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With the kid - on rest abroad of

Which of young mothers does not dream of that blessed time when at last all family is able to go to a bright sun and the warm sea? On light there are so much countries in which the summer never comes to an end. But how many surprises can trap on a trip of young parents? And whether it is possible to provide all nuances or it is better to be adjusted on tests in advance?


, all reefs all - will not manage to be predicted in advance. But if properly to be prepared for the forthcoming trip, the quantity of unpleasant surprises can quite be minimized.

we Process documents

That the child could cross border, it is necessary to enter it in the passport of one of parents. For this purpose it is required:

  1. the Statement addressed to the chief of OVIR (it needs to be printed).
  2. Birth certificate of the child and copy of this document.
  3. International passport and internal passport of one of parents.
  4. Receipt on payment for modification of the exit document.
  5. the Insert about the Russian nationality of the child.

Can be issued on the kid and the separate international passport. Under the law, this document is issued to the citizen of the Russian Federation from the date of his birth and before achievement of 18 years according to the written statement at least of one of parents. The term of registration of the international passport - of a month to four.

the Law is the law

If one of parents of the child does not go to rest , it is necessary to receive at it the notarized power of attorney with a consent to departure of the kid. This consent has to be certified of a case when the minor goes abroad for the term of over three months, by agencies of guardianship and guardianship. It is better to store the mentioned document until the end of a trip - it can be required also for entrance back to Russia.

If the second parent died , it is necessary to translate the certificate on death into language of that country where intend to carry the child.

In a situation, when parents of the kid do not consist in the registered marriage, but the paternity is established , notarially issued father`s consent to evacuation of the child abroad is also required. Besides, it is necessary to consider also conditions of a host. Some states demand the notarized translation of this consent to language of their country with putting down of a stamp (“apostille“). As well as where it is better to process the similar document, usually explain in travel agency.

the Situation is more difficult, if parents are divorced and the father of the child declares the disagreement with departure of the son or daughter from the Russian Federation. Then the issue is resolved in a judicial proceeding.


If does not know location of the father , the only opportunity for mother to go abroad with the child, - through court of the parent to recognize unknown absent . It is the special procedure which is carried out by judicial bodies for the statement of the interested person (that is mothers). The person admits is unknown absent if within a year about him no data at the place of residence arrive.

of the Document, confirming this fact, it is enough instead of the father`s consent to departure.

If the kid goes to rest abroad with the grandmother and the grandfather or other relatives , then at departure from Russia they need to have at themselves notarially issued power of attorney from both parents too. In the power of attorney terms of departure and return and the name of the state to which the child goes have to be surely specified.

besides, it is necessary to receive the visa in consular department at embassy of the host country.

we Choose by

tour operator

Communicating with the representative of travel agency, do not hesitate to ask all questions interesting you. The good tour operator is always aware whether there is at the menu of this or that hotel a dietary food, what beach and what children`s infrastructure there. If he is confused in answers and does not possess necessary information, it is worth choosing other firm - the benefit of a shortcoming of offers is not present now. It is important to specify surely in travel agency what natural features in the chosen country can constitute danger to the child (blood-sicking insects, jellyfishes, cactuses) and whether there is a need for special inoculations. Besides, it is necessary to stipulate a question of the health insurance of the kid.

the Cost of round depends not only on the resort and stardom of hotel, but also on trip time. Summer months as they coincide with school vacation and holidays are most expensive. And in the last two weeks of August the price of permits can be twice higher than usual. For economy it is the best of all to go to rest in September - weather will quite allow to sunbathe and bathe.

the Financial question

At departure out of borders of the Russian Federation, in that In number and to the CIS countries, without declaring can take to 3000 US dollars on one person (including on the child - irrespective of his age) and up to 500 minimum 1 monthly sizes of compensation (MSC) .

the Sum from 3000 to 7000 US dollars on the person it is authorized to p to take on condition of the obligatory instruction it in the declaration.

we Pack a suitcase

All parents for certain understand: comfort of the child - guarantee of good rest of all family. For a start it is necessary to resolve an issue with food. Of course, in any tourist city, as a rule, there are large supermarkets where it is possible to find mixes and can mashed potatoes of all famous producers. But it is initially better to stock up with food, habitual for the baby, which is better for taking from the house. It is better to overcome desire to take with itself a full suitcase of elegant dresses or suits and new footwear for the peanut in itself at once. Much more comfortably the child will feel in convenient and habitual footwear and clothes.

