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Gagra - the city on the mountain. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.

And with excursion on Mamzyshkh we made a mistake

it Cost much to us and the satisfaction was not brought by 9. In general, unlike the past when we sought to look just at everything around, we spent this year much more quietly and rasslablenny. Walked. Sunbathed. Floated.

But here on the Alpine meadows wanted...

Having made the analysis of the prices of a trip on Mamzyshkh which dispersion was from 2000 rub for the car (an open goat) to 500 rubles (Field), we set up on a green Field.

Having assured us that it, naturally (!) goes not only until the end of asphalt as all taxi drivers, and further, to the snow and the Alpine meadows, Alik took us, really, further the end of asphalt... meters on 500. The Alpine meadows, really, very well were seen in a gleam between trees.

As for snow - that... snow REALLY was, still yesterday was, on this very spot, where now a pool. And today... today, it appears, snow here already thawed....

Well that. By then on a condition of the road we also understood that for 500 rubles to the Alpine meadows which invitingly are seen in the distance already precisely nobody will go. Also ripened to pay in addition. For 400 rubles from above Alik was ready to go with us to the world`s end and went further, assuring that he remained already absolutely nearby.

I it turned out to be true. We passed nearby. Even very nearby, kilometers 5 at most, and snow began then.

At first snow lay in depressions in the ground of the surrounding wood - so that I could not understand in any way and what this snow so prevents to lift herds on pastures (to us explained that herds did not pass yet since on rise snow). And then snow slipped to the road, its rechalk, and are expensive in places just not became - only snow blockages, snow drifts, snow whirlpools... Our driver honestly tried to go to the last - when all passengers began to cry out and be evacuated already outside since ahead the road was filled up with trees, and we went not on the road any more, and on a snow slope, and and across:.

we are farther than

, full of determination to get on meadows, went on foot. And Alik honestly went with us, expressing readiness to go so much how many we will be able. There were we, probably, for about one hour, and then understood that meadows not become closer. 9 was necessary to return. Consoled us only the fact that the GAZ car by which for journey asked 2000 rubles (Akop) could not pass too here. Nobody could pass here. The road was demolished by winter, and winter here, in mountains, did not come to an end yet. Filled up all with the fallen trees and stones. Swept up snowdrifts. Yes did not thaw still...

Well that we did not get on meadows, but we visited snow Abkhazia. Mountain Abkhazia - the country of snow. Snow flew around us. Swirled. Curled. Flowed round trees. It was absolutely clear why cannot take place herd up - there just there is no place to go:. Around it was very beautiful. And the road on the Alpine meadows will open only in the middle of the summer, now we and understood it. So far all appeals to go to “the Alpine meadows“ (and by cars on the road, and on horses from the end of asphalt) meant only - to approach here these snow, to wander on the mountain wood. Too it is good! But not on what we were adjusted is a little.

However, we saw in Gagra advertizing of a campaign on Mziya`s lake with mountain the Extreme - club. Two-day excursion, 84 kilometers long, from them 9 - on horses and on foot. Here they, perhaps, reach both meadows, and glaciers, as well as promise. Let`s check next year:! There is that excursion (with spending the night and thrice feeding both days) 1300 rubles from the person.

So. There is no offense left on Alik for missing on meadows. Well, you should not have driven off from the edge of asphalt on such distance 400 rubles which are paid in addition by us:. Is not necessary! Well, so are guilty - badly agreed, showed a complete ignorance of a subject:. However history did not end yet.

we went down, planning to stop on all “specific“ points - from above to look at the coast. And here - it is very a pity - missed. The top (second) observation deck appeared in a layer of clouds, we resembled in them, touched a cloud: and here to see through it something below it did not turn out. Very amusing there was a show as directly in the sky sideways and above the wood edge appears suddenly (the cloud in that place dissipated and showed the neighboring mountain). Total, prevention: if you go to the mountain up, then examine everything at once, without postponing for a way back as it is offered by the driver. Yes, gasoline so at it will leave more! But chances to see something, without having got to clouds, at you will increase exactly twice.

it Turned out p that Alik lives directly near the first (lower) viewing. And, otfotografirovavshis on an observation deck, we went to it home to gasoline to add, and that on our distant trip it came to an end. Houses accepted us “as guests“, gave to drink coffee (Alik`s mother cooked), did not take money for it. And when we were unloaded from the car already below, it turned out that we forgot the camera. Where? Well, probably, at Alik houses - as left there, came into the house, were undressed, took off jackets. ... Biya himself in a breast, the driver assured that us have nothing to worry, tomorrow he to us will bring him - we are his dear visitors. We managed to Ukaraulit Alik on the taxi stand every other day by the evening, and there our photodevice it to us... sold for 300 rubles (the digital camera, not the cheapest, but to adapt it in economy to foreign person not so - that simply). He explained, however, it with the fact that we left a chamber on an observation deck, and local children (owners of cafe) took from it for it money. It is improbable as it seems to us. Well, as nobility... And what difference, anyway - hooked. The offer from locals to redeem the thing forgotten by you seems to me dishonourable though, often, and at us it is possible:“ Let`s return for remuneration“...

