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Gifts of summer. On advantage or to the detriment?

With approach of summer most of kids with mothers and grandmothers go to the dacha. It is obvious that fresh air well influences the growing children`s organism that cannot be told about a set of new products with which careful parents seek to please the kids.

Doctors consider that the child who is only on breastfeeding about six months does not need not only a feeding up at all, but also additional reception of liquid. Breast milk contains all necessary for the baby: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and also biologically active agents. A specific place among them is held by oligosaccharides or food fibers which promote growth and reproduction of bifidobacteria in the child`s intestines. Thanks to them normal intestinal microflora is formed, and closer by a year the kid is already quite prepared for that without consequences to apprehend new food: to taste fresh carrots or juicy strawberry, to eat a cucumber about beds or berry directly from a bush. The main thing not to go too far, enter new products gradually, and then all will be good.

the situation with the children who are on artificial feeding is Much more difficult. At the dacha many mothers refuse feeding by mixes and transfer kids to cow`s or goat milk. Consequences of such rash actions time are very deplorable. The reason is that women`s milk, and also artificial mixes which are brought closer to it on structure, considerably differs from an animal - cow or goat. Only beginning to be formed, still unripe zheludochno - the intestinal path of the newborn is almost not capable to sustain loading alien protein. Kidneys suffer, allergic reactions develop, the fermental structure, absorption, the correct settling of intestines are broken by the useful microbes necessary for digestion of food - dysbacteriosis results.

the Wrong feeding of children on 1 - m to year of life led

to the fact that in our country nearly every third child has diseases of skin and zheludochno - an intestinal path. At children anemia develops, they become weaker, easily get tired. That is why providing the child of the first year of life with balanced and safe diet is a serious problem which pediatricians and nutritionists around the world try to resolve.