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Impossible is nothing

Dear mummies and dear children! I cannot believe the eyes and look at it without tears of emotion. What pleasure to nurse the daughter!

Ya it is ready to share a problem and huge pleasure! The daughter was born premature: 2370, height is 44 cm. I was with it in hospital 2 weeks. Did not allow to nurse to me. I decanted and fed from a small bottle. The daughter well put on weight. In the last day before an extract allowed to put the baby to a breast under supervision of the pediatrician. I so waited for this moment, even dreamed me as I nurse it. Very often discussed this moment with the husband.

there Came that long-awaited day. At 12 o`clock in the afternoon the pediatrician came to chamber, and after small lecture about the correct applying to a breast we started the long-awaited moment. The daughter took a breast, made 2 - 3 sosatelny movements, spat out it and began to cry. The doctor insisted that I repeated once again. Then once again, but the daughter did not take a breast. The daughter cried, I cried, and very upset was the husband. I continued to be decanted by a milk pump and to feed from Avent small bottle. Feeding attempts by a breast continued about a month, but the miracle did not occur. Now Dashka is 2,5 months old. I continue to be decanted.

last week we went to district children`s clinic to be registered (since we are observed in paid clinic). I provided to the local pediatrician all information on the baby, about a way of feeding, childbirth, inoculations etc. Even received a talonchik on free milk, kefir. The pediatrician told me about a unique soft small bottle in the form of a female breast and suggested to read the booklet. She told why Dashka does not take a breast.

it Turns out p that (in my case of Avent) the child sucks a usual small bottle in a different way, than a breast. Diameter of capture of a breast has to be about 5 - 6 cm. Having come home, I measured a pacifier Avent, diameter was 3,5 cm. If the daughter opened a mouth on 3,5 cm, then she had to swallow this pacifier absolutely. And if to open a mouth even more widely, then it is possible to swallow a white ring which holds a pacifier. It was necessary to teach the daughter to open widely a mouth and to turn out the lower sponge, i.e. it is correct to take a breast. The doctor suggested to pass these lessons on a soft small bottle and in a week to try to put to a breast. On the same day the husband found this soft small bottle.

Dashka a small bottle took

at once. It gave hope to me. The temptation was to try to put the daughter to a breast in 2 - 3 days of use of a soft small bottle. The husband advised not to hurry and listen in this question to the recommendation of the pediatrician. At last, there passed week. The husband very much wanted to be present at this moment. Having waited for the husband from work, shaking with fear (it was our last hope), I offered the daughter a breast. And my beloved daughter TOOK the BREAST. The husband sat next bewitched and was silent throughout all feeding which for some reason was short, 7 minutes, or it is norm?

Tonight I 2 times nursed

. And from a small bottle at night I fed 1 time. Perhaps, she does not gorge on from a breast? But what this pleasure to nurse! I want to nurse the baby the whole day without a break. The husband calls from work in each hour. Since yesterday I am the happiest mother on light. I could begin chest feeding 2,5 months later after the delivery, thanks to soft a miracle - a small bottle.

my husband wrote the letter of thanks to firm - the manufacturer of this small bottle. It turned out that in district clinic pediatricians are more professional, than in private. Not to be friends by misfortune, I recommend to take this small bottle in maternity hospital and at contraindication in chest feeding either from mother, or from the kid, to feed from a soft small bottle, but not from usual.


Still I am grateful to a milk pump of Avent which kept a milk till this happy moment in my life. Progress really does not stand still.