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As Lev of


was born

I Want to begin the story from that day when, having woken up in the morning, went to a bathroom on very important issue at once - to make the test. Eight days of a delay plus some presentiment haunted. Made everything, I look, the second strip is drawn directly on my eyes! Well, I think, I will not rejoice ahead of time, I will wait 5 minutes. In 5 minutes the result remained the same.

Having the mixed feeling of nervousness, pleasure, fear and pride, I reported about everything to the husband. He very much was delighted as we wanted the child for a long time, but I suggested to check test accuracy at the doctor. There was Saturday therefore we could not address in a maternity welfare unit, and there was a wish to know all both at once, and right now!

Ringing round the paid medical centers, and hearing in a tube only beeps, we already lost any hope, but here answered us in well-known clinic “Danaya“ (we live in St. Petersburg) and invited to arrive to ultrasonography. The doctor, having examined me and having put pregnancy term 2 weeks (then learned what, appears, at that time there were 3 - 4 weeks), indifferently advised me to forget about everything and to tell nothing to the husband since pregnancy could “stand“. Even without having listened to heartbeat of the kid, he sent me home, having at parting advised not to have sex of 15 weeks, so, just in case! Well he did not want to work this Saturday!

Having spat on words of the doctor, I with pleasure shared wonderful news with Pasha (husband), knowing that it already precisely and what with our kid all the same will be all right. Long ago represented what feelings I will have from consciousness that I expect a baby from the beloved, but did not even assume how I will be happy! I wanted to share with everyone the pleasure, every morning, waking up, feeling that us already THREE, my heart trembled with nervousness and tenderness!

Still I remember a face of the husband at those moments, such touching and gentle. I know that from these minutes we became even closer, even dearer each other. And as he cared for me all 9 months - dream of any woman! To it with me it was heavy, my difficult character moreover these differences of mood - a usual thing at pregnant women. Thank you for everything, darling!


As for my state during pregnancy, I can brag - felt perfectly! Dyed hair, carried very tall heels, worked at a scene in the usual mode (I am a singer), handed over the last session with 4 - mya state examinations. Practically did not put on weight, and ate everything that wanted. The stomach was not visible till 5th month though babies already actively moved from 17 weeks. In 21 weeks we learned that we wait for the boy, as well as wanted. At once named him Lev though all relatives were against this name. Generally, lived and rejoiced!

But here I unexpectedly got on preservation... Term was 25 weeks, at 5 in the morning I woke up from a strong spasm in the bottom of a stomach, descended in a toilet on small and already hardly - hardly crawled to a bed - legs grew dumb. Woke the husband, he called “ambulance“. Poor Pasha rushed about from a case to a case, for fear having forgotten where at us the linen lies. While we waited for doctors, pain passed, but me nevertheless forced to go to maternity hospital. And absolutely free of charge brought where I wanted - in 18 RD.

I Lay down week as in sanatorium there: living conditions were excellent, fed even tasty, the doctor was very attentive - Kudinovich Natalya Aleksandrovna (I the remained time at her was observed then). The only minus - drugs at own expense, but now everywhere so. After an extract began to protect more than, was afraid to give rise from earlier - for a uterus tone. From 30th week hemoglobin fell - began to drink iron, began to put much on weight and helped “Kanefron“ to swell.

With the child and with me on all indicators everything was good

, it lay down a head so I from 36th week began to look forward to childbirth. By the way, I did not suffer from superstitions therefore for the kid everything that is necessary was bought from us and even for the half a year ahead (except a carriage - could not choose model). Then already and the husband began to ask to give rise somewhat quicker to him “our bubble“, mother in general called every day, and I looked for a mucous stopper in a toilet bowl, being afraid to pass it.

But now I understand

that all of us too forced events, than exhausted also themselves, both relatives, and friends. After the conclusion of the contract for childbirth with the personal midwife in 18 RD continued to wait, preparing analyses for the next reception at the doctor. There stepped the 39th week - quietly, a hint on childbirth. On courses of prenatal preparation we were told about harbingers of childbirth, but I felt nothing at all! In the same place I was so psychologically prepared that I even wanted, sought to feel this “sweet“ pain, the result of tortures was the main thing. To put it briefly, I was already ready to everything.

