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Two dairy rivers

Ya became mother for the second time. It seemed to me that all difficulties already behind - to the daughter already (as early as) year and ten, I fed her about one year and two months (did not learn yet that she is pregnant with synuly), I know everything, I remember all.

I Will tell

for a start story GV of the Katyusha. During pregnancy I did not prepare a breast for feeding in any way. Therefore stocked up with silicone overlays for feeding (which were not necessary). In maternity hospital the pediatrician and the gynecologist insistently advised me to feed:

  • about six months
  • on full GV and not to dopaivat
    • according to the first requirement
    • to give one breast in one feeding (or if within two hours wants to eat - that to offer it).

    generally, quite competent experts got to li.

    After the birth the daughter was put to a breast almost at once (only washed and swaddled), but all for half an hour. The girl was born rather bright (8/9 Apgar). Brought me it on feeding fed six hours later. I will tell honestly - I could take away it in chamber, but the gynecologist did not resolve - an epiziotomiya, long tiresome childbirth... So brought me Katyushka each three hours, previously having fed her, as a result the breast became stone, did not rescue any milk pumps (eh who would teach to use correctly!). From stagnation did me massage (so it is called?) ultrasound. Did not help.

    we Arrived home (we live separately, grandmothers on a visit - assistants not really often are; the husband has a shift work so coped). By means of the husband (invaluable!) removed stagnation and began to adjust GV. I fed to a dochur as doctors from maternity hospital advised, and - hurrah! - everything turned out. The daughter ate a breast at first everyone an hour and a half, gradually by five months switched over to very even the acceptable mode.


    • 13. 00
    • 17. 00
    • 21. 00
    • 01. 00
    • 07. 00
    • 11. 00
    • between 01. 00 and 13. 00 - a dream, quiet and healthy, woke up only on feeding (We are owls therefore such daily routine very much suits us).

    For the entire period of our GV I only two times had a stagnation of milk - did compresses, heated and was engaged other as now it seems to me, absolutely unnecessary things. By the way, it is much simpler to decant a sore breast when the child eats from the second breast and causes dairy inflow.

    By seven months I began to lure the daughter, in seven Katyushiny months I already worked. But GV did not stop! The katyusha also ate in 07. 00.

    • 11. 00 (the husband brought it to me for work, and I slowly ran to feed her)
    • 13. 00 - ate a squash dairy soluble
    • 17. 00 - ate a pyureshka fruit of a jar
    • 19. 00 - I fed after work
    • 21. 00 - fed just because she wanted it (there was emotionally not enough contact with mother)
    • 01. 00 - ate and filled up.

    By ten months the father ceased to carry the daughter to me for work, began to feed houses her with squashes - pyureshka (by then already and meat). By a year for the night added cottage cheese. In a year and two understood that soon at our daughter the little brother will be born. By the way, she especially also did not protest against the termination of GV.

    in principle, my first history rather good and joyful. I am very glad that not listened to grandmothers who just demanded that I fed the child on hours, SURELY dopaivat it water, and lured since three months. My daughter went in ten months, in five months weighed 7,500 kg and growth was 65 cm. Yes, in a year to us the risk group on PEP was removed without uniform tablet; I do not know whether chest feeding helped, or still something.

    I will tell

    the second story Now.

    Nikitushka Was born

    . Was born in the same maternity hospital with almost same doctors (the gynecologist was another). Put to a breast at once, even without swaddling (just covered us on a table with a blanket) and left for two hours. The daddy to us helped to be put correctly to a breast, at Nikita with his help everything turned out very well. After the delivery to me it was brought in four hours, full again, but I especially was not upset. To its visor to itself in chamber, anybody without listening (gave only pampers to change yes to see doctors on survey), fed as he wanted - and the sonny wanted to eat each hour. I did not give up, fed once an hour, day and night. Zastoyev was not, consolidations too; there was a lot of milk. By the time of an extract from maternity hospital Nikita gathered additional 100 grams to initial weight.

    Arrived home. Were fed on demand; the first week - time in an hour and a half; about two months - times at two o`clock (this maximum time). I understand that not each woman will sustain such mode, and, according to the logic of things, I had to give up for a long time. But is not present. I not such - do not give in without a fight. By four months Nikitka had gleams between feedings lasting four hours, in six I understood that it lacks milk, and began to feed with a squash gradually. By the way, in six months my son weighed 9,250 kg and was 72 cm in height.

    Never at me was cracks on nipples (but I did not wash them before feedings and did not smear with any creams - brilliant green). Milk Zasto at me happen periodically (time in three weeks) - but I cope with them at all not as it is recommended (and not as when fed the Katyusha). I just go to bed, I put near Nikitka and I feed him from a sore breast, and by the morning stagnation passes, as if it also was not.


    I during GV Ate everything that I wanted, returned the weight (both times gained 23 kg!) without diets, the only thing that began to do - to drink tea (coffee) with condensed milk. I drink coffee because I have low pressure so not to do without it in any way. Children did not react to it in any way.

    When laktatsionny crisis happened, helped out teas for the feeding mothers, and still children`s tea from J kolik - it contains the fennel necessary for increase in a lactation.

    precisely I know

    Ya - if there is a desire to feed, then in 90% of cases feeding by a breast can be adjusted. But each mother makes the decision itself - and this her decision.

    Now to ours to a synulka of 6,5 months. Very much I want to feed him longer - partly because the daughter still (and her 2 years 4 months) - was never ill (TTT). I consider that it from - for the immunity acquired on GV.

    Ya I hope that helped somebody.