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Both barks, and bites...

it is not necessary to be the expert - the cynologist to catch recent trends in the dog market. In total and so extremely clearly: in fashion small decorative doggies, divanno - krovatny annexes to your apartment.

the Dog - the partner

In spite of the fact that the Iron Curtain is lowered long ago, is still some things which will not reach us in any way. For example, some breeds of dog. The European and American manufacturers are still sure that Russia is hopelessly wild and desert therefore the rare thoroughbred dog “will reach“ Moscow. Here, for example, old Belgian breed of Athens - a pinscher which it is already more than one hundred years. Lovely, unpretentious, house, kind and tender as cat. It is widespread in England, America, Belgium, Holland. And in Russia only five of these animals, and those live in St. Petersburg. The puppy of Athens - a pinscher costs more than 1500 euros, but really breed is known only that on its basis brought another, more widespread - griffins.

the Griffin - the strange name for a dog. It is possible to distinguish these small animals from other small doggies on outstanding foreteeth. Let`s tell directly, it not absolutely pleasant show. But there is a lot of admirers of this breed, puppies leave at the price from 600 to 1000 euros, and one of Petersburg nurseries even specializes in them.

the Hit among small doggies - a Yorkshire terrier. At once the TV host of the Delicacies program Svetlana Konegen is remembered, Dusya it brings up such teryerikha. Yulia Lopatskaya comes specially to exhibitions from the city of Kemerovo with the Yorkshire by the name of the Favourite Hobby the King Taygi.“ This is a dog - the partner, though very capricious, - she says. At them the self-respect reads off scale. Despite shortcomings, it is devoted dogs of one owner. Such pet himself will choose from all family of the owner and will love and obey only him, and here will scoff at the others. All think that Yorkshire terriers fragile and gentle creations, and it - first of all - a terrier“.

the Moscow orchid

Well, if you decided to buy for the apartment a decorative unpretentious doggie without any characteristics, choose Moscow as that is a terrier. This breed is from England, but long time was in a shadow from - for the fact that they were not imported into Soviet period. But, there`s no evil without good, breed was supported and restored by the Russian cynologists. The long-haired type of that is a terrier was called “The Moscow orchid“. All experts unanimously say that there is no dog better for contents in the apartment. From sleek-haired doggies there is no wool at all, they are terriers it is possible not to walk at all, and in one feeding eat only one tablespoon of a dog forage. Well, whether the housewife is dream also her child? Besides, Moscow they are terriers much cheaper and possess more balanced character in comparison with the western fellows.

Great Irish happiness

A how to be if the dog is necessary not to the apartment, and in a country house? The answer is simple - it is necessary to address to film logical club and to choose a puppy. Last year, i.e. registered in clubs, breeds the Central Asian sheep-dog and a Staffordshire terrier were most popular. The Central Asian sheep-dog who was more operated unlike Caucasian (too popular breed), strong, capable to protect the house from uninvited guests. And stafforda have even more frightening appearance, and in relation to the owner this just lovely mild being.

I finally, for fans of all unusual, including dog breeds. Guests will drop out in a deposit if, having come to you, find in the yard of the Irish wolfhound. It is rather new breed, differs from all others in growth: this is the highest dog, in withers more than one meter. Generally, such with a gray gray hair a little sticking out wool, long-legged and hudyushchy, as the bicycle, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and extremely good-natured and unmalicious. The only thing that I will not tell, how much is such dog. Ekslyuziv whether you understand. There is no top limit.