Childbirth prophesied

to me for August 31, a plus-minus 2 days. In the last day the 39th weeks we went to an appointment. As it appeared, the uterus neck at me is not ready yet (very strong, without disclosure) therefore prescribed me means for its preparation. Still the doctor warned that if childbirth comes in next few days and waters will depart at once, then it is necessary to me hardly. It very much upset my husband, and to me it was not terrible any more if only everything began somewhat quicker. To me suggested to lay down in prenatal office, but I answered: “No, thanks, is better I will come when deadlines expire!“ . Thus, I asked for leave for a week and went home to prepare a neck.

Having crossed an apartment threshold, I almost at once felt a nagging pain in the bottom of a stomach, and noticed the allocations similar to the thawed chocolate later. All this seemed to me unusual, but I decided that it is reaction of a uterus to survey. However in the evening, at night and all next day it proceeded. I had to call the doctor, she told that it is perhaps the stopper so departs therefore also the stomach hurts. Anyway it is necessary not to panic, and to calm down and wait for regular contractions. I also began to wait! But it was not the stopper, and God knows that! At the end of the 40th week I was already going to collect suitcases to lay down in pathology, (the doctor for me was afraid since my growth - 156 cm, and I was not recommended to perenashivat). Leva, well where you, sonny? I do not want in hospital - at - at - at!


At last, I can sit down without pain (the seam long began to live) and to continue the story! There were I all - in prenatal office, accepted me very well, examined not really painfully and appointed droppers and pricks for my still not ready neck. And still told that the baby will be large for me therefore it is necessary to renew the contract from the midwife for the doctor.

I had to enter childbirth. Three days before a long-awaited event the stopper big began to depart it is red - white pieces. And here, exactly in 41 weeks, at 5 in the evening I felt the real first fight. The whole day at me pulled a stomach, and was rather heavy to go, but it was the concrete, long spasm. Farther everything went according to the schedule each 6 - 8 minutes, then 4, 3. The husband sat with me in chamber and considered all this. At 9 in the evening he went to have a sleep, and I laid down too, but I did not manage to fall asleep. I called 2 o`clock in the morning to the doctor since pain was already very strong. She told that in 5. Will arrive 30 for now I have to wait for it in a dushika. I in hope for simplification stood there, but it became easier at all not.

there Arrived my doctor, looked - disclosure of 1,5 cm, took and punctured to me a bubble. Then an enema, collecting things and a trip to a rodilka (on the elevator! Who walked, will understand me). At 7 in the morning there arrived the husband, and it became easier to live. I suffered 5 hours, to shout there were no forces, to rise too. Went to a toilet, having hung on a neck at Pashka, - legs did not hold. In general if not its support, I just would go crazy for fear and pain. Lying on a bed,-headed twisted so that hair turned into tow. Began to breathe only on attempts, and they began quickly since I revealed completely in 4 hours. When climbed on a chair, the husband left, and I was going to work. I very much tried, very much - very much, but if I was not cut, then I do not know how many I still would make an effort. For me my doctor Natalya Aleksandrovna Kudinovich just gave rise. I do not know how, but this fragile woman just squeezed out from me our little son. Hurrah! Such simplification, here it lies at me on a paunch, the husband, time - 11 came then. 50.

All as delirious, I overhear - 3500, 53 cm - wow! Then the general anesthesia on sewing and long “otkhodnyak“. Days I could not stand on the feet yet - dizziness was very strong. Thank God, Levochka slept much and on handles did not ask, I only fed him and changed clothes. For the 4th day to me removed seams and already had to write out, but blood test was bad, and I was transferred to the separate box for 3 days. All this occurred from - for my cold. When we were already at home, also the child got sick though I communicated with him only in a mask. I advise all after the delivery to be protected from drafts and how was hot, to keep legs in the warm! Immunity is weakened therefore to you any sore will stick.

Now we treat our noses and we hope for the best. My seams almost began to live, I fit already well, and the stomach practically all was pulled in - in 11 days. And still our father has a day off today, and together to us nothing is terrible, we - a family, and everything at us will be good.