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From life of vacationers

We waited for it the whole year! And this moment came: we go to holiday! But not everything is so simple. To manage to carry out these two - three unforgettable weeks of resort life in a kind consent is a big work and ability which still should learn.

are put by

of the Thing, even despite the lost list. Children received the last manuals in behavior and hygiene and were right there bedaubed with farewell yogurt and started bustle. The father well slept and in impatience hoofs, that is jingles car keys. Mother reddened from effort of nothing to forget and pleasantly worries from expectation of the future changes.

holiday - time of correction of all failures of the last year. We are partners of the small enterprise under the name “family“. We solve pressing problems with education and food, payment of accounts, purchase of household appliances, health insurances and garage. The most frank erotic recognition was recently: “Lisa peed in a pot very much!“ Now everything will be in a different way: on “the impulsive horizon“ as psychologists would tell, palm trees, the sea of Turkey and a romantic decline... In a word - holiday! The holiday giving the chance to overtake for a downtime. Nevertheless during this period there is a serious threat of collision. A little time is necessary for acclimatization if we appeared in other latitudes.


the Best occasion to swear

Ah, are expensive, expensive

the Car - the closed space, narrowness, traffic jams to the horizon. The first half an hour children have a good time the flashing landscape behind a window, then begin to take more and more space, to create more and more garbage and to generate all oglushitelny noise. If the father agrees to neutralize personally children, we can have a rest a little driving. However, from the driver`s place we will be quickly expelled by comments of the real macho on confused style of driving. Explanation of psychologists: the car was ennobled by men as a fallichesky substitute. And always big boys drive better, quicker and lovchy.

Problem number two: road maps! Really, gods of “Formula One“ genetically inherit feeling of orientation. Even having armed with three couples of points and a magnifying glass, to us not to find a treasured small village. And it, the great prince, carelessly holding a wheel with one hand, will stick with a forefinger into a small black point in the bottom left corner and will heave a deep sigh at the same time. And children on a back seat shout in all throat: “Pi - pi, I cannot suffer more! Give candy! I want to leave! And small river where?“

Airport? The postponed flights, inconvenient places on the plane (“it was necessary to come to registration earlier, and you dug so much time with baggage of the house!“), continuous moaning of children within four hours of summer to the solar coast (“you what, you cannot calm down them?!“ ). The senior surveyed an aviatoilet, and now it is closed until the end of flight, younger helped the lady to strengthen from the next chair a hairdress kefir from a small bottle. All plane breathed sigh of relief when flight ended.

Continuous work - any fun

We knew

from the very beginning that we married the workaholic incapable to break astral link with work. One thought of that being away on vacation, causes in it shudder. And here on the beach only we see and we hear how it, outvoicing a tea, solves important issues by the mobile phone, checks e-mail and “bibikat“ all day without a break. And instead of leaving our partner alone with favourite office, we bother it with phrases of type: “You do not love me any more? You prefer me work? Tell me though something!“

the Conflict of interests

of People with hyperactivity will always remain to

it even if it is constant to give to drink to him tea with a valerian. The question of idling on a beach towel, does not even rise! In the morning the museum of beer bottles, then an exhibition of bird`s effigies and, at last, presence on crown show hotel the chief - cooks - preparation rakhat - a lukuma with pistachios. After a lunch climbing the next mountain with a backpack on a back! Next year it will be safely possible to register the instructor in Club Med.

And the best ways to spend unforgettable holidays

the summer Comes, we throw off suits of mouse color and tight jackets at last to pull bright T-shirts and easy dresses. Tender beams of the sun, bathing to the sea, singing of crickets and even covert glances on naked bodies. All this renders favorable effect on a married couple as revives the sexual atmosphere. Skin under caress of the sun, return to water, natural and primitive elements and even smells of the market - we feel newly been born. All feelings are aggravated? It is chance to give vent to the sexuality. Everyone can prove the ingenuity, the main thing - to find lonely places for pranks. Beach sex by the light of stars, naked bathing in a secluded bay behind picturesque rocks, hot kisses in a cave with stalactites and a striptease on the yacht hired (not to forget to refresh before holiday in memory the movie about the same with Demi Moore)...

We are such different!

Ideally needs to think up for everyone the occupation. Courses of potter`s craft for it, climbing the mountain - for it, or on the contrary. Will be about what to tell each other in the evening, to appear unexpectedly and it is pleasant to surprise. Also there is an opportunity to miss!

to Delegate to


to Come off from each other - insufficiently. It is necessary to leave the kids sometimes. Certainly, not to get rid of them from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening, we and so do not see them within a year. But unless it is possible to restore proximity in couple, being with children 24 hours a day? If means allow, ideally - to take with itself the nurse or the grandmother. It is possible to use services of the tutor on the vacation spot. Or various children`s clubs. Develop the skill to communicate: then you will be able to agree easily with neighbors in a little table or a plank bed that today they entertain all this kindergarten, and tomorrow - you. At that time, while someone runs for your baby on the beach, it is possible to arrange a small dissolute siesta.

we Will call friends

Matrimonial communication during a year not always idyll. But here holiday - and again this, slightly bothered already, thetas - and - thetas. What can be worse, than appear together at local small restaurant “Saul Mio“ or “Oyster bar“, in full silence, among brisk couples shouting (as it seems to us) as dealers in the market. Exit: in advance to agree to friends and to tempt them to spend holidays in the same resort, as you. Collective atmosphere, but reasonably.

Down with a syndrome of the fairy of a home!

Refuse mania to clean slates in clothes, to hang up a towel into place and to abuse children for the scattered toys. Forget about laws, indestructible within a year. All material has to be forgotten. We concentrate energy only on feelings.

On the way back on the plane you will suddenly see relatives other eyes: they sunbathed, got stronger and became cheerful. You surprisingly quietly treat experiments of the kid on voice-activated control by the liner and try to catch loving looks of the husband.