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Childbirth in Narva of

the Son walks the father, and at me is a couple of hours. I wanted to write the story about the childbirth still so far there was a pregnant woman. Before childbirth re-read, probably, all stories about childbirth on the Internet. Prepared. Now I write itself, there is a wish to share.

Everything began

on April 12. Hours at 6 in the morning began to pull a stomach but so very quietly that I solved - it is those false svatka for whom I everything waited. Term stood on April 19. Just in case ran to dovyazyvat given to the kid, suddenly this THAT, and then to me will be once. Hour through three all stopped. Having given up knitting, all day I shirked, and in the late afternoon the stomach began to pull again.

I met

B eight from work of the husband, we loafed for a while on shops, the stomach continued to hurt. I began to note time. Pain repeated exactly in 5 minutes. Having read a great lot of any literature and having had heard plenty of the giving birth girlfriends, I even slightly was frightened. Something too small interval for such weak fights. Perhaps it is really childbirth. Having conferred with the husband, decided to descend in hospital, to check. And to give birth we by all means gathered.

In actual fact fights were

the presents, but disclosure was only 1 cm. Would know, would stay at home still. The husband was sent home to sleep since I should give birth all night long. Badly I remember what I did till four in the night fights went often, but is not especially painful, but around four me began to grieve, and is concrete! I called the midwife, disclosure was six see. Arrived! It is impossible to make an effort, and grieves! Also the most cheerful began.


Ya that the husband already slept and can help me to endure all this, and began to call him on mobile, to awake. I dialed number 27 of times! I do not lie. Also listened to beeps against the stop. The husband was dead asleep and was going to oversleep the successor`s birth, apparently. It was necessary to wake the mother-in-law who, (thanks to her!) rushed off to us home at night and woke the sleepyhead a call to a door.

the Husband arrived around five and actively joined in process, namely, held me at peak of a svatka when I just fell to it on hands. In general, lying I could not transfer fights. At first was on all fours, then leaned on hands, and at the end of a hand did not hold any more, I did not manage to fall by all fours. Here also fell on hands to the husband. And all this time I pulled the midwife in hope that that will allow me to make an effort at last. It was the most difficult period in all labor. Especially, when I was put on a bed to listen to a heart of the kid. On a bed just threw up me. I am surprised how I did not fall down from there.

I here, at last, at half past six I heard the treasured word: tuzhsya! What it was simplification! I did not feel as the head was cut through as to me made an incision a crotch I worked. Tried very much and did not feel pain in general. At 6:48 I heard enthusiastic shout of the husband and facilitated midwifes. My boy was born.

to me put not a stomach the lukewarm moving lump of some lilac color, in white greasing. This such happiness that words it cannot be described. And at that moment I understood one that now on light was born not only the new little man, our continuation with my beloved husband, but only that on light I was born new. That girl who safely lived till 25 years just died, and mother was born. So far mother only theoretically because it is necessary to me still very long way to become MOTHER who will help the child to be happy.

Then the newly made happy father went to wash with

the child who only then plaintively began to mew. I was sewn up, by the way, absolutely not painfully. The son was measured, turned and put to a breast. My poor hare was so tired that at once fell asleep, and having overslept all day. So we met him only next day. But it already another story altogether.

I Want to tell

that it is not terrible to give birth at all. If the woman is ready, and everything goes without complications, then it can be worried. I somewhere read that the woman feel pain so strong as far as it it is capable to transfer it, and no more. It is just necessary to be adjusted that everything will be good.

Separate thanks would like to tell

to personnel. Midwifes so competent and qualified. All personnel are very benevolent. All smiling and always ready to help. Impressions remained only positive!