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The office romance is similar to deception of

Practically each of us by all means witnessed the novels arising at work, and even itself was their participant. You definitely will play a cunning trick if you tell that you never sympathized with the employee of an opposite sex. Or you work as the huntsman in the wood or maybe protect a warehouse on the desert island, or … To tell the truth: nothing human is alien to us. And as we carry out the most part of the life at work, nothing remains to us how to enter certain relations with other people, sometimes irrespective of ours will and consciousness.

to the Director of one large enterprise Lyudmila Mikhaylovna having more than one thousand employees in the submission reported on

once that in supply division fights do not stop: women battle for the brand new employee. Lyudmila Mikhaelovna decided to look at the troublemaker - Casanova.“ When it entered, - the head mistress told, - I lost a speech power and long then could not recover. Then I also felt what is love at first sight“. The newcomer, according to Lyudmila Mikhaylovna, besides uncommon external data possessed surprising charm and male magnetism. It made so indelible impression on the woman that the strong and strong-willed chief joined in the general fight for attention of so unusual man. Well than not the performance “Glass of Water“ in modern interpretation?

Other example: the head of the company, signing the certificate, saw the photo of the new employee and … without memory fell in love with her. Yes you never know cases happens?!

I will not open anything new if I tell that practically all flirt at work. Other business that on the importance office romances, almost like diseases, are divided into lungs, heavy (with consequences and without those) and fatal. The first - most of all, the second - percent ten - twenty five (depending on the size of the enterprise), and the last - one chance from one thousand. A lot of things depend on how it is accepted to communicate in this establishment. In some firms the dry law works and the friendly relations between employees are not encouraged, however and here does not do without novels (such secret that Stierlitz would envy). However, from it they are even more attractive: the forbidden fruit, as we know, is sweet. And there are companies where the chief does not hesitate of the affection for the subordinate, and even for two - rub, and in every possible way encourages the communications arising between other employees. Perhaps in your organization do not attach to similar things significance at all: likes and dislikes of employees - their personal record if only they did not interfere with the labor process.

we Will begin

with the easy office relations which and novels to call difficult - so, noncommittal flirtation. It is the most creative, most remarkable form of communication. Well why not to tell Ivanov that he has a delightful hairdress (in which? that eyelids has hair cut, you), Petrova - will think that she is irresistible in violet, and to Sidorov - that he so remarkably made a speech at meeting! Generally, as at Okudzhava, let to pay each other compliments. To each person it is extremely important if people around support him and approve. And it is not only about work, but also about private life. My close friend scandalously got divorced from husband and steeped in work. And as the woman it uncommon, compliments, flowers, souvenirs and other manifestations of male attention on service did not keep themselves waiting. Her ex-husband, nevertheless, after divorce did not calm down and from time to time visited it to splash out on it a tub of mucks. The girlfriend bitterly cried after such visits, but how? that time after work it was brought by the charming colleague, told it a lot of pleasant and even made a proposal of marriage. Houses it were met by the former spouse with the next portion of roughnesses. It seemed to the woman such poor, such pathetic that she began to laugh loudly to the offender directly in a face and so that that did not risk to be shown ex-any more - the wife on eyes.

the Attention, approval, understanding, care, compliments from colleagues are pleasant to

not only women, but also men even if it seems that the object of your attention does not react to them in any way. At heart to your colleague, certainly, flatterly high opinion on it which you express. The little flirtation can last indefinitely as the employees participating in it realize that it is just expression of mutual sympathy. Not without reason there are touching versions of the address, such as “expensive“ (“road“) “, my sun“, “my hare“ and so on. You will not take seriously the word of the colleague: “Love of all my life, it is not difficult to you to transfer me the daddy with reports for last year?“ But at such tender address it is impossible to refuse service! Flirtation time develops into something more essential - a passionate office romance or warm friendship.

By the way, the last often arises also between same-gender employees. So, nobody transferred the chief accountant Tatyana to spirit for awful character. And Irina working in other department managed her once get to talking then understood that Tatyana - the thin, vulnerable person. At first women just sympathized each other, and then began to be on friendly terms. Because of joint activity sometimes there is also other type of relatives, same-sex, the relations. But as if colleagues treated it while the office romance or communication do not influence results of work, it, I`m sorry, concerns nobody. The same as has to be to nobody affairs, for example, to a nationality of your elect, to your relation to religion, policy and so on. You remember how at the end of the magnificent comedy “Some Like It Hot“ one of heroes admits to the millionaire who was fallen in love with him that he is a man, and that answers:“ All have shortcomings“?

