 to 100 dollars.

the Laser epilation - pleasure not from cheap. This procedure has one more shortcoming - it cannot be carried out to time of pregnancy and at an exacerbation of skin diseases. In all the rest it is a remarkable way of correction of eyebrows.

Wax plus the jeweller`s hands

That to whom the laser epilation is inaccessible can make by

a vaksing. This removal of hair by means of warm wax. Procedure only in salon is carried out. The cosmetologist uses special low-temperature wax with various calming additives - olive oil, extract of a pine or camomile.

the Structure is imposed by

to the lower line of an eyebrow, stiffens and is removed one sharp movement. At the same time are depilated with a root. And, it seems, everything is good if not one detail: the master has to be the true professional, one may say, the jeweler. It has to apply wax so that the line of a separation turned out ideally equal. Besides it is necessary “to trace“ a bend of an eyebrow and to work on the broken line. It in power not to any cosmetologist. But if he owns these skills, then the vaksing will not take a lot of time and will give very good effect - one procedure will be enough for three or even four weeks.

It is good result. However usual plucking out by the little is worse. If it is correct to carry out it, then hair do not grow about 15 - 20 days. The most important, is correct to choose tweezers. Upon its purchase it is necessary to pay attention to several details.


In - the first, it is necessary that metal “legs“ were densely closed with each other. And in - the second, they should not be sharp - then hairs will not be pulled out, and to be bitten off at a root. And the new young growth will appear in several days. Tweezers with a slanted cut perfectly are suitable for a thin and exact epilation. The sharp corner is able to take only one filament and consequently, accurate correction is guaranteed here: the line of eyebrows can be straightened to within the tenth millimeter.

that who lacks patience to delete with

A hairs one by one, tweezers with broad capture quite will approach. They tear out at once several brovinok therefore this painful procedure can be carried out quickly enough. But then the result will be not such filigree.


of Pintsetnaya of the technician

Before starting “plucking out“, it is necessary to decide on future contours of eyebrows. It is necessary to rise in front of the mirror and to mentally draw the line connecting a wing of a nose and an inner edge of an eye. The turned-out line should be continued further, on a forehead and to look where it will cross the upper edge of an eye-socket. This point is also the beginning of an eyebrow.

Respectively should be removed with

all those hairs which are from the drawn border inside. The end of an eyebrow is determined by the same principle, only a line should be drawn from a nose wing through an external corner of an eye. Then it is necessary to think of a bend. A lot of things depend on a natural shape of eyebrows here, but most of experts agree that the maximum of a break has to settle down over a pupil. It is better to trace the turned-out outlines accurately a pencil - to pull out eyebrows on the drawn line much more simply and quicker, than on imagined.

Before you will take tweezers in hand, skin over eyes needs to be prepared. It is for this purpose better to steam out a little bit a face, and then carefully to blot it with a dry towel. Such precaution not only will facilitate performance of the procedure, but also will reduce its morbidity. Then the eyebrow and area around it need to be greased with alcohol or alcohol-containing solution. And only after that it is necessary to start removal of excess hairs. The left hand it is necessary as it is possible to fix more reliably and stronger forehead skin.

Long time was considered that it is necessary to correct an eyebrow only on bottom edge. A few years ago the most progressive makeup artists doubted unalterability of this truth and began to pull out eyebrows and on the top line of growth. But at once it is necessary to emphasize that not each woman needs it.

Everything depends on initial option: if filaments “come around“ highly on a forehead, then they can really be moved away by means of tweezers or hot wax. It is not recommended to be engaged in it independently, it is better to be given in a charge of the professional. There is always a risk too “to lower“ eyebrows, and it will give to the face expression of aggression and gloom.

After removal of excess hairs needs to grease the reddened skin with any alcoholic lotion - it will reduce irritation. In half an hour it is possible to make a compress of weak infusion of a camomile. And here it is impossible to wash within several hours as the water which got to a wound can provoke an inflammation. If all these conditions are met, then the redness and an itch will disappear soon.