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Design elements. The most important rules

Classics, baroque, a modernist style, minimalism, - in any style it is necessary to work by basic rules of creation of inhabited space, one for all. They proceed from psychology of perception of information the person. And, as laws of the nature, remain invariable and ubiquitous.

Influence of environment cannot be overestimated. Our state of mind and even health directly depends on it. The person who lives in the correct, comfortable environment can be allocated from one thousand at once. There is it down the street, and to it it is good. Goes to the subway, sits at work, - the first that in it is visible - well to the person. He is in time “will be loaded“ houses for all day. Why it is such? You will understand it at once if you visit on a visit. There it is so good what even takes the breath away. Walls, a floor, a ceiling - all as usual. If separately. And together all interior fills soul with remarkable feelings.

Let`s study

. To create beauty. And it is beautiful to live.

the Rule of a golden ratio

When we watch

at a picture, or at a room wall, at first information is processed by the right hemisphere, “technical“. Regarding multiple and accurate proportions, repetition of identical elements. Then, if right does not find for itself anything interesting, enters left, “humanitarian“. It is responsible for an associative array, the imagination, and other lyrics. If the artist draws the most beautiful landscape on light, but the line of the horizon in a picture will halve it exactly - beauty of this nobody simply - naprosto will not see. The brain of the viewer will not apprehend any beauty because the “humanitarian“ hemisphere “will not even “join“.

the Rule of a golden ratio says: any equal or multiple divisions. Only asymmetry and irrationality. It is necessary to combine two colors of wall-paper on walls on a third on height? Measure a third and still slightly.

Psychology of perception of visual information

we Will sort “on stones“ things and the phenomena from the thick of everyday life. The picture is pleasant or not. Conveniently, comfortably in the room or not really. Only the result comes to consciousness, and the head at the same time makes really big analytical work.

we run

At a view of a picture a look from the top left corner in the lower right. Always. Without any exception. Right-handed persons and lefthanders. Then we begin to wander on a picture a look, stopping at first just on bright spots, and then on the elements bearing semantic loading.

we Will investigate work of the head on the example of geometrical figures.

Arabs read
from the bottom right corner in the top left. And all perception of visual information at them occurs exactly the opposite. you only imagine
- near us there live people who perceive the world literally inside out.
Ya here all I think - can, at them and in music the same? These viscous, abstruse minor songs invigorate them?

of Here the big square “hangs“ over a ball. As though now will crush. Rounded, soft shapes, and the smaller sizes of a ball associate it with small and good. An angular square here - “angry“, dangerous.

of A here the ball “soars“, as if departs from a square. The square gives us feeling of confidence, validity, rest now.

of the Relation between these geometrical primitives can be very dramatic. Depending on their situation, the image of a square and circle get any emotional sounding.

A all because we look at the picture from the top left corner in right lower, and figures we perceive in turn, means - in time, - means in operation.

Energy and its absence

of the Line - the percher. Well there is no force left, any at it.

of Here - another matter. With energy at this line everything is all right.

One in a minor, the second - in a major. One bultykhlyatsya inertly. The second - it is vigorous, on an arch, aspires up.

the Major - a minor

All of us perfectly know what is it. Here only we cannot explain. What means it is possible to express emotional coloring in an interior? First of all - color. Cold is a minor. Warm - a major. And a combination of flowers of separate elements as an orchestra, we express already deep and rich emotional states.

Not less important carrier of emotions is the form.

of In the picture “in a minor“ the line of the horizon ALWAYS falls from top to down.

of the Major - the line of the horizon rises.

the Form and color are inseparably linked

. If in painting artists subconsciously use all these receptions for expression emotional and a state of mind, then in an interior we reasonably limit emotional components. Imagine Wednesday which constantly stimulates fun-loving mood. The joke about the girl whom on building the brick fell on the head is involuntarily remembered. She only laughed. And goes still - laughs.

A still, using these means of expression, we can fill an interior with rich, saturated taste. Or, for gourmets, on the contrary - distinguished.

Ya I beg you. Do not start repair, did not think over all project entirely, up to furniture yet. Finally approve color of a floor or walls after you choose cabinet furniture, colors of an upholstery on sofas. Kitchen. Let the preparatory stage will a little drag on. But everything will turn out well. I admit to you, I made a mistake against which now I warn you.
did repair in the apartment, in modern style in the Fall. In a living room decided to use the decision like “Invisible furniture“. Assumed light facades on cases. Bought wall-paper of “natural flax“ color there. Came it is time to order furniture - and I with horror understood that if to hang light facades - all room will become too white. Boring. I live with furniture without doors so far. I think what to do. I use, probably, doors in color “a bleached oak“. It absolutely almost does not differ from my wall-paper. Really the “invisible“ furniture “will turn out. Will sit down“ on walls as poured. Such affairs.
A how many at us was cases when clients all - re-stuck new wall-paper after purchase of furniture!

Not decorative role of painting in an interior

Work of the true artist, but not handicraftsman, works wonders. It is possible just to look at other picture since morning instead of charging. And all - already woke up and it is ready to labor feats. Why it occurs? Let`s not press in parapsychological backgrounds and any unprovable mysticism. You face other manifestation of this mysterious energy every day in large quantities time. It “feeling of a look“. Look on the street in a back to the passerby. Or on the fellow traveler in the subway. The person will turn back. And you, without noticing it, you answer on hundred times in the course of the day to others eyes.

Here such they are the main rules. Let we were also run only on tops, very quickly, but you already gained general idea. To a subject of this we will come back still more than once. If our reasonings really interested you, then certainly Vasily Kandinsky`s book “About spiritual in art“ will be interesting to you (the electronic version of the book here>>) It is one of the few program works according to the theory of painting. In paper form it cannot already be found.