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Year of the Snake (scenario of a children`s holiday) of

Characters - Matroskin, the Ball, the Mail carrier Pechkin, the Boa, Gadyuchka, Shapoklyak, Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, the Puss in Boots, Zmey Gorynych (to dress of three boys in one suit that one trunk and three heads turned out. Words of Zmey Gorynych tell all three heads in turn ).

the Picture 1

the Lodge to Prostokvashino, the Ball decorates a Christmas tree the old things found on an attic. Matroskin sits on a chair, having collapsed, the leg on a leg, thoughtfully looks on the Ball.

Ball: You look, Matroskin what fir-tree at us beautiful turns out! It is necessary to hang up only on it more stones.

Matroskin: Well of course, and sour cream to water. Silly you, Ball! Same not a dining table, but fir-tree! And in general, no New year at us with you will turn out.

Ball: It still why?

Matroskin: And therefore! New year when happens? When Father Frost is also the Snow Maiden. And where we will take them?

Ball: And give you Ded Moroz you will be! You already have moustaches, we to you will paste a beard.

Matroskin ( is indignant ): I should not paste anything! See what thought up, a spaniel unfortunate!

Ball: Well, all right. Then let`s Pechkina Father Frost make.

Matroskin: Aha, and my cow to Murk - the Snow Maiden. No, the Ball, you should live both without Father Frost, and without Snow Maiden, and without New year.

Pechkin Enters.

Pechkin: I Apologize, citizens, to you the telegram, only I will not give it to you...

Matroskin and Ball ( chorus ): We know - we know because we have no documents! All right, read.

Pechkin: “The uncle Fedor invited us for New year to Prostokvashino. Wait for the visit, we will be soon. Father Frost and Snow Maiden“.

Matroskin and Ball ( chorus ): Hurrah - and - and - and!

Ball: Means, we will have the present New year! That`s great! I will run to look for the photogun. I will make to you, Matroskin, a portrait with Father Frost.

Matroskin: It is good okhotnichek, there is nothing to tell - the gun looks for. Let`s go, I will show where it.


the Picture 2

Gadyuchka sits At a table, she sobs, having hidden the face in hands.

of Gadyuchk ( sobbing ): Well it for life? Well why I am such unfortunate? Well why I was not born a butterfly? All would love me, all would admire me … And just also you hear: “There is a viper!“ Or it is even worse: “Viper!“ And I, by the way, at all not a Viper, and Gadyuchka! I am lovely, kind, white and … ( inspects itself ) m - yes, perhaps, you will not call me fluffy. Well all the same - I very good, the field - e - e - knowing, I also sing not worse than Christina Orbakaite ( sings the song ). Why me anybody not lyu - at - at - at - bit? ( Sobs violently ).

the Boa, it in great mood, on the head of it a wreath from camomiles Enters.

Boa: my Friend why you so cry? You have a bad mood? You want, I will present you the hi? I still had couple, those which the Monkey with the Elephant calf did not lose. Perhaps hi will help you?

of Gadyuchk ( is bitter ): Nobody will help me. Nobody us, snakes, loves. All are afraid of us. And I so want to have friends! I so want to make something good! (With hope) the Boa, you do not know that it is necessary to make that to be pleasant to people?

three-headed Zmey Gorynych and Shapoklyak Suddenly appears. Shapoklyak aims at all from a slingshot.

Zmey Gorynych ( is indignant ): What - about - about - about-?? What do I hear? To be pleasant to these parshivenky small fry? To make something good? Wither my heads! (Second and Third heads: Itself wither!“) Yes you unless do not know that we, Snakes, have to bite, smother, soil the small fry to them in every way! (Howls from pleasure) Uy - y - y, will come New year soon, here I will take away the dear! I will burn all, I will burn all, I will gobble up all! (All three heads pensively lick lips. Second head: “Only chur, deputies are not, and that again we will get poisoned“)

of Gadyuchk ( with horror ): No, a billeting how “I will gobble up it?“ Yes who will allow you?

Zmey Gorynych: And I will also ask nobody. What next year? - year of the Snake. Means, mine. Means that I want, I do! Tremble, the pathetic insignificant small fry!

Opera hat: Precisely! In powder we will erase all! In terrorists we will move! I adore doing dirty tricks!

Zmey Gorynych ( is malicious ): Well, you drop bricks on the head, the you set Larisku on everyone … You are the old woman a small fry! We will go for large business - we will capture Father Frost with the Snow Maiden.

the Boa from Gadyuchkaya in horror and confusion, exclaim: “What? How?“

the Opera hat ( enthusiastically screams ): Oh, Zmeyushko what you are clever! Not for nothing you have three heads. We will catch the old man with the little girl, we will select all presents! And at Snegurka we will cut off a braid, I to myself will make a wig of it. All life dreamed to become the blonde!

Zmey Gorynych: My God with whom it is necessary to work! (Bellows at Shapoklyak) Yes not presents are necessary to us! We will induce to do them so that New year came somewhat quicker. And here then we will be developed - we will gobble up all, we will burn all … or not - sozhgum … is not present … we will burn! Forward, Shapoklyak, on Father Frost! ( Run away ).

of Gadyuchk: What nightmare! Here such tipchik also spoil to snakes image!

