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Neighbour`s question

there are situations in which the favourite neighbor is much more important than the beloved relative. The family can be very far from you, and neighbors always nearby.

If you have a giving, that is and neighbors. Most likely, it is absolutely others to you people, but at the same time the closest territorially. And the relations with them should be improved, and the arising conflicts - to smooth. Just in case. For own tranquility. The patched-up peace, than kind war is better, - in the relations with neighbors it is especially right.

Neighbours rustle with

At dawn the neighbour`s doggie wakes up. She jumps out on the street and with joyful bark runs all over vicinities. Soon there are also owners. Every morning they begin with vigorous variety melodies, even on Sunday. Even especially on Sunday, day off should be begun with good mood! After a lunch they saw something and plane, just when you try to lay the child. And when will darken, with loud singing fry a shish kebab directly under your windows then arrange fireworks. It is unclear, when these people sleep, but to you they allow never to sleep.

How to be. First of all, tactfully talk to neighbors. Better not while they with singing fry a shish kebab and when both you, and they are sober and ready complacently. Very much can be that neighbors just do not realize that they complicate to you life. Ask them to turn on radio and invite to yourself - let will listen. If you did not manage to agree from the first, try to talk to inhabitants of nearby sites. Noise for certain disturbs not only to you and if offended unite forces, complaints will be more convincing. Try to approach a problem objectively and to look for a compromise. You cannot force neighbors to sit quietly - quietly day and night. But it is possible to agree properly that they did not rustle from two to four when your child sleeps.

Happens that the summer residents tortured by music cut off power all settlement. It is, of course, a method extreme. But when talk does not help, can help out.

the Neighbour`s dog runs on your site

this is a huge shaggy animal. Or little, harmful, toothy doggie. But the fact remains: the neighbour`s dog runs on your site as she on own, barks, pisat, tramples down beds and frightens children. And it is not pleasant to you at all.

How to be. Do not threaten neighbors to finish with a dog at all. They will be offended up to the soul depth, and instead of the neighbor you receive the enemy. A dog - practically the family member and absolutely harmless animal who in life bit nobody. As though it is pleasant to you that you will become the first!

very simple and sure method of a solution Is: put up between sites a good fence which densely adjoins to the earth and under which, therefore, the dog will not be able to get through. If on a fence it is a pity for money, try to influence neighbors to halve expenses. But at once prepare that it will be long and not easy. Begin with “indirect“ methods of influence. When next time you see that the neighbour`s dog tramples down your beds, scold her - amicably and loudly that owners heard. For example, so: “Ouch - ouch - ouch, Doggy! As it is not a shame to you! You crushed all strawberry again! And you are such well-mannered dog what would be told by your hostess Anna Ivanna?!“ If Anna Ivanovna the woman reasonable, she takes information into consideration. If is not present, repeat number every time when you notice that the dog misbehaves. Very much can be, neighbors will become better to watch the pet. Otherwise begin to get on back of neighbors. Complain them often, tiresomely and long. When you feel that patience on an outcome, suggest to put up a fence in order to avoid further problems and to pay for it in half.

the Neighbour`s tree shades your site

No doubt, there are photophilous plants which need the sun. And the branchy tree in close proximity for such plant of death is similar. When the branchy tree grows in two meters from your window, turning the room into a dark closet, it is not really pleasant too.

How to be. In - the first, look at a situation objectively. What it is simpler to replace - photophilous wild strawberry of an exotic grade or a huge apple-tree? And how this wild strawberry in general appeared under an apple-tree? Not therefore whether what you put her there? If your landing appeared later, just transfer it, - so everything it will be simpler. Another matter when the neighbor plants a tree or builds the house, shading your landings and constructions. Here it is the best of all to catch an initial stage - when neighbors only drive saplings or clear away the platform under the house. Take an interest that they are going to put or build, and at once state the fears concerning light and shade.

the Neighbour`s fence costs

on your site

Between your sites the old shaky fence which was filled up on your party, on neighbour`s stood. It fine irritated you, but the new fence was not reached by hands. And here one fine day you come to the dacha and see that neighbors put an excellent small fence. Only it for some reason on one and a half meters came around on your territory!

How to be. As soon as possible resolve an issue. The longer you pull, the it is more than chances that neighbors will tell: “All right to you! The old fence was on the same place! You just mixed!“ Bring material evidences (traces of an old fence), and in case of need attract local activists and heads of gardening association and you carry out measurements. The truth here on your party so do not believe as if builders confused all this, and neighbors at anything. Who employed builders, that also is responsible for their work.

the Neighbour parks the car opposite to your site

Is unclear why it does it. It would seem, what is simpler? To pass several meters and to rise opposite to the site. And there to repair and wash the car, to clean an exhaust pipe. But the neighbor persistently gets up near your site, and it very much, very much irritates you.

How to be. The territory outside a site is not your property therefore you on it have no legitimate rights. And to force the neighbor remove the car you cannot. So the only thing that you can make, - to agree amicably. For a start prove the claims. What are you disturbed by the neighbour`s car? The fact that it irritates you, clear, but is not argument at all. Arguments can be such: the neighbour`s car prevents yours to come around on a site. Or water with which the neighbor washes the car flows down directly in a ditch where your child laps. And in it (in water) chemical means which cause an allergy in the kid. At an opportunity do not enter negotiations independently, and send the man. One driver will always agree with another. And as well as what words, it is better for you not to know it.

From you demand too much money for social needs

Social needs pursue any summer resident. It is necessary to repair the road, to replace wires, to put new columns and gate, to construct to a witness mark because old burned down for the unknown reason. The sums every time run astronomical and what are specifically spent for, nobody knows.

How to be. If you suspect that the price of carrying out some works is overstated, conduct own market research and offer neighbors cheaper option. However, here it is necessary to be ready to the fact that if there are problems, all cones will fall down on you. If the matter is that the required sum is too big for your budget, do not discuss this question with neighbors (you do not need excess gossips), and at once go to the one who is engaged in collection and distribution of funds. Explain that you cannot pay all money, but - you will master a half. Usually money is raised “with a stock“, and to you, most likely, will meet halfway. A half of the sum - is better, than nothing.

Councils of the lawyer Olga Kupreenko