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Whether in confidence the whole world of

Should hide long pregnancy

Strangely enough if in what we consider as a friend ourselves ahead of the planet of everything, then concerning such phenomenon as pregnancy, even the most progressive part of our fellow citizens still has mass of the surprising foreigners of secrets, bans and prejudices. The message about the future replenishment of family is considered very intimate event to which and relatives - that, including even the child`s father, it is necessary to prepare in advance, calculating the optimum moment. What to tell about acquaintances and colleagues! whether

the real bases under this ban Are?

One of our most hardy signs says that it is necessary to hide as long as possible pregnancy - differently will maleficiate. This sign very ancient. It is connected with the fact that there was no corresponding medical care earlier. If now it is possible to deal with the problems of the first trimester with the help of achievements of medicine, then several centuries ago everything occurred only “at God`s will“. Any complications were perceived often as result of a malefice. And today similar approach, strangely enough, subconsciously continues to work even at the most civilized part of the female population believing in achievements of medicine. Though to be fair It is necessary to tell, as an opposite tendency - it is joyful to inform on the future event nearly whole world - too takes place, despite traditions.

Anyway, the purpose of this article is not the analysis of the reasons of why we had such relation to pregnancy, is a minor question. Time it exists as a reality, we suggest to realize pluses and minuses of both positions. Medical aspect

Whatever motives future mother was guided by p

, hiding or emphasizing pregnancy, she has to mean the following aspects which do not depend on her desire to tell something to people around or not to speak.

Till 12 weeks of pregnancy (3 months) the sizes of a uterus do not go beyond a small pelvis, and only by 12 weeks the upper bound (bottom) of a uterus reaches pubis level. By this time by the size the uterus reminds a male fist. But as in a small pelvis there is a lot of place, a circle of a stomach and, respectively, waists at the same time actually does not change. Besides, if the woman has a nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite that often happens, especially at the first pregnancy, then it is not excluded that there can even be an insignificant loss of weight. By 20 weeks the bottom of a uterus reaches navel level. By this time it is already possible to notice the small growth of a stomach, but it is frequent and it is imperceptible. A lot of things depend on a style and a type of clothes which are worn by the woman.

in general as of minuses the pregnancy hidden from people around can call

the following:

  • All indispositions, toxicosis and other should be hidden too, without counting on understanding, the help and sympathy of people around.
  • Surrounding your suddenly arisen disgust for smoking and smokers and unwillingness to inhale others cigarette smoke will be unclear
  • .
  • Dietary addictions and refusal of alcohol should be explained to
  • too somehow if earlier you to anything did not refuse; you will be pursued by puzzled questions.
  • to Run, jump, rush on a ladder as before, you too will not be able now, and it should think up an explanation too.

as a result what you thought up, you will be perceived as suddenly sick person as your behavior will hardly keep within the tale of a new healthy stage of your life.

Therefore from the medical point of view do not have

any obvious pluses, except for a peace of mind from execution of the conceived purpose here - misinformations of people around about your real situation.

However, a serious occasion not to speak so far about the pregnancy. The most dangerous term - till 12 weeks therefore will be reasonable to wait this time before reporting about future child to people around.

of Relationship with people around

Of course, first of all it is about informing or not informing relatives, friends, acquaintances.

It is natural that the most interested persons - the father of the child and parents, and then already other relatives, friends and acquaintances.

can achieve

of What, having hidden from them the pregnancy?

So, at first minuses :

Now pluses about which objectivity for the sake of can tell that it is less of them.

to you will not ask

constantly same questions: whom you want, the boy or the girl; when you give rise; as you feel, - which after the tenth answer begin to irritate though you understand that asking they are guided by the best feelings.


of the Relation with colleagues and the employer


Before sorting pluses and minuses, we will look what nevertheless the problem on a workplace consists in.

By the Russian legislation, future mother the maternity leave is granted to

on the basis of the statement of the worker and the health certificate in which the term of childbirth is specified. Duration of this holiday depending on complexity of childbirth and the number of children has to make from 70 to 84 calendar days before childbirth and from 70 to 110 days after the child was born. Maternity allowance has to be paid to future mummy. It pays off as well as temporary disability benefit, - of 100% of earnings. For this purpose it is necessary to take the actual salary in a year and to divide it on the number of the fulfilled days.

After the maternity leave will end with

, young mother, most likely, will go on a child care leave. For one and a half years she will receive benefit of 500 rubles and compensation of 50 rubles. This money will be allocated at the expense of means of the Social Insurance Fund. Besides, after registration in early terms in medical institution the woman expecting the child has to receive from the Social Insurance Fund at a time 300 rubles. And when the kid will be born, mummy will receive a lump sum. Last year its sum made 4,5 thousand rubles, but since January 1 the Social Insurance Fund increased it to 6 thousand.

Krom of these payments the state guarantees to future mother protection against dismissal. Article 261 of the Labour code accurately says that “cancellation of the employment contract at the initiative of the employer with pregnant women is not allowed except for cases of liquidation of the organization. In case of the expiration of the urgent employment contract during pregnancy of the woman the employer is obliged to prolong according to her statement the term of the employment contract before occurrence at it of the right for a maternity leave“. That is young mother can lose the workplace, only if the enterprise at which she worked completely stops existence.

After the child was born, the woman can also feel rather protected from personnel shocks. Cancellation of the employment contract with the women having children under 3 years, the lonely mothers who are bringing up the child aged till 14 years (the child - the disabled person till 18 years), other persons raising the specified children without mother at the initiative of the employer is not allowed.

But several exceptional cases when the woman can be dismissed are. Among them: discrepancy of the worker of a post or the performed work, owing to a state of health according to medical certificate, representation by the worker to the employer of false documents or obviously false data at an execution of an employment agreement and some other.

Knowing these reefs in the relations with the employer, we will analyse pluses and minuses of the pregnancy hidden from the employer.

Minuses :

Pluses :

Of course, any situation is individual therefore to claim that it is better or worse - to hide pregnancy or to show it, - it is impossible. Each woman makes decisions independently, considering circumstances and prospects.

But, nevertheless, in conclusion we will give several advice to those who decided not to inform people around on the pregnancy for the time being:

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