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Automother? Why not!

It is received the driver`s license

Existence of the car significantly facilitates life to a family with the small child. But if only the father of family has driving license, young mother continually should ask the husband to bring her with the child on some affairs, beginning from visit to the doctor - the expert and finishing with visit: children`s shop or specialized fair. And what to do if the spouse is engaged at work? To postpone all affairs “until the best times“ and to be in time as a result of nothing? And meanwhile there is very simple way out: most to learn to drive the car.

we Choose by

driving school

So, the decision is made, and nothing interferes with desire to acquire the license of category “In“ (they grant the right to operate the car)? Means, it is time to decide on driving school. Them there is a great variety now, but to go in first or the next to the house (office) will be a big mistake. At first it is necessary to find out thoroughly how will be trained whether the school with a computer class for preparation for theoretical examination in traffic police is equipped, whether it has special platforms for driving instruction and performance of exercises, necessary at examination. Sometimes the beginning motorists are forced to train at nearby deadlocks, quiet lanes or on waste grounds which are absolutely unsuitable for high-quality training. Also it is necessary to find out whether is at driving school driver`s medical commission. Otherwise it is necessary to receive the necessary decision of physicians in district clinic, and it does not promote saving of time and forces.

Many driving schools offer

several modes of training that allows to choose the most convenient option, whether it be a usual course, intensive or the external studies.

the Usual course training consists of theoretical occupations and lessons of practical driving and lasts about two or two and a half months, intensive will take about a month. At the same time the theoretical part includes about 32 class periods of lectures.

For the allowed time needs to learn traffic regulations, to learn to be guided in various situations arising on roads, to be trained in control of car on the platform which is specially intended for maneuvers, to make first “sorties“ to the city, and also to study questions of examination cards which wait in traffic police. Besides, it is necessary to master bases of first aid and to get acquainted with the internal device of “an iron horse“. In the mode of the external studies it is necessary to be engaged at home independently.

Essential argument against the beginning of occupations (for example, there is nobody will leave the child during some time). But you should not worry about it: many driving schools make advances in such cases and give the chance to continue training after a break. Even final exam in traffic police (GAI) can be passed in case of need in other time and with other group.

As is trained

Many driving schools, seeking to catch as much as possible listeners, claim that can guarantee without fail obtaining the driver`s license after training at them. There are no guarantees here, everything depends on that, driving as quickly specific person will be how difficult to be given will be able to accustom driving.

Theoretical occupations usually go according to the schedule established by school. But groups, as a rule, are engaged in several streams - in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening so it is possible to choose the most convenient schedule. Occupations will require special literature: examination cards for passing an examination in traffic police, the text of traffic regulations with comments and the collection of thematic tasks. All necessary can usually be got directly in driving school. And before examination potential drivers are given an opportunity to work in a computer class with the same program which they should face at theoretical examination in traffic police.

Lessons of practical driving begin

after several theoretical occupations (at some schools - in a month). Little advice: gathering for driving, you should not put on shoes or boots on a high heel - in such footwear it is inconvenient to press pedals, and it is very dangerous, especially if it does not turn out to squeeze out against the stop a brake pedal in time. If it is impossible to refuse heels, it is necessary to change the shoes directly in the car. From clothes soft trousers and a sports jacket best of all will approach. The main thing to have freedom of movements quickly to react to various situations arising on the road.

the Obligatory number of hours of driving provided by driving schools usually makes from 20 to 32 hours. But, as practice shows, this time can not be enough for the person who is not possessing skills of driving, never before not driving to pass examination, not to mention “serious“ trips around the city.

In this case should take

additional hours of driving. The necessary quantity of lessons can be taken in the driving school at additional expense, and it is possible to find the private instructor if “school“ for any reason it is not pleasant.

At last for a wheel!

Practice of driving in driving school is usually studied with the personal instructor. It is possible to coordinate time of occupations, convenient for both parties, with it, but it is obligatory during daylight hours. On the educational platform all exercises which should be handed over at first at internal examination in driving school, and then in traffic police are fulfilled. The instructor will train in the main skills of driving: to gear shifting, turns at intersections, will teach to pay attention to road signs and traffic lights, and also - to go a backing, to park, be developed, drive in garage and to start on the inclined road.