Boa: Wait a moment what he talked a lot of it there? Year of the Snake? So it and ours with you year! Means, and we can do that we want. Here it is also necessary to think up as three-headed to stop this. Spread, we will think.

“Creep away“

the Picture 3

Appear Matroskin and the Ball, on the run argue.

Matroskin: And I speak, not on - and - and - hell of guests! They eat much, no economy will turn out.

Ball: Yes it is not simple guests, these are kids from UVK 1840. They to us will sing songs and will dance. Father Frost on a visit will arrive, and guests need to be entertained. You and verses - that are not able to read not that to sing and dance. We will be dishonored!

Matroskin ( unwillingly ): Well, let come. But only that songs good sang, and that will leave tracks here, will litter, and songs some worthless will appear. Father Frost will also become angry, New year will cancel.

the Voice from - for doors: “Who will become angry? Who is New year will cancel?“ Father Frost with the Snow Maiden enters.

Father Frost: Hi, Matroskin, hi, Ball. Hello, children!

Ball: Wow, and the truth - Father Frost! And Snow Maiden! And a bag with gifts!

Matroskin (Ball): You that who about gifts asks at once! (Father Frost) you excuse him - a mongrel not purebred, to etiquette does not know at all. You sit down, the grandfather, got tired, probably, from the trip?

Father Frost: Yes, we reached you long...

Snow Maiden: We got used to go on the woods and fields, and in the cities we go astray all the time. It is good that sparrows prompted to us where your school is.

Matroskin: Well nothing, children to you prepared a concert. Now you will have a rest!

representation of younger school students Begins

. There can be both Pechkin`s song, both dance of the Snow White and seven gnomes, and performance of chorus, and a riddle - competitions which can conduct the Ball, Matroskin and Pechkin.

Father Frost: Here thanks, children! Such all of you talented, sing and dance remarkably. Only, Matroskin, a disorder at you here, to Prostokvashino! Your fir-tree without fires costs. It is necessary to light it.

Ball: It I in a trice! Here just now I will bring a lighter...

Snow Maiden: Well you, Ball! All should tell magic words together: “A fir-tree, be lit!“

All children chorus repeat magic words. At this time light dies away, shouts, an ominous laughter are distributed. Light is switched on, on a scene the same heroes, but Father Frost and the Snow Maiden are absent. Also the bag with gifts was gone.

Ball: And where Father Frost? And Snow Maiden?

Matroskin: Probably, they where - nibud among children got lost. Well - children, fast sit down all on the places and we will find them at once.

Children take seats. A ball and Matroskin represent searches, sentencing:“ Something they are not visible“, etc.

Gadyuchka and the Boa Appear. Gadyuchka cries.

of Gadyuchk: were not in time! Gaped! Well what mean this Zmey Gorynych from the Shapoklyachkaya! In total - kidnapped Father Frost!

Ball: As stole? What will be now with Father Frost and with the Snow Maiden?

Boa: needs to help out them. Yes do not cry you, Gadyuchka! Think better whom to the aid to call. I am afraid that to us not to cope.

of Gadyuchk: Yes, so strong Zmey Gorynych and terrible!

Boa: But silly and greedy. Not to take it by force, it precisely, and here it is possible to cheat. Who at us the most cunning?

of Gadyuchk: Fox Alice and Kot Basilio! However, they are decent swindlers too...

Boa: Is not present, they are no good. Perhaps they will also cope with the Dragon and then will think up some dirty trick.

of Gadyuchk: Or perhaps Matroskin will help us?

Matroskin ( with insult ): I am not cunning, but practical! You it is better to my cousin brother you descend - to the Puss in Boots. It precisely will help you. He coped with the Cannibal, and with the Dragon - that Gorynychem - is a duck soup

the Boa: Spread to it.

the Picture 4

Zmey Gorynych pushes out

on Father Frost`s scene and the Snow Maiden, connected and with the stuck mouths. Behind there is Shapoklyak with a bag of gifts. From a push of Zmey Gorynych Father Frost and the Snow Maiden fall.

Zmey Gorynych: So, a beard, I warn last time: if you do not fulfill our requirements, you will bitterly regret. You have to make so that New year came already today. No, right now. ( Shouts ) You will answer or not? Why you are silent?

the Opera hat ( rummaging in a bag with gifts ): You to them mouths - unstick that.

Zmey Gorynych: And, well! ( Unsticks a plaster ) Well, speak - he agrees to me to work or not?

Father Frost: Yes you explain with sense - why to you New year before term? Than this year did not please you?

Zmey Gorynych ( is penetrating ): You understand, the old man, this year manages my three times removed great-grandfather - the Dragon. He already grew decrepit, forgot to soil really, besides became compassionate. And in general, the sort snake deteriorated - Gadyuchka of wons with people decided to make friends, the Boa the good mood shares with all. There is no order! And here next year I will show all of them what is the real Dragon! Ooh, these poganenky kids at me will shudder for horror, will begin to cry - will begin to sob!

