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The mixed feelings or Baked puddings in national cuisines of

Earlier the word “baked pudding“ was understood as something exclusively secondary. Porridge some day before yesterday. The cottage cheese which started missing with, it seems, raisin. Though people, of course, edat potatoes casserole with meat. But generally in the conditions of the factory dining room … And its smell soared on shops, exciting minds thoughts of the kitten who forever fell asleep somewhere nearby under the battery. What do we observe now? The era of a limited outlook ended, the compatriot went to the foreign countries, tumbled down in overseas restaurants, Cook - beeches was bought bourgeois. And what was found there? For - pe - Caen - ki! However, in a camouflage.

Baked paste

the Chief masters of zapekanochny affairs are descendants of ancient Romans. These were able to chop all in forcemeat, layers to lay out and set fire... And what the modern Italian likes to bake? - the reader will ask. You will laugh, the reader, but they and here with the macaroni! The most widespread baked paste is a lasagna, our way - almost pancake pie. Options of lasagnas exists approximately as much how many in Italy of the cities. Both with meat, and with zucchini, and with cheese, and with tomatoes, and with mushrooms, and with rabbit ragout … By the way, with all same ingredients also any other paste can be baked: big tubules of a kannellona, fuzilla spiralka, ravioli and wide noodles. When you bake paste, the main convenience that all components can be prepared in advance including paste (except for house which should not be cooked previously). Cunning is in that paste was undercooked, otherwise, absorbing in itself zapekanochny sauce, it will easily turn into porridge.


the Lasagna with vegetables, mushrooms and meat

the Relative of fried eggs

Egg baked puddings are absolutely separate history. In - the first, our plain efreytorsky fried eggs fried not on a frying pan, and in ceramic ware - and not on a ring, and in an oven, - instantly raise in a rank to subcolonel`s egg baked pudding. Even if it did not replace a look, having remained fried eggs. Certainly, will kindle an oven only for the sake of these fine eyes a such eccentricity. Color should add. Tomatoes to nastrugat, to greens, onions - a chesnochka, to cheese to pour, at last. There are also more smart recipes. Some snobs, for example, bake eggs in artichokes. Or fry couple of slices of ham, stack them in individual molds, from above put a tomato slice, an avocado slice, it is a little sour cream and to the very top break egg. Bake. Eat. Rejoice.

In - the second, the whole subspecies of the baked eggs desserts which French call creme, and British - custard are. It when undertakes many eggs and some not too dietary dairy product, most often cream is fatter. Traditional proportion: five yolks on two and a half - three glasses of liquid. They amicably mix up (cream at the same time quite often happens hot), are filtered, and then are baked in an oven. At a warming up stage sometimes add something odorous to cream. Vanilla, liqueur, almond extract, a dried peel, honey, cocoa - powder … continue a row.


Cream - caramel

the Pudding, the sir

If you ask

about baked puddings of the Englishman some, he right there will tell you about bread pudding. British have everything that in an oven, - from sausages to a donut - a pudding. Any imagination. In “Gastronomic Lyarusse“ (the French encyclopedia) the pudding is defined as “one of numerous dishes, sweet or salty, hot or cold, prepared in the different ways“. At the same time a grain pudding - wonderful and very simple thing. To begin with the fact that it is classical “food of poor people“, a fine way to support a national economy in general and the family budget in particular. Inspired in us in the childhood that bread a jewelry, do not litter it. And we litter. Though it is possible to cut bread with pieces, to add some sweet nonsense (at least apple or a handful of raisin) and to fill in with milk mix with sugar and eggs. To allow it to stand, become impregnated a little - and then in its oven for half an hour. Also smart pie is ready! That is a pudding, litter.


bread and fruit Casserole

Cottage cheese coast

If to return to sources - cottage cheese casseroles, then are many any cunnings allowing to make a culinary masterpiece of a banal combination of boring products here. In - the first, it is possible to add not banal products. On light there is such amount of fruit, you do not imagine! And practically any will be suitable for baked pudding. The exception is made unless a citrus - they is combined with some types of young cheese, but more likely cold, than in hot. And peaches, apples, pears, apricots, any berries … They can be mixed with the test, but it is better to lay layers. Main rule one: the fruit expiring juice - berries need to be blanched previously in oil (fruit can be fried on a grill) to remove excess water. If you do not make it, risk to receive the baked cottage cheese soup. By the way, with dried fruits of such problems does not arise, and they can be used too, especially in the winter. Build some sauce from the flowed-out juice. Add, say, still a little bit some butter, brown sugar and the liqueur suitable on a smell. Or white wine. Or cognac. Even vodka will descend if not to be fond. Boil thoroughly before solidification; if does not get denser - add a little starch, mixed with a droplet of cold water. Whipped cream too not bad goes in combination with baked puddings … And it is possible not to give, take any sauce to steam of proteins, to shake up with a sugar quantity in dense foam, to pour out it creatively on ready baked pudding and to put for 10 - 15 minutes in an oven. When it becomes golden, what, in your opinion, you will take out from an oven? Cake, naturally!

A in general who told that cottage cheese casserole has to be sweet? It can quite be salty. And even sharp. Cottage cheese is perfectly combined with greens and garlic, for example.


cheese and herbs Cottage cheese casserole

One advantage

Value of the baked vegetables is not estimated by young minds at all. And all why? Because it is necessary to potter with vegetables. To select, clean, slice … And nobody thinks that subsequently they will pay back a hundredfold. At first will entice smells and will fascinate by appearance, then will thaw in a mouth, will ask for an additive, again will thaw, without problems will be digested, will clear everything that will occur them in the path of slags, having like mad revitalized an organism. It in that case, certainly, if you do not jam vegetable baked pudding of pork chop with cracklings and to wash down with a mug - another of beer.

Vegetable baked puddings can do

in the most different ways. The simplest - to cut some cunning grater the vegetables which are available in existence by very thin slices. To lay them layers in a form and to fill in with liquid. Milk can be taken, sour cream or cream. It is awfully tasty, but is unhealthy. And here tomato sauce with garlic and greens - and it is tasty, and it is useful. Mushrooms still can be added for a change. Or nuts.


eggs Casserole with vegetables

By the way

In Russia the word “baked pudding“ still call vodka, infused on different delicacies in an oven, at a low temperature - then process goes quicker and more intensively.