For training provides the car. Most often it is rear-wheel vehicles VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107 and front-wheel VAZ of 2108 and 2109. The instructor will always be nearby, in the passenger`s chair. To control actions of the beginning driver and to warn emergencies, his place is equipped with two pedals - couplings and brakes. Thus, if in an extreme situation the inexperienced motorist suddenly becomes puzzled, the instructor will be able to prevent troubles. At the educational car without fail there has to be a special sign in the form of a letter “U“. It is put on a roof of the car and pasted on back glass to let know to people around that the pupil drives. Besides, existence of a letter “U“ imposes some restrictions for movement of the car: educational driving is forbidden on highways.

the Educational platform of driving school has to have the same marking, as well as that on which it is necessary to take examination in traffic police. Besides, it has to be without fail equipped with a platform.

In driving school each practical class in driving will last an hour and a half. You should not take offense at critical remarks of the instructor - the he will be more exacting, the great progress in driving will manage to be made under its management. But if it was not succeeded to find common language or there were some claims concerning behavior of the instructor or quality of training, the schoolgirl has the right to ask administration of driving school to provide other instructor.

On check to doctors

Before acquiring the right to steer the car, it is necessary to pass special driver`s medical commission which will define whether is not present at the motorist of contraindications for driving of the car.

As a rule, driving schools will organize such medical board in the course of training that trained it was not necessary to stand in queues in district clinic.

If do not have

of contraindications for health reasons, the medical board does not represent anything terrible. At first it will be necessary to undergo sight testing: to read the usual table with letters of the different size (for certain all had to face them on reception at oculists). Then check on daltonism is necessary: doctors will suggest to look attentively at a multi-colored card with the circles of red and green flowers drawn on it and to define what geometrical figure on it is made of circles of a certain color. And of course medical certificates from narcological and psycho - neurologic clinics as, according to the law, the driving license cannot be issued to the people suffering from a drug addiction, alcoholism and mental diseases will be required. Besides, some chronic diseases of eyes and organs of hearing, vessels, hearts, and also epilepsy, toxicomania, a delay of intellectual development, boundary intellectual backwardness can become contraindications to driving.

we Take examinations

Upon termination of a course in driving school final internal exam is taken: theoretical part, maneuvers on the educational platform and a trip around the city. It is a peculiar dress rehearsal before examination in traffic police. Those who will pass this stage successfully will receive a driver`s card, the certificate on the termination of driving school on hands, and will go to traffic police - to take examination for receiving the long-awaited rights. If examinations in traffic police are organized by driving school, then she processes all necessary documents for passing of this last test. And in the appointed day the group accompanied by the representative of driving school arrives to the office of traffic police assigned to school.

Tranquility, only tranquility

If has to take decisive examination in a cold season, going to it, it is necessary to put on more warmly. It is quite good to take to have a bite with itself something. Perhaps, it is necessary to spend in the open air not one hour, waiting for the turn. Especially it is necessary to take care of hands and legs, legs it is necessary to press pedals, and to hold with hands a wheel. But the main thing to try to be nervous not too. Eventually, the most awful that can occur - examination “blockage“. And it is not so terrible because a repeating an examination is resolved in unlimited number now, and sooner or later this level everything is it will be possible to overcome. And nervousness can only do much harm.

of both theoretical, and practical parts of examination will need to pay with

For a repeating an examination the state duty (60 rubles for theoretical part and 100 rubles - for practical). Repeated examination, both according to the theory, and on practice, it is possible to hand over not earlier than in a week after previous.

On what were studied, on that and hand over!

At examination to future drivers have to provide to

the same car (ideally that) on which there took place their training. It is not necessary to rush hurriedly to the released car of other type, hoping “to shoot back“ quicker. If the one who was trained on “eight“ at examination got “five“, this examination can and be not handed over. The matter is that in these cars the transmission is differently arranged, the ignition key is located differently and unfamiliar feelings can simply unsettle. Handing over has the right to ask for itself at examination the habitual car. If for any reason it is necessary to take examination by other car, the right to make a trial trip duration about two minutes is granted. If it turns out that to cope with this “horse“ not in power, it is possible to refuse passing an examination, and it will not be set off as attempt.

Is begun with the theory

at a decisive stage hand over Theoretical part on the same computers, as at training during training. This stage of examination includes questions of examination cards which are approved by Head department of traffic police. In each ticket of 20 questions (on five of four thematic blocks), and on each question several versions of answers from which it is necessary to choose correct are given. For successful passing an examination it is necessary to answer not less than 18 questions of the ticket.


