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How to look for work after a long break the Question of employment for most of active people usually does not present a serious problem in the seniority of

. However such everyday situations when the professional has to begin searches after a considerable break in work are frequent.

the Reasons of a temporary pause; return in hired workers after the existence period “on free bread“ as the businessman or the representative of a creative profession.

Employment after considerable (in several years) a break in an experience creates certain problems. Employers assume existence of partial or full disqualification at such candidate that forces them to be skeptical about its labor potential reflected in the summary. Employers as if mentally multiply the professional capital of the person (knowledge, skills, experience) assumed on the basis of last achievements by a certain decreasing coefficient. Naturally, accurate formulas and constants do not apply here - each personnel officer or the head subjectively removes individual reference points by eye. For example, the assessment of professional potential of the thirty-year-old expert with an experience in eight years after a break for two years can be underestimated by 50%.

, How proved similar estimations of personnel officers and managers, it is senseless to discuss. Nobody ever openly and consciously does it. Just in the presence of candidates without the described shortcoming other things being equal characteristics of the curriculum vitae of candidates - “holiday-makers“ silently send to a recycle bin. As a result job search becomes for them the difficult business demanding special approach. Let`s try to understand the matter in detail.

search Strategy

In the described situation by job search should rely on several installations:

you can highly appreciate own labor potential as is wished, but always receive for it only that money which the employer will agree to pay you. It as in an old joke about an elephant in a zoo: “To eat - he will eat that and who will give it!“ . Therefore the appetites should be proportioned to objectivity: you do not sustain the competition to the same expert, as you, but without interruption in an experience. However, sometimes itself can wrap up “holiday“ on advantage, but about it later. Initially you should reconcile and agree to work which concedes on a skill level and payment by that with whom you once left the former place (disregarding, of course, average growth of salaries lately). However it does not mean that it is necessary to agree with that understating of an assessment of your labor potential which is shown by most of personnel officers and managers at fluent viewing of the summary. It is necessary to fight for reduction of decreasing coefficient, but completely to eliminate it it is unreal.

As for several years of absence in the personnel market to you it is difficult for li to estimate the actual cost of the labor potential, it is necessary to spend some time for market research to create adequate inquiry. In principle, it does not mean that it is necessary to refuse employment for several months. If money is urgently necessary, then it is possible to get without long searches the first job which at least on a minimum will feed you and will not begin to prevent continuation of active search of interesting, decent work. Besides losses of time for studying of the market it is necessary to consider also what responses to your summary will be much less, than on the curriculum vitae of your competitors. At you rather poor, therefore, the good offer it will be longer necessary to wait for the choice.

Distribute to

the summary with a big interval of the offered salary. For example, you consider that you have the right to apply for 1000 dollars a month though your competitors with uninterrupted length of service receive on average 1300. In this case distribute two summaries - with the instruction both 500, and 1500 dollars. It is caused by the following reasons. Announcements of employers are often not quite adequate to realities of the market therefore already on interview of people, having become interested in you, can strongly change the offer towards increase of a salary right after your appearance at work, having shown even more tempting prospects in the near future.

as a result of several real offers even if not absolutely interesting to you, create confidence in own position. You will constantly remember that you if something happens can get quickly at least such job, and quietly continue systematic search.

As for overestimate of the upper bound of an interval, and here it is necessary to remember possible inadequacy of inquiry of the employer. Some heads offer a good salary for workplaces on which with all functions and estimated volume of work a being the crew from several people can cope with ten hands and three heads, or or. Pomuchivshis some time with search a miracle - the employee, the employer psychologically becomes ready to revision of the inquiries, having tried to remake a workplace. In such situation it is possible to get on the head in a condition of temporary uncertainty when his consciousness ceases to think of formal criteria and makes a start in the assessment from direct perception of the person who is before it.

Should be remembered also that sometimes employers stop the choice on not the strongest candidate, being guided not by so business sympathies. Therefore does not follow on an own initiative to delete itself from fight for vacancies which reality seems to you doubtful.

Substantial conversation on professional subjects on interview very quickly allows to enter realities of the business world. For several years of your absence in the professional environment a lot of things could change, and sometimes what you once lived at work, stops being actual. It is very important to catch a new context for you: the employer will understand that you “in a subject“.

Technology of search

Considering low return from mailing of the summary, send them in tens if not in hundreds, according to the most various announcements. Do not hesitate to respond even to those offers which at first sight malosovmestima with your data. Remember that many announcements are made ineptly and inadequately. The Internet is the most convenient means of mailing of the summary presently, but it is not necessary to abuse opportunities of multiple-address mailing. It will hardly give to the personnel officer who receives your summary by e-mail and sees in line besides the address fifty more others pleasure. If to you there was a laziness to send the summary individually, then and reaction wait for corresponding.

Having dug Considering

that on formal grounds you frankly lose to competitors, success can be achieved only on interview. But on it to get it will be difficult: in most cases your candidate will be eliminated at the level of sorting of the summary. You do not press on employees of a human resources department by phone with the purpose to break to them. Through them there passes a large number of applicants, and problem candidates are not loved here. Each element of interaction at them is usually fulfilled to trifles for the sake of saving of time. And if someone begins to insist on an individual approach, it is sent right there to “dump“, otherwise the mentality of the personnel officer long will not sustain.

When the employee of this service asks you to send to

the summary, do not insist on a live meeting “without any there pieces of paper better“. Having contacted with the personnel officer, try to do accurately and laconically what he tells. Estimate its approach to you, and if something is not pleasant, without wasting words stop contact, but do not sort out the relations and you do not press: usually it does not yield any positive result. Only having reached interview, it is possible to begin to improvise and show the identity.


If at the employer who read your summary forms the underestimated assessment (he assumes disqualification existence), then you should show the maximum safety of a professional tone on interview. Specially think over the story and evident demonstration of how you for years of a labor pause managed to keep the potential without loss.

It will be better than

if you manage to convince the employer that you managed to acquire some new knowledge, skills and experience which can be very useful. There is nothing unusual in it, the true professional grows even then when does nothing. The Vyklyuchennost from expeditious vanity allows to take a detached view of the work, to understand deeper layers of its essence. But it is only not enough to speak - it is necessary and to show manifestations of such professional advancement somehow.

If you do not want to spend

for searches long months, then it is possible to get a job quickly in the specialty which is very good according to contents, but yields revenues small. Many look at similar employment as on temporary, its main goal - to overcome disqualification. Having worked several months, start search over again, but now without a long pause in the experience as you already closed it this temporary employment. With employers it is possible to speak in clear about the strategy.

you say to the First that you agree to its uninteresting conditions only because you wish to restore the qualification. At the same time you warn that, having achieved the, either you will leave quickly enough, or you will remain, but only in case he offers you then the salary corresponding to the restored qualification.

you explain to the Second that you so worked on the previous place a little after so long pause as such course was planned initially, and the former employer for you not in offense, you treated him honestly and frankly.

So, at the correct approach employment after a long pause is not a stubborn task. It is not necessary to be guided by standards of change of the place of work at uninterrupted length of service. It is the best of all not to consider the first employment after a break as full. Let it will be a transitional stage between prolonged “holiday“ and a full employment. And then everything at you will turn out with a minimum of expenses of time, physical efforts and nerves.