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The imagination on “Turnip“ of

It would be desirable to make a small contribution to a moneybox of parental experiment on carrying out birthdays. I present to your attention a sketch for private puppet theater. The idea of similar cheerful jumble on the basis of fairy tales well familiar to children is taken besides from you on the website. I want to add that our guests, children from 3 - x to 6 - ti years, actively participated in operation, and that the most pleasant, laughed loudly with all the heart over all this confusion. Good luck to you!


Sound prompt

Once upon a time there were grandfather yes the grandma, Ate with
porridge with milk,
Washed down all with cocoa, Jammed
a pretzel!

Phenomenon the first. Shocking

Ded and Babka


of the Old man:
- Hey, Parsley! Oh, old woman! Bake - to me a turnip! Oh, put to me a turnip!

- You that, old! What I to you Parsley! You are a cheese cake!

- Ah, so! And you... and you... carrot!
- the Cheese cake!
- Sausage!
- the Radish!
Fight and run away.

Phenomenon the second. Zaklinatelny

- Hi, children! From the grandma with the child to sense all the same will not be so it is necessary to put a turnip!

the Mouse moves to other end of a screen decorated under a kitchen garden.

- As it becomes, let`s - remember... Aha, at first we dig a pole! It is ready! And further - that? Remembered! It is necessary to put 5 rubles in a pole, to dig and tell magic words: Eniki`s
- benik
Ate vareniki!
to Whom four years -
good weather! Raise
, the turnip, is big,
That Fainochka grew at
That grew to a roof
That mice were afraid of it!
Well, here... Oh, now such turnip will grow!

the Granddaughter Appears.

- Hi, Mashenka! Oh, that is, Myshenka! (Same I am Mashenka!) You did not see mine the grandmother and the grandfather?

Mouse: - Saw
... as they fought.

- As, again?! That for punishment! You bring up, you bring up, and all uselessly! Granny, old man, you where?

Ded and Babka Appear.

- Hi. vnuchenka! How are you at school?

- So, the granny. You do not fool me by fine words! I know everything! What here at you happened this time?

- And it not I! All this it!

- Masha, do not listen to it, old! It the first began it!

- Well it for old men ill-bred such! Can you, children, explain to them as it is necessary to behave! Tell, it is possible to peach? (Children answer) it is possible to be called? And to fight?

Granddaughter (old man with the grandma):
- Well, heard?

Grandfather and Babka:
- was Heard...

- And now go, a postoyta - in a corner for the behavior!

Grandfather and Babka:
- Oh, we more so will not be! We do not want in a corner!

- Children, we will believe? We will not punish them? (Our audience, unanimously, showed generosity.) Well, all right. Only now obey!

Grandfather: - it is good
- well! Mashenka, and we will go, we will take a walk!

- Well, we will go.

Grandfather and Babka:
- Hurrah! And you a chupa - chupsa will buy us?

Granddaughter: - Begins

Phenomenon the third. Rotary

Voice: - Rescue
! Help! Oh - yoy - yoy!

Kolobok Appears.

- Oh where I got? In greengrocery, perhaps? Ah, what charming children! Hello! You recognized me? Yes, I the grandmother left, the grandfather, from a hare and even from a bear evaded! And now I run away from this most as it... Well, red such! Forgot how is called... Precisely, from a fox! Oh, it will catch up with me! Where to me from it to hide? And I will climb - I on a bed! Here only I will be covered with leaves... And you, children, do not give me, all right?

the Mouse Appears.

- Ah! Well I spoke to you! The turnip - that what grew! Beauty! It is time to pull out it... (tries to pull out Kolobok) Is not present, does not leave. It will be come to the rescue a cat it would not be desirable to call, however... Hey, tomcat! Run here!

- Yes, expensive, I already here.

- Here, tell better! Grab me, only look do not eat inadvertently! Tian - we will pull...

- Yes, it would not be desirable, of course, but the Bug should call. Mya - and - and - and - at!

of the Bug:
- Gav - gav - gav! Who told this disgusting “meow“?

- Not time now to quarrel! Help better! Catch! Tian - we will pull... Eh, nothing is impossible!

the granddaughter Appears.

- What you do it here? And, you drag a turnip? Well, let me help! And - and - and time, and - and - and two, and - and - and three! It is necessary to call the grandmother. Grandmother! Children, she, probably, does not hear, call you her. Oh - bu - a shka!

- Oh, fathers, the turnip - that what grew! You what, you cannot pull out it? Eh, weaklings! It is necessary to go in for physical culture! Tian - we will pull... So, where this radish - sausage... Oh, grandfather, that is... Children, call the grandfather, and that I from ice cream absolutely became hoarse! - du - a shka!

- Well I go, I go! Chupa - chups will not allow to eat quietly! Yes who a turnip so pulls it!? That it at you turns out: A mouse for a turnip, the Cat for the Mouse, the Bug for the Cat, the Granddaughter for the Bug, the Grandma for the granddaughter. Children, and how correctly it is necessary? Of course, the Old man for a turnip (children list in the correct order). Well, we pull - we will pull... Oops! Extended!

All in amazement:
is that.... that is, who?

- Da Coloboc I, it is not visible, perhaps!

- I when put a turnip, probably, mixed magic words...

- And you me are will not be?

All chorus: - Is not present
, well you!

- And all go to birthday to my girlfriend Fainochka! I and have a gift! (To show from - for screens cake, it is possible with the lit candles.) Hurrah - and - and - and!!!