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Small experience of the beginning mother of

I will make a reservation At once that article not advertizing and any relation to firms - to producers of production mentioned in it has no.

my Lalochka Was born

how it was sad to speak about it, by means of artificial obstetric aid - Cesarean section. And though I saw it right after extraction (did an epiduralka), I could apply for the first time to a breast only after antibiotics - through 2 - e stopped dripping days. Though I often heard stories of those who at once could apply to the child`s breast after operation, but I felt after Caesarian, to put it mildly, disgustingly.

generally, these lured Hellas 2 - e days mix from a small bottle (30 g) which had to be enough for one feeding. But can be because we weighed at the birth 3800, and 1,5 quarrystone can for other reason, less, than. we did not gorge on.

I Will explain

that at the beginning of pregnancy I even did not think of GV - did not want to give up study on a correspondence department as it was necessary to go though 2 times a year, but to other city for a month, and session began in several days after the delivery (then I did not know yet that the recovery postnatal period means and Caesarian did not plan). But the common sense won, and after lecture at school of mothers I all - decided that if the milk is, then silly not to use such chance how to feed with it my Masik.

the semi-annual period of preparation of a breast for GV began

I. And I followed all advice that did not contradict common sense: physical. exercises for a shape of a breast, air bathtubs, massage of nipples ice from camomile infusion after a contrast shower, and also massage by a water stream during acceptance of a shower. Enclosed rags from a wafer kitchen towel in a bra for smaller sensitivity when feeding, and already a month before childbirth bought AVENT nipple cream, and for prevention of cracks and dryness of nipples of times a day greased them.

Now about feeding: I applied to a breast of Masyu closer by midnight on 2 - e days, colostrum still was so came the way of it a little. Milk came next day. With happiness and from a lack of practice in this case, I absolutely forgot about such things as stagnation and did not think that the breast should be rastsedit for a start. In the afternoon the young midwife showed how it is necessary to be decanted, only at anybody it did not turn out correctly - followed on droplets. The whole day my girl was uneasy, sucked a breast and as it appeared, did not exhaust anything special from there.

to us had to suffer at Night fairly. Neither I, nor she slept. Lala cried with hunger, and I with misunderstanding and fatigue. As ill luck would have it, also change of nurses got disgusting so nobody could help to understand. Already closer to morning I everything - left it near myself in a bed (it was not allowed to sleep with the child) and at last we managed to have a sleep a couple of hours. In the morning the breast already began to hurt. On round the gynecologist told what urgently should be decanted, differently mastitis nearby: - (. And in several hours already more skilled midwife came to me and began to teach me to rastsezhivat a breast.

As were decanted by about 20 - 30 ml, Lalochke`s distances then she at last fell asleep. Little girls and who could think how at that moment it became a shame to me and it is a pity for the Bittock that it from - for useless mother starved so much and cried. Though manual decantation seemed to me rather fascinating procedure and it turned out at me not bad, but nevertheless a lot of time and patience was required.

Here the most pleasant for me the invention - a milk pump! Here it is valid: without excess problems and efforts, also at once in a small bottle, if something happens (in hospital), for example, in a shower went or for processing, and the child woke up and wanted to eat, so here and the milk ready lies - the nurse will feed or little girls who is not busy. But it, of course, in rare instances and if the joint chamber, and kids are on demand fed. By the way, I feed too on demand, but the mode, a biological rhythm here - here only began to be adjusted - with a night were defined (at 11 in the evening, at 2 o`clock and 5 - 6), and here in the afternoon still unclear.

When returned from maternity hospital, Lala slept the whole day, only few times waking up for meal. So proceeded day, two, at night she also slept, before the 6th morning did not wake up. So I also grew lazy. It was not decanted at night - here in couple of days of a milk became very little, almost did not become, here I also sounded the alarm, began to be decanted everyone half an hour, put to a breast also often. But the baby wanted to eat, it was necessary to get our the first, I hope the last, to bank of mix.