Here the approximate list of the things necessary on a trip to any kid:

  1. Documents.
  2. Phone number of the pediatrician of the kid.
  3. of Means of hygiene.
  4. Sunblock cream with the highest level of protection - for children is more senior than three months.
  5. Children`s first-aid kit and thermometer.
  6. of the Towel (big - for the beach, and small).
  7. Handkerchiefs and wet towel wipes.
  8. Favourite toys, books, pencils, paper.
  9. From clothes - t-shirts, easy cotton trousers and shorts, sundresses and skirts, jackets with a long sleeve, the Panamanian with fields, 2 pairs of sandals and plastic bedroom-slippers, at least 2 bathing suits (melting), an easy dressing gown with a hood - for the beach.
  10. of the Toy (it is better to put emphasis on with what it will be interesting to the kid in the sea and on the beach): balls, natatorial toys, lifebuoy, oversleeves, etc. On the sandy beach the sand set - a bucket, molds and a scoop is irreplaceable.
Besides, depending on age, to the kid devices for feeding, a carriage, a backpack - a kangaroo, and also diapers, a pot or an overlay for a toilet bowl can be necessary for


we Go by plane

By the rules accepted practically in all airlines of the world, small children (to 2 years) make flights free of charge. However, a separate chair it is not necessary to the kid - he flies on a lap at the adult. The exception makes only business - a class where it is necessary to pay about 10% of ticket cost for the child.

Means from overloads

On travel by plane the heaviest moments for the baby is a take off and landing. It is possible to facilitate a condition of the kid so: prior to flight whenever possible not to allow it to drink, and during take off and landing - to offer more sour liquid, for example the diluted cranberry drink or currant compote with several drops of a lemon. The child has to try to drink it small drinks. The similar measure, as well as lollipops, will help to avoid unpleasant feelings.

What to take in salon

In inside of the plane - a special microclimate which is provided with a high pressure and low humidity. It can create discomfort for mucous membranes and airways and to promote drowsiness and weakness at children. But even during a heat in salon it is always cool from - for powerful conditioners therefore surely it is necessary to take warm things for the kid in hand luggage. There it is quite good to place its favourite delicacies, books and toys. And at the same time and to prepare replaceable clothes - in case the child will sweat or will have a shower bath during a lunch. It is useful also a pot: in - the first, the kid can not want to use an unfamiliar toilet, and in - the second, there can be a turn.

Modern liners are equipped with special cradles for babies. However, if such cradle is necessary, it is better to come to registration in advance because their number on all planes is limited. In some airlines of a cradle it is necessary to order when booking tickets.

At the airport

the airport can frighten


of the Small child - huge space, crowd of the people. Therefore it is better if parents tell it about planes in advance, baggage, passengers, pilots, stewardesses and will try to present future flight as a fascinating adventure.

in case of a delay of flight to sit at the airport happens to kids very tiresomely. Therefore here the toys prepared for flight and books will be useful too.

By the way, on some flights it is possible to order baby food when booking tickets. But it is anyway better to take habitual drink with itself.


It is traveled in the train

If financial opportunities allow, it is better to redeem the whole compartment. Even if the number of travelers - less than four. It is useful to take with itself in the road as much as possible napkins - ordinary and damp, and also paper towels and other means of hygiene as often as possible to wipe to the kid of a hand. Even in company trains there are old cars in which to avoid dust, dirt, and, as a result, it is almost impossible for an infection. Here it is necessary to watch closely especially what the kid grabs, and of course at all not to assume that he took hands in a mouth. It is not necessary to release children in a toilet of one. Even the most reasonable and clean child, having washed hands, right there will soil them about door handles and latches. All food it is better for p to take

from the house. Both pies, and dairy products which sell at the car can be stale. And the fruit bought on the road will be dangerous too to children as in the conditions of the train it is difficult good to wash out them. it is the best of all for p to eat with

In the first day of a trip boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables, a piece of boiled meat or a house cutlet. Packing these products for a trip, it is useful to consider that in plastic bags they “choke“ therefore special containers from food plastic or glass jars with covers will approach more. In the second day of travel in the train all transferred food is already unsuitable for the use. But the crackers, bread, yogurts which are not demanding storage in the refrigerator are good.

should stack the child On night on the lower shelf, having turned in edge of a mattress so that the kid did not slide on a floor. It is possible to pass a sheet under a mattress, having tied it for the shelf or the handle strengthened in a wall over the shelf - it will become additional safety tool. Upward it is possible to put children 12 years are more senior.