Much in the course of transition of flirtation to the direct and passionate novel depends on behavior of characters. Happens so that the charming employee will tell Verochka (Katenka, Lidochka …) komplimentik under good mood and will forget about it. And that, the silly fellow, will throw the husband, will begin to neglect official duties and let`s pursue the man, similar to Basilashvili`s hero from “Office romance“. Professional - kom? that is not present now! As a rule, flirtation arises between employees of one rank and when the chief and the subordinate participate in it, here smells slightly of the novel. And, as a rule, the person allocated with the power insists on more close relations. Optional such role is carried out by the man, such playboy. Also chiefs, in the majority the lonely women anxious and hysterical meet. Here, if got to a trap, decide that to you it is more important - the place of work or self-respect, or perhaps you also wish to lose the head. As the poet wrote, “it is simple to deceive me, I to be deceived is glad!“ . And when before your nose the charming fairy smelling of expensive spirits or tightened and witty the charmer constantly flashes, seldom who is capable to resist temptation a little to poflirtovat.

Think, solve: to be to an office romance or not to be. Because consequences of such relations - the most unpredictable. People sometimes lose not only the head, but also a family, work. There are also tragedies. So, sent to one chemical company to work the foreigner who was good himself it is rich - generally, “the real colonel“. It began the love story from one of the Russian employees. Everything proceeded well, but business trip ended, and he left, even without having said goodbye to the woman. The upset beauty potoskovat - a potoskovala and rushed to a tub with solvent … Since then at that enterprise tabooed office romances.

Novels arise also in the office purposes. Often flirtations are necessary in intelligence activities, even not in the investigation per se, and in competitive fight. Of course, always disgustingly, when you are used. Unfortunately, there is a breed of women and men who are not absolutely bad as experts, but are frankly silly in the personal plan. Let`s tell, the high-class professional can float a rumor what who? that from employees is crazy about it though at that and in thoughts was not to sympathize with the colleague! And at times people perceive a primitive office petty intrigue as the ultimate truth and even several times in succession run in a registry office. It is not necessary and say to you that such individuals constantly repeat that they are unfortunate in private life.

In order that then was not excruciatingly painful for deeds, you learn to understand working with you not at the level of primacies and as the homo sapiens. In this plan the sign language is the most eloquent, only straightforward people will not be afraid to stop any attention which is not paying to them (and the main thing, nothing suspecting) the employee and to tell: “Well will be enough, you got me. Today or never!“ Others tell nothing, but in the presence of object of passion smarten up. It is a peculiar signal: who? that to whom? that is pleasant. Or present that the head does you reprimand and at the same time holds a finger behind a belt, and the chief shakes the shoe which is semi-taken off from a leg as a flag … Gestures, frankly speaking, sexually aggressive.

Any excess in an office romance, naturally, an extreme. And any extreme balances too close to the foul so best of all and more effectively to use the arisen feeling in the peace purposes, but not to break families, hurting close people. It is clear, that it is difficult to cope with the feelings which suddenly gushed over you, to understand itself, but it is hardly worth assimilating to an animal and to give in to such elements. When the storm of an office romance abates, rare ex-the lover will not tell himself: “What I was an idiot!“ Say that the clever person can fall in love as mad, but not as the fool. And if the love which gushed over you - real, become your destiny? Psychologists advise many lonely ladies to find work where most of employees - men to arrange the destiny. Serious men? colleagues, having once married, as a rule, do not hurry what? to change that even if the wife became a subject of a house situation long ago. And here women (in the majority), getting office romances with married men on what? that still hope.

What: little and pleasant flirtation for rise in labor productivity, the fast sex in a lunch break which is giving rise to wild sense of shame or a twist of fate with Mendelssohn`s march - to solve to you, but it does not make sense to deny existence of such communications. While there are interpersonal relations on production, office romances were, is and will be.