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The story about a meeting from favourite

That summer I was sixteen years old, and I graduated from school. On the second of July I passed entrance examinations in the Moscow state prospecting university, and, having left mother`s colleagues to monitor lists, we with mother left in archaeological expedition. Mother went there for one day, just to organize our “delivery“ to the ancient settlement Staraya Ryazan, and I for all term, for two weeks.

C us two students whom mother took on the practician - Artem and Alexander went by the train. Both are nice, widely-read, clever, began to carry on long talk with mother. I buried in the detective story and did not notice how I fell asleep. I woke up from wild jolting: I was shaken by all three with wild eyes and an idiotic question: “How called the friend - the zoologist Sani Grigoriev?“. “Valya Zhukov“, - I answered. - “And what happened?“ . It became clear that these fans of reading could not remember this fact from the children`s book.


to me liked Artyom, is one year more senior, red, blue-eyed, high. Sasha was higher, is more senior and is more derisive.

C him the first time of thetas - about - thetas I got to talking during rest, it came from a well, and I rolled on “skin“ and read efremovsky “Hour of a bull“. I was strongly strained by names from the book, and so, he sat down nearby and began to tell for memory “A signature stamp of Rift, Fay Rodis etc.“ And here Larisa, our chief, shouts:“ Sash, descend to bathe with Ania, and that she is not able to swim“. Well, we also went.

Returned in five hours which we spent, without leaving water and stirring about everything on light. It became clear that we with it are terribly similar, up to zodiac sign and the Chinese horoscope: Scales and Tigers. In three days we walked till five in the morning. In the tent I slept in the middle, there were no wish to awake two women to me at all therefore from Sashkaya we went to his tent and, having embraced, fell asleep. There was our first scandal, only in the morning so far.

Then to it was 28 years old, he was married eight years and had the five-year-old daughter. All August we did not see each other, and in September I went to university, and it arrived for the sake of me. All September we walked to the subway, went to Tretyakovskaya and walked across Ordynka, the Clearing, Pyatnitsky. At parting he grandly kissed me on a cheek. Mine mother and the grandmother knew that I am in love with it.

A then... On September 14 the grandmother died, it was the person to whose death I cannot reconcile also now. I have a birthday on September 27, we with mother were in some despondency. And there arrived Sasha. Mother concluded that it not too - that gallant, but is the best person on Earth, and I was very lucky with it, I will tell about our other grieves and pleasures in other articles.

On the Second of October he kissed me, and was started turning. On October 15 mother had a birthday, celebrated at university at department. Forty people, songs to the guitar and general pleasure. We drew a section, became hollow tired at 22:00, happy and together.

on February 23, 2004 he remained to spend the night with us. So all also began...