Grudged for

couple of days when we did not depart far from the parking waiting for a green Field, it was unpleasant that our camera photographed and put accumulators (all right though did not break). There was an unpleasant feeling that the person at first accepted us “as dear visitors at home“ and positioned itself our best friend (and without that not bad on us profited!) . There was an unpleasant feeling that taxi drivers conferred and consulted with each other, how many from us - suckers - to request for our thing, and right there in eager rivalry babbled to us what people hospitable here, and for what they are ready for the sake of guests. And people there indeed hospitable! But here not all... Well, the impression was stained. And it is a pity.

Where to stop in Gagra

Several words about the choice of the place of residence.

Gagra - very long city, it is extended along the sea. Streets go parallel to the coastline, each following lasts along a slope of the mountain higher than previous.

At first across

We lived in the center of Gagra. It is very convenient to us since we are able and we like to walk on foot. Therefore we easily (minutes for 20) reached from the house in the opposite ends of the city - and Gagrsky park (towards Russia), and the market (towards Sukhumi). Though... if on foot it is heavy to go and there is no wish, then this advantage disappears, and can become, on the contrary, inconvenience (the market far, for example, park too far).

Now down

As a rule, visitors want “the first line from the sea“. It makes some sense - live directly at the sea, with the beach, without putting on, can go home and change clothes already in civilized conditions of the room closed from public eyes. The housing there also costs more expensively. But on absolutely first line (from the lowermost road towards the sea - the court yard coming directly to the beach) it is not enough houses, and they for some reason quite poorish. We asked why - the hostess says that, maybe, because there to live (constantly to live - both in the summer, and in the winter, to hosts to live) badly. Badly because damp there very much, winds strong, it is noisy (a surf one day - it is pleasant, and year after year it is heavy). Or perhaps because there all places already bought up under health-resort visitors (not for the accommodation, and for vacationers), and do not hurry to invest money and to start them in action yet. Well, I do not know why. But such houses which are widespread in Gagra above - strong two-storeyed, with verandahs - there it is few.

of the House on other side of the road (here houses more decently) are already separated from the sea by the route Moscow - Sukhumi. That is, come not to the sea, and to the road. To go to the sea, of course, absolutely close. But is it important?

Sleduyushchaya Street - Lenina. It is much more silent than the route, and go on it seldom. To the sea nearby, is 20 - 30 meters farther, than from the first line. Houses here sound. But this street TO the mountain. That is, it still flat. If to live there, then from the place of residence you will not see anything special - the house yes somewhere in a distance looking out from around - for them mountains.

of the House on the lower side of Internatsionalnaya St. (it is removed from the street)
Internatsionalnaya Street - the third line. And it already on the mountain. Houses on the right (lower) side of the street and on left (top) considerably differ with levels. At lower the roof strongly is lower than the level of street, and at top a floor is strong above it:. Houses and court yard are made all short flights of stairs and ledges there. It very much was pleasant to us - it is very beautiful and unusual, such local color.
of Internatsionalnaya Street conducts
To the house to us already it was necessary to overcome rise - in one place such quite notable (on a photo), 15 meters long. On other way it is expensive almost not uphill. It was easy to us to go and as to you - you look:-). From a verandah and from windows of our house the tremendous view both of the sea, and of mountains, and of houses below opened. On a verandah we saw off each decline.

are already somehow difficult

of the Street (in my opinion) for accommodation above. To get on them tires though we also looked narrowly from interest - there very few vacationers and beautiful types. But here the roadsides breaking somewhere far down without what on are though smallest small fence, frighten unusual us.

of the House where we lived

of the Address, phones, appearances...

I Will repeat (from last year) about technical details.

We lived in Gagra, Internatsionalnaya St., 21 (at owners the house number 23 - next).

Cellular hostesses (Rimma) +7 918 202 29 27 It is phone of MTS, especially for calls to it from vacationers. But when we were there, the grid, probably, was overloaded, and communication was very unstable - be persistent in calling. It is possible to write also SMS - ki.

In June accommodation cost 100 rubles from a nose in days (from children, it seems, a half of the sum), during a high season (July - August) cost increases up to 150 rub

If you call and agree, then surely call several times (in advance for the preliminary arrangement and is closer to business - to specify whether everything goes according to the plan) and promise the hostess that if the trip breaks, then you surely call back to it. Then she will seriously count on you and will hold the room. But in turn it is necessary to understand that your arrangement and on you imposes certain obligations - holding the room, the person refuses real cash, and on the money gained for a summer season in Gagra live all year. Happens that vacationers call, and then do not come - it turns out badly.

still should mean

A that the roof, but not service is provided in Abkhazia. That is, naturally, it is possible both to ask the iron for the hostess, and to replace bed linen, and necessary she will give ware, and it is possible to call by its phone, and even she will make coffee and will treat with the wine:-). But here to go to clean up at you “the room“, to change linen every day or to spread towels swans: in Abkhazia, of course, will come to nobody to mind.

A that here, I know, one young lady rowed there that owners will not follow in any way when at it in a toilet toilet paper reaches a limit, and do not throw it in due time new. And by it refused delivery of personal rolls - business supposedly not in toilet paper, and in service! And so. There is no service in this sense there, and is not expected.