Began to look for articles, advertizing where, what is better. As in maternity hospital fed Nestle NAN kids, and Lala regularly there was hurt by a tummy, this mix disappeared. Heard that at someone children perfectly eat also the BABY, but it at someone. It is shorter did not begin to risk and stint, bought NUTRILON on soy as too it is unknown how its organism would react to protein of cow`s milk. There now, parted, fed, Manyunya fell asleep at once, and I continued fight for a milk. The milk returned next day, but all - I am still that idler, it is very heavy to force to be decanted, but it is necessary, so it is necessary.


that it is obligatory to sleep for return of milk with the child. Companions, I against! At night the daughter sleeps in a cradle, I take it to myself only at daybreak when there is a sharp wish to sleep (I am an owl), and she wakes up in 6. If near me lies - there is a hope that will a little have a sleep still and to it is more cheerful during wakefulness nearby. Concerning bottles, the nipple, baby`s dummies - also to anything, but was necessary to use a small bottle for a dokorm, and here the baby`s dummy facilitates life really a little though initially I was not going to use it. Speak supposedly the bite can deteriorate, but now outside the 21st century, companions, there are so much modern developments, so many firms work on design of these baby`s dummies that to children it was safer. So I do not think that in it a problem.

About a dopaivaniye separate conversation, I, as well as many, against. My mother at once frightened of the story about how went with me to hospital with dehydration in several weeks. It is unclear, as it left, milk female, in fact, is unique, it contains what is necessary for the child at this stage of development and during this season. Read Komarovsky`s books - writes that if the child wants, he will drink if he is not present - not to force. Also settled upon that, especially, as the pediatrician told, hot summer now.

Coming back by the beginning, I will tell that together with nipple cream I bought also Avent Isis milk pump, and also still a cosmetics quantity for the child and myself. Why Avent? During pregnancy I quite carefully studied a set of the websites, magazines, and also all articles on 7ya. ru, the concerning pregnancies, GV, childbirth etc. Here on this firm and this product responses were pleasant to me most of all. And during the last session in Tyumen in shop for pregnant women I saw also production of Avent, to buy - did not buy, but information leaflets and books of a ponabiral. Here also read them the next months, choosing what it is necessary more, at us in the city of it is not present, unfortunately. It was necessary to go to the neighboring cities therefore I also bought everything at once.

we with the husband a milk pump collected

A month before PDR, and to maternity hospital I went already with it. Why did not begin to use at once? To check correctness of assembly came to mind only after the same rastsezhivaniye, it appears, we badly put on a diaphragm the case at the expense of what discharge was not created - milk was not decanted. After careful survey and correction of mistakes at assembly everything was adjusted. Yes, it is really healthy when, not “mutuzya“ a breast and without being afraid for its damages, decant with little effort a milk. Seeing as neigbours in chamber, the poor, suffers with “pears“, it was convinced that it is better not to regret money and to buy a normal milk pump. By the way, about “pear“: it is advised by neither consultants for a lactation, nor Sara Rosenthal whose book “Breastfeeding“ I read from cover to cover - an excellent thing, here that precisely I advise to get.

Now concerning creams: for the whole week that I stayed in maternity hospital and nursed, there was neither crack, nor unpleasant feelings or discomfort from - for injuries of a nipple, and I greased nipples with cream after each feeding. There were, however, a small dryness and a peeling of a circle okolososkovy, but also it passed at once. Houses appeared the small, but not deep and not bleeding wounds, just sensitive, but also I managed every other day - to get rid of them two.


In maternity hospital at an extract cream Drapolen for the child and for nipples. For nipples I did not try it - a smell not from pleasant and it is necessary to wash away before feeding (Avent should not be washed away), and here the intertrigo it really helps remarkably. I read also about Bepanten, but in a drugstore it so I can tell nothing about it at the right time was not found.

Food. Frightened at once, the pier is nothing it is impossible, but it is necessary to be vitaminized:. I think that if your lyalechka is located to an allergy, then and there is no conversation, but I was lucky, and I eat both cucumbers, and tomatoes, and apples, and bananas, and also recently entered into a diet peaches, apricots, a water-melon, pineapples - everything, it is natural in reasonable quantities, 1 - 2 piece since the allergy perhaps and will not be, and here excess of norm can be reflected in a gastrointestinal tract of the kid.

concerning tea with milk - I consider it as the standard myth, besides, many kids can have an allergy to protein of cow`s milk, and then in general dairy products need to be excluded from a diet. However, when there were first problems, I - was moved on tea with condensed milk, I never before do not digest milk. But I trust in homeopathic medicines, also they are optional, of course, but for prevention after an extract Mlekoin began to accept, Apilak bought too.

of the Girl, I am not an ardent supporter of GV though I consider it desirable for full development of the kid in the first half a year of his life. But also not the opponent of bottle-fed babies, itself tried to give mix. And in general I consider that in most cases everything depends on us, dear mummies! The main thing - not to be lazy! Of course, at me only the beginning, and not the fact that there will be no problems ahead, but practically everything can be overcome, there would be a desire!

I Wish to all mummies good luck and health to their kids!