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Mamochkino milk of

Hi! My name is Anyutka. I am only 4 months old, I am not able to speak still, but I can think, feel, see and hear for a long time. I want to tell you about me and my mummy.

I met the mother in maternity hospital, and I saw it earlier, than it me since it was under anesthetic, did it “Caesarian“. I looked forward when I to it am incurred on the first feeding. In several hours it happened, and I could eat colostrum with pleasure, it is very useful. I ate his two days, and the milk went then. At last I began to gorge on.

We with mother were in one chamber therefore she fed me when I wanted it. As it is correct! You, adults, eat too not according to the schedule and when want.

Unfortunately, not everything was so remarkable. At mother the breast after milk inflow very strongly bulked up, it was difficult for me to take it, and she was not able to decant milk hands. The first such night she did not sleep at all, tried to rastsedit a breast, awoke me that I went to help it, but I a little than helped it since to suck - heavy occupation, I was tired and fell asleep near. At mummy nipples cracked, and it was very sick and unpleasant to her. It was necessary, probably, to it to prepare them for feeding in advance.

Next day it the milk pump came

to the rescue. Our affairs were been on the mend, and soon we went home.

One and a half months lived we remarkably, I ate when I wanted and how many wanted. My mother fed me on demand and even at night though in books write that at the night of children gave to drink water. I very much would be upset if to me my milk was changed for any water. And so, in 1,5 months my mother caught a cold, she lifted temperature, and milk began to vanish. I was given some mix what is muck. Poor kids which eat it every day and poor mothers who cannot give to the children of the best food - the milk. It is good that my mother understood it and did not begin to despair, and began to fight for milk, so, for my health, satiety and tranquility. She decanted and decanted, drank tea with milk, did breast wrappings by a warm towel, kneaded and pounded a breast.

Two days I endured

together with it, it was necessary to eat Pomala, but is frequent, I slept badly, cried, did not eat mix, but the result was worth it, everything was adjusted soon. With what appetite I ate! Mamochkino a milk - the most healthy, most tasty and full-fledged food for me and my age-mates. And it is still very pleasant to lie near beloved mummy, but not with a bottle, to feel mother`s heat, to adopt her good mood, to approach psychologically with each other.

Now I already big, weigh already nearly 7 kg (was born 4 kg exactly), I begin to drink juice already: on a tea spoon in the morning and in the evening, but milk I will eat still, I hope, long, what and to other children I wish.