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About female intuition and all the rest of

From where it undertook?

At that time when we with the husband lived almost civil marriage nearly 1. The 5th years, we had a question: and why, actually, at us dithat it is not got? I even sometimes cried at night, thinking that to me, maybe, it is simply not allowed to test in this life happiness of motherhood... Well, naive! Even in medicine the diagnosis “infertility“ is made after a year of regular PZh without protection so we were not strongly beaten out from the schedule:-).

Nevertheless, I decided to go to the doctor. Looked there at my 43 kilograms and 157 centimeters of growth, advised to drink... contraceptive tablets (“Novinett“). Explained with the fact that at reception of this preparation during 3 - x months the organism will have a rest, will begin to develop everything that is necessary. Whether it is worth saying that I did not reach tablets? That is I bought them, put in a handbag, and in several weeks with quiet soul threw out. Because ours all Mas - was brought!

About female intuition

are Told, the woman often understands that inside at it “someone lives“ even earlier, than it will be shown by various tests. With me quite so also was! I went in an electric train (in the morning to work) and suddenly realized that “here it“! Earlier at me such “arrivals“ were not observed!

For the second time I received “sign“ when suddenly zatoshnit me on the way home a little on back sitting of the bus that was not earlier too. And here then I believed myself and the miracle. And received confirmation in several days in the form of the striped test. And, despite all presentiments and some internal readiness, all - was frightened. The child - not potato, you will not throw out in a window. It on all zhist.

But neither at me, nor at the husband the will was not enough to go and kill our small “work“. The destiny it was taken out on court of parents of the husband (my mother knew nothing for a long time) because the material aspect of a question depended still more on them (we - that still we study, special we do not earn money), the father told: “Give birth!“ What pleasure because I was not ready to abortion at all!

Dosvadebny “travel“

C Masem we lived rather in peace and friendship. Having only constantly felt hungry and sleep. And I just could take nothing sweet in a mouth, I needed meat! Meat! And anything except! The chief abused for a habit to burst something, directly without departing from a workplace... Nevertheless, I long did not gain weight. The doctor even registered some bioadditives in consultation, but I persistently grew thin (at total absence of delights of toxicosis!) .

In November I managed so to hurt a lip that it was necessary to sew up it under a local anesthesia (“Novocaine“). Before to me ever anything was sewn up. It turned out that it is not sick. And when asked the doctor as far as it is harmful, he told: “And what term at you?“ I who only yesterday left consultation: “Six weeks!“ “Is not present, not harmfully...“ - well and it is excellent!

of the Stomach per se was not long. After New year (and we conceived our Masya in October) mother asked: “And you at us, a case, are not going to give birth? Something at you trousers are not buttoned...“ I gather, I speak, but only not earlier than June, and trousers just from an old age are not buttoned - I 2 wear them years, from the school... And I so long told nothing to mother because I was afraid that she will just shoot down me:-). Of course, she in her wants to wait nearly 60 years for grandsons, but me - that at the same time only 19! Child!:-) In vain was afraid. Mother understood everything and even approved.

After New year (on January 5 or 6) the kid decided to stand for the first time on the hind legs and arranged me all toxicosis at full scale, however, only for one day. Since morning felt sick from a soaked brusnichka... After a lunch I just periodically sat near a toilet with very pale look. Then asked the husband to buy mineral waters. It brought something like “Yessentuki“. The nightmare was full! I tried to have a sleep because while you sleep, does not feel sick. Then you wake up, you see before yourself a mineral water bottle, you represent its taste... also you fly to a toilet! Even with a side sideways to turn over was literally “sickening“. By the evening felt better a little, I on pleasures gorged on potatoes with chicken (is - that there was a wish very much!) . Is not necessary, is not necessary... Generally, when at half past twelve nights chicken returned to this world, at last ceased to feel sick me, everything returned to normal and I fell asleep, hungry, but happy.

By the way, at that time all of us were not painted yet. So it was worth hurrying with a wedding, so far I still could get into a dress:-). At work already somehow the people guessed my situation... I tactfully did not ask in what way.

the Wedding took place on February 10. There was also a car (“Lincoln“ white), both a dress, and restaurant... All as is necessary! But I all - constantly envy those who marry not because “child“ but because cannot live without each other... The romantic I, is shorter: - (. Speak, it is difficult for romantics to live...

About doctors

I was followed up from 6th week by a doctor. Then came to usual city ZhK. Not to tell that there in general it was bad... For example, you climb on a chair, and the bucket in which packings from “Tampaxes“ alternately with stubs stands nearby... And the vrachikha was peculiar there. When at me somewhere is closer to the 10th week bleeding began, it told me that I there to myself NAILS scratched everything! Type when put candles... It is not known to the girl that such things can be the beginning of an abortion... Prescribed “Dyufaston“ which I drank by the principle “if did not forget“. Then threw, though say that this medicine needs to be cancelled gradually.