Snow Maiden: the Grandfather, pretty, make so that New year never came! Let nobody be better than gifts will receive, but and the Dragon will be able to do much harm to nobody!

Opera hat ( threateningly ): And well, decay, and a braid I will cut off that!

Father Frost: you that was conceived! Well is not present, I will not help you! You can throw me into an oven! ( is proud turns away ).

Snow Maiden: And me! ( Sobs )

the Opera hat approaches

the Snow Maiden, begins to reel up a braid on a hand, threateningly clicks scissors. Zmey Gorynych is enough Father Frost for a fur coat collar. Here appear the Puss in Boots representing Father Frost, Gadyuchka representing the Snow Maiden and the Boa representing a fir-tree.

Zmey Gorynych: And it still that for the phenomenon?

the Puss in Boots ( slightly mewing-voiced ): Hello, kids! Hello, any tvarishka! Here I am Father Frost! You recognized me?

Opera hat: you drive Che what Father Frost? Father Frost at us in hostages sits long ago! Together with the Snegurkaya.

of Gadyuchk: From what such Snegurkaya? And I, in your opinion, who?

Zmey Gorynych ( is plaintive ): Oh, at me in eyes appears doubled! ( releases Father Frost, rubs eyes hands ). Opera hat, who it?

Opera hat: I understand Nothing!

Puss in Boots: Impostors! I am the real Father Frost! I am the most important wizard!

Zmey Gorynych ( is joyful ): And - and - and, that is why this old man refused to conjure! He just is not able. ( Addressing the Puss in Boots ) Well, if you are the real Father Frost, then tell - you can make so that New year came right now?

Puss in Boots: Piece of cake!

All this time the Boa representing a fir-tree slowly approaches the connected Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. Shapoklyak notices it.

Opera hat: Stop! the Dragon, very much to me these persons are suspicious! This, for example, who? ( Indicates the Boa )

the Boa: I am a small fir-tree! I am cold in the winter! ( Represents as to it it is cold )

of Gadyuchk: Well! From the wood this fir-tree was taken by us home.

of Gadyuchk and the Puss in Boots together ( sing ):
hung up the Beads, rose in a round dance, we will cheerfully, cheerfully meet
New year.

Zmey Gorynych ( is impatient ): An opera hat, leave! You do not see - we meet already New year. Well, Ded, give, conjure!

the Puss in Boots ( does mysterious moves by hands ): I am a magician and the wizard from the distant woods, from edge of snow and nonmelting ices. I give magic, secret power to Zmey Gorynych in a potion! (In hands the Puss in Boots has a bottle with some liquid). There now, you will drink - and New year here.

Zmey Gorynych: Well - give here! ( Snatches out a bottle, drinks directly from a neck )

the Opera hat: to Both me, and me! ( Drinks the remains ).

Zmey Gorynych ( with satisfaction, stroking itself on a stomach ): There now, at last, my time has come,. ( Yawns ) I will show all now... ( yawns Again, falls on the floor dumped by a dream, loudly snores ).

the Opera hat ( yawns ): Both I, and I will show... (too fills up).

Snow Maiden: Oh, they died?

Puss in Boots: do not worry, they just sleep. I am not able to conjure, but I can palm off somnolent powder.

the Puss in Boots, Gadyuchka and the Boa untie Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.

Father Frost: Here thanks, friends! Who are you such?

Puss in Boots: It...

of Gadyuchk ( interrupting ): Oh, do not speak, do not speak! They as soon as learn who we are, will at once escape!

Snow Maiden: Why? Because you are snakes?

of Gadyuchk ( scaredly ): Oh! You guessed? ( is sad ) now and you will not be on friendly terms with me? I such opposite, terrible - and - and - and!. ( roars )

Father Frost: Calm down, dear Gadyuchka! The Snow Maiden will not escape for anything from you. And you, and your so remarkable friends! You saved us from angry Zmey Gorynych. And not only us, but also all children, and New year. I think, all children will want to make friends with you.

Snow Maiden: And any you are not terrible! Just you did not find the style yet. We in beauty shop will take away you, there the Snow queen just will make the beauty of you!

Boa: There now, Gadyuchka, and you cried. It is just fine that everything so fine ended!

Puss in Boots: Hey, wait a moment! Nothing to itself, ended! And what with these two hooligans to do? ( shows on sleeping ).

Father Frost: Well, we will quickly cope with these now. ( Conjures )

Zmey Gorynych ( waking up ): Where it I? Who it I?

Father Frost: You are just little green birdie.

Zmey Gorynych: I am a birdie! ( Tries to crow )

Father Frost (Shapoklyak): And you are a lover of good deeds.

Opera hat: I Adore doing good deeds! ( Addressing children ) And well, quickly everything do good deeds, and as I will give that on a neck!

Father Frost: Yes, I nedokoldovat something here!

Snow Maiden: Well nothing, next year we will finish!

All chorus: In a year of the Snake!

Sing the final New Year`s song.