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To Whom is the aspiration of each mother from the very first days to accustom the kid to all best not clear to new life of throats of

? And in order that the little man grew healthy, the first what parents care for - it is, of course, his diet and food.

you carefully choose as

products in hope that advertizing and high price will become though some guarantor to their high quality. You give preference only to natural products. You watch that the child received all useful substances in quantity, necessary for healthy growth. And with arrival of summer you breathe sigh of relief: there now, at last it will be possible to push more vitamins into the child! And of what the child drinks you thought? Natural (freshly squeezed) juice and fermented milk products - things, certainly, irreplaceable. But not only in case you want to help the growing organism. Valuable substances and minerals contain as well in mineral waters. But it is necessary to choose them for the child intelligently!

the smallest

Many young parents are mistaken, considering that it is not necessary to give to drink to babies water. Like, they already receive all liquid necessary for them together with mother`s milk. Opinion of physicians - other: additional liquid is necessary for the kid. Than, in that case, to dopaivat kids?

Water has to be environmentally friendly is one of the most important conditions. The small organism which got used to receive the purest water filtered by mother`s organism is not ready to pass from the very first days independent life to water with a doubtful chemical composition which ourselves got used to drink.

the Second condition - water for the baby has to be with neutral taste, flavourless and, of course, not aerated. Besides, the organism of the kid is weak and often subject to an allergy therefore it is so important to pick up hypoallergenic water. And, at last, optimum, if water for the child contains useful minerals and minerals. But - attention! - popular lechebno - table waters will not approach here since they are strongly saturated with mineral salts.

Unique option which answers all these conditions is slabomineralizirovanny Arkhyz water which is extracted and spill in a mountain well in the North Caucasus. It is the product, unique for the Russian market, approved by Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science as optimum and universal water which is suitable both for drink, and for preparation of baby food from dry mixes. Besides pleasant taste, “Arkhyz“ has one more important advantage: 18 minerals and minerals, so necessary for the growing organism, and, first of all, iodine and calcium which lack often leads to emergence of serious chronic diseases in children and adults are its part. The molecular composition of Arkhyz water is closest according to the characteristics to liquid in an organism of the kid, that is why this water is recommended to the smallest from the first day of life. By the way, on a note to mothers:“ The Arkhyz“ is ideally suited also for bathing of babies, it is so important to what water their skin contacts.

the good habit since the childhood

Oh, this sweet aerated water! The real drug not only for small children, but also for their parents. But if you buy to yourself a small bottle “to be indulged“, nevertheless realizing that in this water there is nothing useful, then, as a rule, leads similar explanations for children and the refusal following it in purchase of favourite drink to an ocean of tears and whims. I knew one German mother who used Kok - Cola as that “gingerbread“ - for education of the two-year-old little son: he received a glass of aerated water for obedience. A doubtful method especially as harm which such “chemical“ water does to a small organism is incomparable with what we, alas, often close eyes in own diet to.

over time the growing organism of your child will demand not less useful substances and vitamins, than in infancy. But to persuade the child to drink or eat something useful, but, perhaps, not really favourite or unfamiliar, it will become hardly simpler. Quite another matter, if the child likes taste. Then maintenance of healthy food will become for it business pleasant. We are sure that with “Arkhyz“ will leave quite so: thanks to the balanced composition and low content of salts (<1 g/l) at this water pleasant soft taste. And if to consider that one liter of “Arkhyz“ contains standard daily rate of necessary iodine, it will become clear why many parents seek to accustom to drink from first years of the children this glacial water every day today.


- together!

you, probably, not worse us know

how it is difficult to induce the child to do something against his will. And to accustom him to thought that and about the health it is necessary to care for himself attentively is in general something from area of a fantasy. However one resourceful mother somehow to me noticed: “Children are always open for dialogue. Have a talk and interest them, and consider, half-affairs it is made!“ . In order that your child did not forget to drink “Arkhyz“, replace boring explanatory conversation about curative properties of this water with game or a lesson of drawing. Tell the kid about where “Arkhyz“ is born and why it is so pure and useful. Draw together with it the way as water gets to you on a table. Describe that for elements are its part and what each of them is responsible for. It will be simple to connect the child to this virtual travel. Allocate for it hour or so, and we will help you.

Glaciers of the North Caucasus, concealing and passing through thicknesses of mineral and salt breeds of the Sarmatian sea, streams direct down, in well-known “the Valley Narzanov“. However “Arkhyz“ is got not in this Valley, and in the center of a reserved zone from the well which is at the height of 1507 meters above sea level. Water passes a natural filtration in heart of rock and at the same time does not adjoin to ground waters therefore remains pure and does not lose unique taste of thawed glacial snow. That “Arkhyz“ did not lose the unique properties and fell to us into hands same useful what it was created by the nature, the line of pouring of water was organized directly in mountains, directly in a well.

“Arkhyz“ contain In healing water:

, of course, do not forget

I that his parents will always be the best example for the kid.“ The Arkhyz“ is useful to all and in any quantities. Therefore do not refuse to yourself simple pleasure especially as you also, for certain, will be satisfied with fast curative effect of this water. Well, and if to you not to liking just I am eager to satisfy with water, make tea or coffee on “Arkhyz“. We guarantee - you derive surprising pleasure! To for the good.