Should not allow the child to walk on the car without supervision and to come in others clumps e. Besides, parents have to watch that strangers treated with nothing the baby.

In the train time for the child hangs especially heavy - the landscape behind a window entertains only the first half an hour. Therefore mother and the father who preferred this way of movement should think of that the kid did not miss in advance. Books, toys, a coloring and other entertainments it is necessary to put closer in advance in a bag that it was not necessary to get then them, pulling out all baggage.


Choosing a tour for rest with children, it is the best of all to stop the choice on the hotels of family type, hotels noted by the badge “for family rest“. In all similar hotels there are children`s beds, and several types, at choice. It is necessary to check in most likely in the afternoon when there are no discos and noisy entertaining shows. Therefore it is necessary to take an interest at personnel how far from windows of number evening musical events are held. And in case of need at once to ask for other apartments. It will be more difficult to make it next day.


For certain in hotel it is provided pass - club (a playground and the game room). If parents intend to spend any time without child, they should take an interest in advance whether it will be possible to leave the kid there. In some hotels the rule according to which on care of personnel it is possible to leave more senior only than the child five years works. It makes sense to specify in advance and business hours pass - club. For children years in some hotels are more senior there is a day and night nurse (night it is possible to invite in number), its services will cost from 5 to 15 dollars in hour


If the family went on the vacation with the child who is on breastfeeding, then mother should be very careful in the choice of dishes as the baby will react to changes in a maternal diet.

to Mother of the baby it is the most useful to p to eat habitual food - whenever possible from those products which are also in the native region.

Also should belong with care to new fruit and vegetables.

At restaurant does not need to be put before the child several dishes at choice at once. From abundance and a variety of a buffet and at the adult - that the person for want of habit eyes run up. It is better to offer the kid something one, but essential.

At the menu of a buffet, as a rule, both freshly cooked omelets, and flakes, and milk, and for lunch - the wiped soup, vegetables, low-fat fish are present.

Children are often very conservative

in food. From all variety of a buffet the kid can give preference to the fact that he got used to eat houses. But even if he will refuse any offered food, parents do not need to draw or ask the kid “to try though a piece“. In - the first, no harm from what the child once will not eat will exist; in - the second, acclimatization is almost always followed by loss of appetite, and in - the third - unless somebody saw the child who would die of hunger, sitting before the laid table?

the Sun, the sea, the beach

Going to sunbathe and bathe with the kid, it is necessary to know: no carriage, even with the biggest wheels, on the beach will pass. And here having removed wheels, it can perfectly be used as a chaise lounge for the kid.

needs to choose by

On the beach the place under an awning even if the child already sunbathed. Also you should not insist on bathing if the baby is afraid at the beginning to come into water. It is better to take with itself a bucket and sovochek to build sandy locks. Through some time the kid will want to water a construction, and then it is possible to go together to the sea. Irreplaceable thing on the beach - plastic bottles, from them it is possible to splash and have a shower bath water that always very much amuses children. It is quite good to stock up also with packages for collecting cockleshells.

Skin of children of the first year of life does not develop a protective pigment, and therefore the kid is more, than the adult, is subject to danger of a solar burn and a sunstroke. The head has to be anyway closed by the Panamanian, even in a shadow.

Bathing has to be too strictly dosed as in sea water skin burns more, than on the land. The best time for the beach - till 11 in the morning and after 17 o`clock in the evening. But even in these hours it is regularly necessary to grease the child with sunblock cream, without forgetting to put it from time to time again as from sand and water any of similar means is erased.

When the baby will find a paddling pool in the territory of hotel, it will be much more difficult to drag it in the sea. So if the most important task of parents - obligatory bathings in salutary sea water, - is better to avoid this place at once.

we Have a rest with comfort!

to Parents follows

nastr in advanceto oitsya on the fact that rest with the child will differ a little from their habitual views of carrying out leisure. For example, it is rather difficult to derive pleasure from contemplation of comic show or belly dance if the kid asks at this time waters, wants in a toilet, tries to escape in the unknown direction. Therefore most the way out - to organize leisure by turns with the husband, “releasing“ each other in a gym, in a sauna or on representation in turn.

does not need to be looked at the holiday, as at an opportunity to be engaged, at last, in education and education of the child. It parents will only spoil rest to both themselves, and him. It is better to play with it in in what the child wants, to have a rest and allow to have a rest to the kid.