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Dress - a code: rules of official actions

of the Invitation to secular and business actions even more often are followed by a wish or the requirement to put on according to a certain dress code, specified on the invitation. Get acquainted with the main designations and reductions dress - a code.

to you should become

the participant of reception, presentation or ball. On the invitation you find a mysterious abbreviation, for example Black Tie or A5. Can decipher similar signs only devoted.

not to do the Person gathering for an official celebration without knowledge of secular etiquette. The speech can go about visit to the closed night club with strict face control, a semi-official dinner at grandiose restaurant, charitable evening or reception in embassy. Similar actions, as a rule, are followed by a wish or even the requirement to put on according to certain dress - code specified on the invitation. In article the most widespread designations and their reductions which you can find on invitation cards are given below.

what you can face

the Formal suit (a dress coat, the business card and a tuxedo), time-honored and tradition, is intended for especially festive events. For example, the dress coat is put on a formal reception in embassy, a court ball in the European state - monarchy, the Oscar or Nickname award ceremony, etc. The tuxedo is widespread much more widely. It can be necessary for any formal reception, a ball, the presentation. In Russia, unlike Europe and America, the probability to get on action for which these articles of clothing can be necessary is not high. If in foreign business trip to you the invitation with it comes, for example, dress - code as White Tie, address personnel of hotel. Will provide you own services in hire of formal clothes or will readdress in special firm.

In Russia most often you can face the instruction on a dress code in invitations to various official evening actions. At the same time the most widespread dress - code are Black Tie, A5, Formal, it is possible to meet White Tie much less often. Other conventional signs by and large are used only in the West. Non-standard dress - code that is which is not accepted in the international practice, and thought up by organizers of an event, for example Total Black (in black from legs to the head) or Orange Party is very popular with us (you wait in something orange). Can bring to business people a day or morning event invitation with a mark of Bb or Btr.

Besides instructions on a dress code, on invitation cards you can find other important conventional signs. Among them can be such:

Ignoring of the last is the biggest violation of secular etiquette. If you are called on the presentation, a ball or reception, regardless of that, you are going to be present or not, first of all, call or write the answer. Your answer has to be delivered not later than the eve of a celebration.

If in the invitation it is not specified by p “Two persons“ and separately desirable presence of the spouse or spouse is not stipulated, it is better to be without maintenance. Business actions also do not assume presence of the spouse or spouse if only he(she) is not a participant or the participant of business. As a rule, the satellite it is necessary to bring on pleasure secular actions - balls, charitable evenings, concerts, dinners.

the Business etiquette is steadier

as it has no class restrictions, and serves only as the “working uniform“ convenient for all. Nevertheless, and there are essential changes - for the last decades society consistently destroys rules and taboos connected with business clothes. There was “a Friday standard“, the world web allowing to work widely stretched the networks without leaving the house, even more often it is possible to see the people dressed in casual at office. Russia, without having managed to approve tough rules of business etiquette, will gradually join a world tendency to democratization of clothes.

of Dress - code on official actions

of White tie, Ultra - formal (Cravate blanche - fr.):“ white tie“ . The most formal men`s suit for a ceremonial case.

of Black Tie (Cravate noire - fr.):“ black tie“ .

of Formal: “formal evening action“ . Usually means the same, as Black Tie, but can sometimes mean more fashionable look, creative approach.

of Black Tie Invited:“ the black tie is welcomed“ .

of Black Tie Optional:“ the black tie is not obligatory“ .

of Creative Black Tie:“ black tie, creative approach“ .

of Cocktail Attire:“ cocktail“ .

of Semi - formal:“ poluformalno“ . The trickiest dress - code. It as though allows freedom, however is strict according to action.

A5 (After Five):“ after five“ . Such designation can be added by others, for example, A5 Semi formal. Otherwise A5 designates “Cocktail“.

of A5c (After 5 casual) or Dressy Casual:“ easy evening style“ (after five o`clock in the evening) .

of Casual:“ kezhuat“ - free clothes style .

of Btr (Business Traditional) or Undress: “a traditional business suit“ or “a daily dress code“ .

of Bb (Business Best):“ the most strict and expensive business suit“ .