After pressing of a certain key on the keyboard of the examination computer displays number of the ticket, and examination begins. During it on the screen there are questions, information on correctness or abnormality of answers, and also time which remains before the termination of execution is specified. Having chosen correct, from the point of view, the answer, it is necessary to press the corresponding key twice. Repeated pressing serves as confirmation of that, as for the first time the key was pressed consciously, but it is not casual. Thus, inadvertent mistakes are excluded during examination.

After will be given answers to all questions of the ticket, on the screen information on result of examination, the made mistakes and time spent for this test will be highlighted. The positive assessment for the theory is considered valid within three months. If during this time it is not possible to hand over practical part, it is necessary to prove the knowledge at the computer again. In case the practical part is not handed over, do not allow to examination in driving at all.

of Test on limited space

the Following stage of examination - maneuvering on the platform. It includes four exercises: the movement by “snake“, the movement and maneuvering by a backing, a turn with a limited width of the carriageway at one-time inclusion of transfer of a backing, start-off from the place on rise (platform), arrival in garage and the parallel parking. Having made a mistake when performing exercise for the first time, it is not necessary to be upset - it can be executed once again.

the Total assessment “DID NOT HAND OVER“

it is exposed in case the motorist does not manage to execute two exercises from all necessary or she will refuse to carry out some one exercise from put four.

If all maneuvers are executed by

without mistakes or the sum of penal points - less than five, exercise is considered executed. “EXECUTED“ estimates for all exercises mean that this stage of examination is passed successfully and it is possible to pass to the following.

the Positive assessment received on the platform works with

during period of validity of an assessment according to the theory.

we Leave to the city

the Movement in the conditions of the city - the final stage of examination. At the same time the candidate for drivers together with the examiner as whom the inspector of traffic police acts drives the car on defined uchebno - to an examination route. They, as a rule, are a little: one it is more difficult, others it is simpler. The route is chosen by the examiner. It will also give tasks: to be reconstructed, turn, stop, to be developed. And if it is possible to execute everything without mistakes, it is possible to congratulate himself on successful passing an examination and to expect a gala day of delivery of the rights. And here for everything the made mistakes, as well as at the previous stage, will be appointed penal points. 5 penal points will be gained and more - the inspector will interrupt examination and will put down a negative mark.

Of course, offensively if it is impossible to pass any part of examination nevertheless. But strongly you should not be upset about it. Any person has the right for a mistake. It is necessary to be prepared, be trained and try the hand again. Repeated examination can be appointed not earlier than in 7 days from the date of carrying out previous.

For those who have no time

can pass Examination in traffic police also external. For this purpose it will be required to pass medical examination and to provide the corresponding papers in traffic police: the conclusion of medical commission about the validity to driving of the corresponding category and the document on passing under - H cooking or retraining on receiving the right to steer the car. And it has to be given by the educational institution having the corresponding license or the specialist in individual training who passed certification. It is possible to pass examination and to acquire the rights in the traffic police located in that territory of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation where the applicant is registered at the place of residence or stay. And thatto kzha - in the place of the actual accommodation. It is necessary to pay 8 minimum wages for examinations (1 minimum wage rate makes 720 rubles). This sum goes to the Moscow public fund of traffic safety.

we Prepare for


course Cost in driving school includes, as a rule, theoretical and practical preparation, and also payment of gasoline for a practical training on the car and averages 3500 - 5000 rubles. The majority of driving schools grant the right to pay training step by step.

In addition should pay with

carrying out medical board (300 - 350 rubles), services of the photographer - for documents (80 - 120 rubles), various officially established state duties and additional hours of practical driving if they are necessary. The approximate cost of class period (45 minutes) of driving in driving school - from 120 rubles. Service of the private instructor is more expensive: from 300 rubles for the same time on the domestic car and from 500 rubles - on the foreign car.


However, by the word “hour“ it can be meant and astronomical, but it is better to find out it in advance not to be deceived in the expectations and to avoid mutual misunderstanding and discontent.


As for the state duties, since January 1, 2005 established the new sizes: for primary examination including theoretical and practical speak rapidly, it is necessary to pay 160 rubles, for each repeating an examination of theoretical examination duties of 60 rubles, for each repeating an examination of driving - 100 rubles are collected. The driver`s license will cost 200 rubles, the rights of the international sample “will leave“ more expensive, it is necessary to pay 300 rubles of the state duty for production of the necessary form and color photo.

Of course, taming of “an iron animal“ - business difficult, but if intention to get the driver`s license - serious, so everything surely turns out. It is necessary only to try not to lower hands and not to despair, and what was recently dream by all means will turn into reality.