There now, after a wedding I moved to other city and literally in a week went to give up to local doctors. For a fee, under the contract. In the regional perinatal center. Here everything, of course, more purely and more decently, except for such “creative“ mess: the doctor can not come to reception, analyses can lose, write down can that day when all maternity hospital does not work at all... Interestingly, and when I will give birth, the same relation will be? However, here all - was pleasant to me more.

We are!

In couple of days after a wedding (there was the 20th week), our kid at last moved! The first it was felt by his father, was even frightened. Then and I noted that yes, there is someone there:-). And in 2 weeks (on March 7) we were sent to ultrasonography (second). I did the first in the hometown on 12 - y to week. Showed such “zapitayka“ with the big head and a small tail, legs and handles. Heart at “it“ fought with speed of 157 blows (for some reason I remembered it).

we went For the second ultrasonography all family. And as day was holiday, at Ultrasonographers was output too! It was necessary to call the doctor and to ask... she advised to address the duty Ultrasonographer if that, to call back again to it. But it was not necessary to do it because we all - were accepted.

Reptiles why the monitor was unscrewed?! I see nothing! I lie on a couch as an aquarium in which examine the only floating small fish... The small fish was a boy (yes, difficultly with something to mix IT!) very mobile (the husband told that that constantly moves, just not always I feel it). When he was depicted on a film, he thrust into a mouth a finger - here such here model. All fingers on the place, heart normal, well and so on.

in the middle of April I left work - on session. By this time we already pushed just be healthy! For some reason Mas preferred teachers - men - began to spin and be kicked godlessly. Was nervous instead of me at examinations - I am quiet, and it turns and turns... It turned out that I have in group one more girl “in situation“, only to it to give birth for 3 weeks later. And at institute! Office of the Buryat philology (especially, zaochnitsa) - through one “big-bellied“! Well and our journalists too - not a rarity... Just some boom!

Session came to an end in

on May 16. And on the same day me put in hospital. With the diagnosis “threat of premature birth“.

the Home straight

After hospital of affairs it was p too much! While I still lay, houses began to do repair therefore it was necessary temporarily to go to live on the giving. Then problems with the passport (its receiving) since I changed it after birthday, but not right after a wedding that threatens with a good penalty began. It was succeeded to settle...

Finished with

repair, bought a carriage, a bed and a locker for children`s things. And I bought things even before session, having spat all prejudices. Just because it is pleasant and does not demand huge single money.


to the smallest made one more KTG to which it reacted not so emotionally - just fell asleep at the end. And at me from “Ginipral“ heart fights now as to it will take in head... And when at me it beats, at the kid to the 170th pulse too... Poor! Thank God, I should not drink this muck now! The third ultrasonography showed that the kid develops correctly, without pathologies. Only melkovat - about 2400 - 2500 grams promise at the birth. Well, so you already know my parameters though I also recovered decently.

on June 17 I creep to the doctor. She says that the head of the kid already fell (VDM with 33 to 31), but week, and it is better - two, it is necessary to resemble. Weight did not change in a week - 57. 600 (that too sign of fast childbirth). Following appearance on June 27. I about myself think that hardly I reach it... The doctor pleases me - I will give birth! Before I was called the first candidate on Caesarian - a basin narrow. Now it turned out that not everything is so bad. To see, the kid regretted mother and did not begin to be fattened so not to creep most. Well done!

of the House I find one more sign - a stopper which closes an entrance to a uterus throughout pregnancy, it appears, any more closes nothing... of course, I am not completely sure that it it, but it seems brown some lump of slime. Without blood, so a minimum we have a week!

there comes mother Next day, we go for a walk on the city (at me even shoulders burned down though by the sun, it seems, did not go). I come home, I lay down on a sofa, and unforgettable feelings begin. The same tone (when everything contracts inside and muscles become “stone“), but at the same time also painfully! There now, now I represent that I should worry... But as accurate intervals between these fights were not, I assumed that it is just harbingers. And it appeared - sat behind a computer, and everything passed! At night, however, again began, but for a while.

legs began to swell Then. Rather strongly. Here only to the doctor there is no wish to go at all because it is 100% hospital, ac then will only understand, gestoz it or just by the end of pregnancy became difficult for kidneys. It is thought, I resemble a bit and if that, then since Monday and will put... There it will be just possible to give birth! It is a pity only that now in plenty you will not drink water - it is necessary to be limited. Eh, who thought up it, such transparent and cool... when on the street plus 27!

And so also I live now - waiting. All bags are collected, things almost everything are washed and stroked. It is rather in maternity hospital!